New blog! :) Millie in her World is Ending.

Hello everyone!

I guess I’m finally going to admit it out loud: 

I keep trying so hard to keep up this blog but honestly, I feel it isn’t quiet “me” anymore. This blog was to let me share my different crafts, Pinterest fails, testing other’s crochet patterns, ect. 

Now, I find myself with less time and interest in other crafts- I’m pretty much crochet only as of the last year. I have really grabbed the reigns on Millie’s Crochet House and been crazy focused on actually building my shop into something more. The craft fairs have bought new opportunities, and I’ve been convinced more than ever that I want my love of crochet to reach everyone everywhere!!

Well, of course I am exaggerating a bit. Overall, I dont feel a strong connection to this blog anymore, I’ve gotten a little bit older and want a different tone to my blogging. I will be keeping everything up here though, so the patterns/tutorials will remain for those to enjoy. 

I have created a new blog: Millie’s Crochet House that is still on WordPress. I want to share more of my own patterns for free, as well as personal crochet works, and shop WIPs. 

Millie on her World was a super fun and useful outlet for me 5 years ago. This blog will always hold a special place in my heart, yet time to move on. Hope to see some of my awesome followers on my other page. Thanks for being so supportive ❤❤❤

See you later!