Felted Hello Kitty Bow Headband Tutorial (and cool felting hack!)

hello kitty bow felted headband

Good afternoon everybody <3 On this horribly windy Illinois day, I find myself cozy and content with the completion of my new mini project: a giant Hello Kitty bow, yay! I feel particularly accomplished because this was done so by needle felting, a craft I have only tried once and at that time really wasn’t feeling it…but after watching a few Youtube tutorials, I had been convinced enough to give felting another try. Glad I did!

I stopped needle felting after getting discouraged how hard it was to achieve the shapes you wanted. Maqaroon’s Youtube video showed me an easy way to get the exact shape I wanted in her cute felted cookies video. She made the cookie shapes by first carving them out on a black of cleaning material commonly known as “Magic Erasers” (think if Mr. Clean).  With a little practice, I made my first little spongey-felted creation, then I decided to make something larger. Thus, the headband was created! I’m so happy I found this easy way to start felting, so I’m here to pass out the process!

felting headband supplies

Supplies: Red wool roving (Artiste $1.59 Hobby Lobby), felting needle/block, Magic Eraser sponge (generic brand #3), Stanley Metal SnapOff Knife ($0.74 at Menards), scissors, marker/pen, paper, ruler, hot glue gun/super glue, headband.

felting bow 1Step 1: Holding the Magic Eraser, make a dash across the sides that measure 7mm wide. My eraser was 1 inch wide, so I had 3 even layers, and one slightly smaller one. Be sure to use a full layer for the bow tutorial. For best results, make lines all around. CAREFULLY, use the knife to cute the layers. I’ll admit, I destroyed the first sponge I tried this on, takes a very slow, steady hand for best results.

Step 2: On the piece of paper, sketch out a bow, and cut out the template. Make sure you use one of the 7mm pieces of sponge to trace the bow onto. I used a fine tip Sharpie. Again, slowly cut out the bow with the knife.


Step 3: Start felting. Starting at the center, I wrapped felt all the way around, and the relentless poking begins! Continue to wrap felt around the sides of the bow. You’ll want to make the felt flat and even on both sides.

red felted bow

Step 4: After a layer or so, the sponge should be completely covered. Now lets start adding definition. Decide which will be the front of the bow, then add a big ball and felt it to the middle, making the actual “tie” of the bow look more realistic. I did about five layers before I was satisfied.

hello kitty bow diy

Step 5: With the bow “tie” done, next make the edges pop. Add thin strips to the edges of the bow, I did about three strips on each side. Especially keep poking the inside to make the rounded edges as smooth as possible.

hello kitty bow diy 2

Step 6: When you feel your bow shape is appropriate, give your hand a break from all that poking! Make sure one last time there are no exposed sponge areas on the sides, and then put that needle down, no more poking for you!

Step 7: With your blank headband and glue in hand, carefully secure your bow. I played around a lot on how to position the bow, I think anyway looks cute. And now you’re done, admire your work!Hello Kitty Bow Headband, felted headband

I’m really pleased with this covering-sponge-with-felt thing. Makes felting seem not so scary, and even gave me the confident to try another felting video I found. I made an adorable little felted star found from Flying Mio. The little orange and bear were my two practice sponge-felts. I like the way they feel, they aren’t as stiff as the star I made.

felted star felted food felted bear millieonherworld

Overall, I now have a love of felting :D Not so scary anymore, practice makes perfect!
Thanks for visiting, ta ta for now!

<3 Happily felting Millie

Come see all the Projects :D

Remember that time I said I would probably have time to blog more? Yea me too, that’s like every few months I say that!!
-_- But here I am again, over a month after my last post. Oh well, here we go with updates!

First off, thank you SO MUCH everyone who sent me lovely congrats from my marriage announcement, much appreciated! Married life is still fantastic, even though now my hubby is going through boot camp. I write him everyday, and once a week I get a batch of letters full of his love and support, despite that he is the one going through all the crazy training! Once in a while we get brief phone calls (~5-40 minutes) and I’ve never felt so proud or close to him than in those moments. He’s wonderful <3

Enough mush! I actually have gotten around to do some crafty things in my new spare time.

amigurumi projects

1. Bee, Puppycat, and Catbug set: From the first episode, I have been in love with the quirky Cartoon Hangover series Bee and Puppycat. They have some crazy out of this world adventures, with Bee being the key source of humor. Haven’t seen them? Check out the original pilot episodes here. Catbug is from another series called Bravest Warriors. While Catbug is mainly a side character, his adorable voice and enthusiasm is hard to resist! He gained popularity after his very own mini-episode premier found here.

