Side Projects :)

side projects

Good morning!
After a good week turned rocky but turned completely wonderful all of a sudden, I’m in such a refreshing mood at the moment 🙂 Though I’d share this weeks side projects.

The first (and most fashionable) is my panda belt~

felt crochet panda belt millieoneherworld

I adore my panda dress, buuuut I have no idea where the belt that came with it went. So to improvise I decided to make one that was more theme friendly. Fits snuggly and great, I love using crochet to enhance my outfits heehee 😉 Next meet Yuzuki:



While browsing my Deviant Art page, I stumbled upon a few contests. On the Deviant Art world, there are countless artists who create characters commonly reffered to Original Characters aka OC’s that they use to portray themselves, or people in their stories, ect. There are always contest where they want others to put their unique style to their OC’s. I thought I’d use my crochet skills to recreate some characters. This is for yuzukipon’s OC. The best part is now I have another doll base, and I tried a new hair technique, which I discovered did NOT work out too well. The back of her hair looks good, but it’s pretty fragile. If she were given to a little girl, it would take little time for those strands to get loose. Also from another contest, I’ve made a handheld version of eubasta’s Purple Bunny:

purple bunny eubasta oc millieonherworld

Yet again, I had fun testing out my sewing abilities. I made her clothes and hair out of felt. While I feel the clothes are wayyy to underwhelming to be put on Mia or Nia, but I think on this tiny doll a simple outfit is passable. I made the sweater too big, but I’m okay with that. Using felt sheets for her hair was fun, better grasp of the anime style of hair. Being barely six inches, I feel like I finally have my “handheld doll” base.

That’s it for this week’s crafts. I’ve got a few blank hats made that I will finally get to decorating. Lately I’m so thankful that I enjoy crochet so much. It really marks a turning point in my life where I gained a lot of confidence to take chances and work hard to get what I want. I have to remember that it isn’t always that easy, but never impossible.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
❤ Millie




Contact from 2013 Millie

Bella Ballerina Doll

2013!! Whoooo yay awesome uh huh yipee yea…Someone (me) was a little late on celebrating the new year on her blog, but better late than never! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, time for an update. Plus, my boyfriend is at work and probably looking for some entertainment (he complained that I haven’t blogged this month.) So I present you with the first 2013 Millie On Her World blog post! (to be honest, I wish it had more interesting content!)

2012 was a good (and my first) blogging year, and I just discovered my 2012 Annual Report, all those pretty pixel fireworks just for me, you shouldn’t have WordPress! I like the random little facts like: “4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals.” The most popular post is “Melted Mayhem” from my melted crayon project, and a total of 112 different countries visiting, cool! Thanks everyone for checking into my blog, you guys rock socks around the clock!

Enough of that, now presenting my first doll made in 2013, a new and improved slender in black Bella Ballerina doll (Valentine’s Day themed). No I didn’t actually think of her colors myself, she is a custom order. But still, something new that isn’t My Little Pony related!

Original vs Remake

This is the first time I remade a doll, and I’m pretty puzzled how using the same pattern and yarn brands led me to one shorter/large-headed doll and one slender/smaller headed doll. I don’t get it >_< Either way, I find myself adoring the new doll before she was sent to her new home. The original seems so…..sloppy (forgive me blue Bella!). Is this a sign that my crochet has improved? Maybe! Maybe not!

The only other Non-pony order I’ve had lately was this ADORABLE (yes, I’m braggin’) Soot Sprite pin-coushion bracelet. I made them a while ago, but Soot Sprites are these little guys: il_170x135.362108952_c7ew They are funny little dust mites from the movies My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. He had his round little fuzzy body, googly eyes, a star in his hand, and a elastic adjustable wristband with different star buttons. I had a picture…somewhere on one of my technological devices….or I thought so….

Mini Dolls, I am determined to make a new one –tonight! I have so many drawings for them, I can’t wait to actually MAKE one or two. ^-^ I love holding them in my hands, they are so little. Lulu and Lola are currently on my bed watching me type, they are going to be mine I can’t part with them. Just what I need, more toys! 😀

My 2013 year has been B-U-S-Y
Lots to do, so little time
Get no sleep, yea yea
Now Repeat!

School: As of Jan. 8th this blogger is an Aurora University student, YEA! Hopefully in less than 2 years I can be officially done with college and have my BA. The University is really nice, a small cozy campus that is 20 min drive away from my house. Not too bad, except I keep getting lost. Turns out I am completely directionally challenged!

Job: Hahaha that’s funny. Okay seriously, been slacking on my search due to me fearing rejection and losing the confidence to convince people that I CAN do the job correctly and to not show them my awkwardness or clumsiness. This morning my boyfriend (grumpily) filled out an application for me for a position that will be opening up since his friend is leaving his job because he’s moving. (That was a mouthful–or typeful since I’m not actually speaking?)