2 & 3. Baby Elf Hats: A while ago my coworker first asked me to make her a baby elf hat. At first I had no idea what she was talking about. After looking them up, I adore them! They are so cute, I had to make more. While I’ll admit the two in my shop are very basic, I’d love to take more time to make more that have my personal touch on them. Sure would help if I had a little one of my own to be a my personal model. Maybe some day~(but not too soon!)

4 & 5. Hello Kitty Dress Up Doll: Finally! After screaming how I wanted to make a dress up doll I accomplished it! There is actually only 1 doll, but she has two outfits, two wigs, and a pair of shoes. Extremely happy all the pattern tweaking paid off, I can make countless looks :) Ofcourse, I had to do a Hello Kitty inspired outfit first.

6. Colored Pencils: I hadn’t expanded much on my Kawaii Kollection lately, but I whipped up a few colored pencils I wanted to make forever ago. Simple, smiley coloring tools.

pokemon beans pikachu charmander squirtle bulbasaur

Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur

I call these my lil’ Poke’Beans! I’ll admit, they are HEAVILY inspired by Disney’s Tsums Tsums which I find so adorable, (I’m surprised my collection is only up to 7). I felt the original Poke’mon characters would look equally cute in this form.

Lee DeWyze Doll Amigurumi Doll

Lee DeWyze Dolls

Who has heard of American Idol singer Lee DeWyze? I’ll admit I had no idea who he was. One day I got a custom order, and the customer really loved his video for a song called “Fight.” If you have a few minutes –> watch! While the song is catchy, what’s captivating is the entire video being acted out by two amigurumi dolls! They tell a hilarious and unique story of what happens when a guy forgets his girlfriend’s birthday. What starts as an innocent picnic date, ends with them escaping a UFO and falling from the sky. Very adorable, and the dolls are great actors!

Join Project Gnome Diplomacy!

Join Project Gnome Diplomacy!

Will all the Mochimochi Land fans, please stand up! Chicago based knitter Anna has had her work featured on just about every craft blog, magazine, or show I’ve seen. Her knitted amigurumi are incredible, such an imaginative mind she has. I recently found out she is calling for knitters AND crocheters to take part in her upcoming project, Project Gnome Diplomacy.  She will be creating an art project in Korea, and wanted little gnomes from everyone! The link I posted has all the information, including three different gnome approved patterns that can be used. Send her your gnomes before April 21st ( sorry its so late, I recently found out!) and your gnomes will be part of the fun! Since I am talent-less when holding knitting needles (sob face) I gladly went to the crochet pattern. If anyone will be doing the crochet project, I highly suggest using crochet thread. The gnomes must be 4” or shorter, but the pattern makes the gnome about 7” with regular size 4 yarn. With my crochet thread I made my gnomes in two hours, including all the distractions and snack breaks. I hope you join!

Upcoming projects will possibly include me actually finishing those two circle purses, another dress up doll, maybe Poke’beans since they are a snap to make, but who knows my craft plans always change :P I try, I really do!

Anyone out there an experienced/new Navy/Military wife? A month in, and I feel I have yet to even touch what being a Navy spouse really means. I’m sure things will get increasingly chaotic when I actually start moving around, living in new areas, having him gone for long amount of times…yea will probably hit me then lol. For now, I’m appreciating all these lovey-dovey letters he sends weekly, especially coming from a man who used to hate writing!

Speaking of which, time to send him another letter :)
Thanks for checking up on me ~ until next time!

Love Millie <3

Millie is a Married Lady!

Mr. & Mrs. W

Mr. & Mrs. W

Greetings WordPress! I’ve been away a bit but with good reason and good news, I am now a Mrs <3
Feb. 6th I married my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier that we are starting our lives together. With a little over a month engagement, we pulled off a beautiful, private ceremony. Surrounded by our family and best friends, we had a wonderful love filled day. After the ceremony (held at the courthouse) we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a local restaurant that did a fantastic job creating an intimate setting. I’m so thankful for my mom and sister keeping me sane even when we had to buy my dress, shoes, and accessories in three days!

My new hubby and I took a weekend trip to enjoy Wisconsin Dells, which was actually pretty fun since there weren’t hoards of people everywhere. The indoor water parks were a blast! Along with the highly entertaining Wizard Quest game that had us frantically crawling through tunnels, going down slides, and going crazy when we couldn’t figure out what was the name of the Unicorn’s horn. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum was interesting, the interactive bit at the end has some nice secrets, and only go up the hidden stair case if you’re ready to see some gory Medieval torture devices. The hardest thing to leave was the food! MACs and the Log Cabin still has me longing for their amazingly unique dishes, how I miss them but all in all being home is great too.

Besides my blooming marriage, life’s sure been keeping me busy with work (occasionally more than one at a time), and spending all the time I can with Chris before he leaves for boot camp next month :( Things will be hard since he’s been such a big part of my everyday life for the last two years, but that also means more times to crochet because I will be doing anything I can to distract myself!

Speaking of which~~I haven’t been posting, but I have completed a few projects. Some from patterns, some from just messing around. Here are the ones I got pics of:

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Used for my Halloween costume, I made this cape in a week. I wish I had more time to use a higher quality of yarn, but over all I feel the cape turned out better than expected, especially all those time consuming crocodile stitches! I used Red Heart yarn, which also yielded a slightly shorter version. The beautiful indepth  to follow pattern was purchased from Bonita Pattern.

Bunny Hood

Bunny Hood

I adore this cute lightweight bunny hood! Acts as more of a cowl though and was perfect for early fall weather. HelloHappy has a variety of kawaii tutorials and products that will make anyone squeal with joy. Her patterns are full of color and pictures to help you out, she even teaches you how to dye the tip of the bunny ears with tea bags. The pattern called for mohair yarn, I used Red Heat Boutique instead since these rainbow colors were too vibrant to pass up.

Waffle Infinity Scarf

Waffle Infinity Scarf

My favorite winter accessory! My first bulky scarf so I had to make it food related. While I debated over making a cupcake themed scarf, thinking I could add little toppings won me over. Even though the smiley strawberry was the only character to make it to final production, I think he’s just right :) He helps keep me so toasty!

Flower Headbands

Flower Headbands

Last year my husband’s grandma gave me this gigantic needle work book that showed a lot of crochet stitches that I started messing with. Continuing with my Red Heart Boutique yarn crazy, I made tons of the headbands for friends and family. This first one is mine though, was also a great fall wear.

Porlaroid Scrapbooking

Polaroid Scrapbooking

This isn’t crochet related, but it is a new hobby! I bought this adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 that makes perfect mini photos. Instead of stacking them on my shelf I started a lil scrapbook. I’m such an amateur though, so many pages are missing stickers and decorations but I’m so picky I have trouble finding ones I like. :) Overall a great side hobby.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have pictures of. The rest are unfinished projects, or just things I made to give away before snapping a pic. And in general, I haven’t been devoting much time to crochet in general, a fact that makes me shed a tear. Yet, like I said, during Chris’ 8 weeks of boot camp I should be exploding with projects! For now I hope we can have the best last few weeks before our departure. Being a Navy wife will sure be a whole new adventure.

Hope everyone has been well, hope to keep things more up to date! <3

My First Vending Event Result: Stick to Official Craft Fairs

I anticipated waking up today with a strong sense of accomplishment. 
Eh, not so much. Here’s the story.

Three weeks ago it was official I was going to my first vending event. And since then my life has been nothing but intense crocheting and finding every little thing I needed to sell to the public for the first time in person with all my handmade items. I went thrift store shopping to find tons of display shelves, bought business cards, decorations, tons of yarn, paint, tags, bags, EVERYTHING! I even got this awesome device that lets you take credit card payments on your phone. I was ready to OWN THIS THING. The only thing higher than my excitement was my stress level. 

The last two days up until 4:30 yesterday was spent intensley finishing up products. Mistake #1: You should always have shop inventory so you don’t have to recreate everything in three weeks! Since I was finishing up my last few My Little Pony plushies with my loyal boyfriend/assistant helping me, we got behind on time. Mistake #2: Never be late for your craft show. We arrived after an hour car ride around 6:40, designated set up time was 5-6:30, when the event started at 7:00. The host, told me I had to wait and he didn’t know if I could set up at all. So that moment ofcourse was not very fun.

Mistake #3: Not knowing the venue. The host had invited me to join the event, explaining how he thought my products would fin the demographic and feel of what he wanted to accomplish. Weeks earlier I did research on the event, and I agreed. It was described as a “vintage carnival” that would have games, food, and live entertainment. I have to say, when I arrived in my simple blue dress and kitty faces on my tights, I stuck out like a thumb.The guests had on some very pretty designer dresses, lovely summer “girls night out” outfits, and everyone was in heals. All the men had on some formal, very put together outfits as well. I guess I missed the memo. Not only did my clothing stand out, so did my products. Around 7:20 I was able to go in and quickly set up (literally took me 6 minutes total). The other 8 vendors were very elegant! There was a make up line, handmade fancy jewelry, and designer shirts. I have to say, everything from my table stood out, From the pastel green table cloth, to my bright lilac display shelves. I felt really uneasy, already knowing that this wasn’t really my main demographic, but I still smiled and tried to make the most of it. The environment wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, there weren’t very many people, everyone was in their early 20’s to early 30’s, and the “carnival” aspect was severely lacking. I felt like it was more of a night out, party setting. Even so, I was happy that I had had time to place out a few new products:


Business Cards, Cheeseburger Pouch, Crocodile Ombre, Strawberry Shortcake Pouch, Whale Purse, Crocodile Fall Stitch Bag. The event made me the little sign

I did take some times to talk the vendors around me. This wonderful woman named Pam of Love Rudraksha Jewelry was very nice, she makes beautiful products made from Indian textiles. Sara Britton does amazing crayon art that would put my little crayon art project to shame! Rea Kary Designs I’d actually seen her work on Etsy before, which was nice to notice how much more vibrant her cute bottle cap magnets were. Or how complicated, I have a lot of respect after she gave me a brief run down. They each gave me a bit of insight on there experiences, so thank you ladies. 

I can’t say I really “enjoyed” the night. I had some curious customers, but only a single sale. The way the event played out, it wasn’t really designed for sellers. The music was REALLY loud so communication with potential customers I feel was a hassle. Mainly I saw people drinking and dancing than checking out the stands. The singers, DNK. were very good to jam too. 

What I did take away was the experience. I am happy I gave it my best efforts, and I’m proud of that aspect. I know now I probably won’t do “vendor events” verses a “craft fair.” I do know that I did have all the essentials, like my display, cards, gift bags, and payment options. I have a good stocked inventory now too. Which can help when I do go to local shops which I can now focus back on the project. In addition I have everything I need for next time. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day dramatically sighing at my lack of profit, but I’ll get over it and I perhaps can look for upcoming fairs for the future. I can also get to making something I think are SO adorable, baby elf hats:

SAM_0465This first one was made for my co-workers nephew, they are so cute I (ALMOST) wish I had a baby of my own to model it on!! So I plan on pumping out a few more of these, along with a few new purses. I didn’t get to finish my circle bags, but here’s what the next two look like: 


(awful camera of mine, sorry!) Ofcourse a Cupcake and an Owl purse

After these two the other two will just be the simple flower design. 

That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope to get some more job searching done and clean my room. There is so much destruction from preparing for the venue, crafting supplies are EVERYWHERE! Has anyone done a venue/craft fair before? Any advice? I’d love to hear it.

Hope everyone is doing well and having success in any new venture they pursue. Always give it your all!

<3 Millie

Art Trade: Making Little Nila


I meant to post this last month, but here we go! Probably the most detailed doll I’ve made so far, meet Nila. She’s my second 6 inch “hand held” doll as I can them. She was done for a girl I met on Deviant Art, she goes by her screen name Mirayue.

Mirayu is a very charming and sweet girl from France who’s art style I loved so much I asked for an art trade. She always had cute designs for her OCs and right away wanted me to do her favorite, Nila who looks like this:


I love the way she colors and styles her characters. I REALLY wanted one, so she made me one:


My character, Hidama which means “falling star” in Japanese. She’s so adorable and turned out way better than I thought!! I wanted Hidama to come to life for nostalgia’s sake. Reminds me of that time in my life when anime, OCs, and role playing ruled me and my friends lives. Really helped us get thorough tough times with a smile on our faces. Mirayue really incorporated every detail and then and, I was very grateful, and added a few smaller drawings too.

In turn Nila was a pleasure and challenge to make. Specifically her hair and shirt. I used embroidery floss, which was good but underneath that hat it looks super sloppy. The shorts could’ve been sewn neater also. The shirt took forever to shape right but in the end turned out great, I even decorated then with swavorski crystals. An art trade fine well, very proud how things turned out :D

Ok well I have to get back to work ;_;

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Bowl Full of Baby Stars & Pattern

amigurumi baby stars

Yesterday I posted a picture of my new purse, and a lot of people loved the little star charm that was on the zipper. I decided to make a few more and share the pattern :)

All for this pattern goes to the blog Mohu, and a link to the original pattern is here. Mohu makes the tiniest cutest colorful cuddly creations and I adore her work. I followed her pattern but decided to take a slightly different approach to the final product. The original pattern is in spirals, but I did joined rounds. A personal preference, but if you want spirals just don’t slip stitch at the end of each round. Let’s get started!



  • Yarn size 4 (ex: Red Heart, Bernate, ect)
  • Any size hook will do, I chose 3 different ones to show size
  • White embroidery thread
  • Black buttons
  • Yarn needle and regular needle
  • Felt
  • Stuffing


  • Sc = Single Crochet/Single Stitch
  • St = Stitch
  • Spl St = Slip Stitch
  • Ch = Chain


  1. Magic Ring 5 sc. Slp st and ch 1 (5)
  2. 2sc in each st. Slp st and ch 1 at end of round (10)
  3. 3sc in next st, slp st in next. Repeat 5 times. Slp st and ch 1 at end of round (20)
  4. Sc, 3sc in next st, 3sc in next st, sc, slp st. Repeat 5 times. Slp st and ch 1 at end of round (30)
  5. Skip the next st, 5sc in next st, sc, skip, slp st. Repeat 5 times. Slp st and leave a long tail for the first star half, then cut.

With the 2.5 mm hook two sides should look like this:


Next I used a bit of black felt, and cut two circles that were slightly smaller than the black buttons. Then with the felt behind the button, sew them on for the little eyes. I do this because it seems to keep the buttons sturdier. Make sure to sew tightly! If you want blush marks, sew them on now or do what I did and just add a little glue. Now sew both star halves together, only stuffing when there is only one star point open. Mohu stuffs them lightly making them very flat, but for some reason I like my baby stars cute n’ chubby, I shoved as much stuffing as I could in them!

And there you have it, a baby star is born. I keep using them as keychains, phone charms, decoration, they are so simple but add a colorful aspect to anything. The one on my phone I actually named “Baby Star” and will refer to him as a living thing haha…they don’t take too long to make. Enjoy~

With Baby Star watching The Lego Movie,
<3 Millie


This Month is a Sad Face, but atleast I have My Purse

Ugh where to begin…

In my last post I ranted raved and cheered about how excited and thankful I was to not only land a second job but to have it be crochet related, I thought it was an unbelievable opportunity. Well, turns out it was too good to be true…

The job started off kind of rocky, after a week of the brand new shop being open I hadn’t heard from my boss. I went in and she instantly looked at my toys and set them up around the shop, and told me to start working a few days later. That was over a month ago, and since then I’ve gotten only 2 more shifts. I have asked her frequently if I will ever have the amount of hours she says she will give me, and if there is anything in my performance that I could improve. She would sing my damn praises! She’d tell me I was a great worker, she loved my crochet toys, and that she’d get me on the schedule asap. With that type of reaction, you’d feel like you were doing a good job right?

Last week I didn’t have a single shift. This past Monday, I confronted her with a serious tone, asking her to let me know at that moment if she felt I was a good fit for the shop, and that this second job was needed because I fully support myself, and that I really loved working there. The few shifts I did get were amazing, I was floating on the clouds. I loved the products, the customers, and of course the many curious children that would venture in checking out all the unique products. My boss instantly scheduled me for a long shift this Saturday. I was relieved, feeling that this attempt had been successful.

Unfortunately, I just got an update from our schedule that I have been taken off that shift. No explanation or nothing. I am so hurt and confused. I don’t know what to believe. Why tell me I’m a good employee and an asset to the shop, but never schedule me and take away my shifts? It’s a slap in the face. This has happened about three times and now I’m done. I’m not sure if I even want to talk to her or inform her that I don’t give a f*** about it anymore. It breaks my heart to lose the first job I truly enjoyed. I felt so proud feeling like my crochet had taken me to an amazing place. Now this has taken a hard blow to my confidence.

I know I’m not the only person who has felt like this or had to leave a job they enjoyed, probably happens everyday with the current world we live in. I’ll bounce back probably, but I’m now constantly doubting my abilities….I had planned on making some new crochet purses, bags, toys, and baby outfits and attempt to get them in other local boutiques. *sigh* now it feels pointless. I’m in a rough place right now, so I will probably do some crochet to make me feel better. I’ve looked into getting my  crochet teaching certificate since this is really the only thing that comforts and keeps me sane lately. Not sure….

In crochet news I did make a new purse, here’s a preview:

flower purse


I’ll do a full post after I finish the second one, this one was just a prototype I made in one day. I adore this purse, the inspiration came from a pictures I found on Pinterest:


Very vague, but I fell in love. I made a pattern for it to be way bigger, it holds all my basic purse needs and then some. Plus I lined the inside with not only fabric, but strong craft board that keeps the sides sturdy. I feel accomplished to make my purse and that after a week of normal usage it hasn’t fallen apart.

I’m a mopey Millie right now but these things happen, I keep reminding myself that life goes on and I could be worse off than I am now.

I hope everyone has a good night, until my purse post, ttfn!

<3 Millie