Other Time Is Spent: with my boyfriend. Any moment possible, I will be with him. He is the reason I don’t get sleep! I’m joking. Sort of 😉 He works second shift, and usually we stay up until 4-7 am before going to sleep or I have to wake up an hour later for school. Less than 2 months and we’ve been on a few adventures already. Mainly I went skiing for the first time ever. Now I am addicted, I can, not, WAIT to get into a pair of (rented) skiis and ride down the hills, even if it is all artificial snow! — Tip if you ever go skiing: AVOID the Bunny Hill! That thing is a death trap! I was so bad on the bunny hill, I couldn’t stop, or turn, and crashed into some people as if they were bowling pins. Not to mention the 5 year old I almost took down. The moment I got on the normal hill I started learning and had it down after only a few more tries. Skiing is amazing. —

About every other week we have silly sleepovers with our friends, the craziest being the last one that turned into an indoor water fight. We go to the Japanese Supermarket quite often, and we love to eat out, good food is a glorious thing. Majority of our time is spent relaxing together, just happy to be in eachother’s presence. I’ve told him many times that now he’s my “home.” When I’m around him I feel happy, and I don’t feel so lonely that my parents aren’t here with me. I’m still adapting to not having my mom here, but my boyfriend’s helped so much.

Le sigh, le yawn…perhaps I will drink some more Coke and get some pep in my system. I have a book to finish reading and at least one Mini Doll to make, that’s all I ask tonight! 😀

My you all have good 2013’s! Although its already started, and if its not good so far, keep your head up, MAKE IT GOOD! ❤

Presenting Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence!

Shining Armor Princess Cadence plush

Who didn’t love the My Little Pony Season Two finale with the Royal Wedding of the Prince and Princess?
Probably anyone who doesn’t watch the show.

But no matter! That episode caused fans to shed tears believe it or not. I got an order to crochet these two love birds.

Princess Cadence


Shining Armor

And so far this has been the “newest” thing I’ve been able to crochet.


My Etsy shop has been booming thanks to Christmas shoppers! The most popular of all have been the pony plushies, but I have sold my own designs as well. Lately as soon as I finish an order, I get another. Yesterday I made 12 toys and still have 7 more to make. My fingers are going to fall off. Yet I am super happy, thank you holidays!

Things will likely die down come January, I can focus on my previous plans to present my work to stores. And work on focusing on seasonal themes, which I have never been very good at but I’ve got a boyfriend who is pretty creative and been helping me a lot. Is it too early to be thinking of Easter items?

A week from today my parents packed their bags and flew away to Nevada. I am restlessly waiting for that reality to hit me. I know my parents are gone, can’t say I feel it yet. I realize they moved into a new house, but I keep feeling it is just in another town that is like an hour away. I don’t feel like they are states away. Atleast not yet. I give it a month before I”l be really feeling the distance. I need to teach them how to Skype!

How is everyone else doing? I have soooooooooo many blogs to catch up on!
Any big projects for the holidays?
Either way, hope all is well.

🙂 Catch you later gators!





Dina and Sawyer are Ready for Snow

My tiny dinos!

To continue my season skipping spree, I created Dina and Sawyer (ahahaha, cheesy word play on “dinosaur”).


Dina and her brother Sawyer don’t agree on much. She has no problem playing with her dolls and baking cookies with Mama T-Rex all day. But when winter comes she can’t resist throwing on her cozy winter gear and having a snow ball fight with her big brother. The super competitive sports fan Sawyer hates to admit it, but he really does have fun playing with his sister (although, that doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on her.) When the battle is done, no matter who is victorious they make peace by creating snow dino’s together.

I’m happy with the way Dina and Sawyer turned out, I’ve been raving about making dinosaur amigurumis for a while. Yet, I originally had in mind to make a Brontosaurus or Triceratops. I tried, oh gosh did I spend a few hours trying to make a pattern, and got super frustrated and took the easy way out and made T-Rexs with a previous pattern. Eventually I want to make larger versions of Dina and Sawyer, and I WILL create a Brontosaurus and triceratops pattern that will make me proud!

Other crafts have been coming along…..slowly that is. -_- I NEED SEWING HELP!
I have been practicing using my sewing machine, but the more I practice the worse I seem to get and the more I seem to jam the machine or get fabric caught or the bobbin pops out or some other mishap. What am I doing wrong argh… >.<
On the plus side, I got purple yarn so I can make myself a a purple Gameboy Color bag 🙂 I’ll probably use it as my DS Lite case since I don’t really have one and I have been re-addicted to my DS games. I need to finish getting my research together to present my work to botiques, I’ve kinda been prolonging ^^;; I tend to be very confident in myself at the beginning, then it starts to dwindle away with time. I just have to keep at it, this is really something I want to do, gotta get my head back in the game!

Whelp, what am I about to do now? I guess school work. 🙂 Later everyone!


I’m Season Skipping, Now onto Winter!

Not that I don’t have a huge love for the fall season, but I’m seriously lacking inspiration for fall themed amigurumi. I got my head start this weekend.

What’s cuter than dancing penguins?

Meet Bow and Suits the dance loving penguins! Bow glides across the stage with her cute tutu and elagent ballet moves, while Suits likes making a lot of noise with his tap dancing. The only thing they like better than dancing, is dancing with one another (aww ❤ ).  Bow’s tutu comes off with a button i attached to the back, and Suits’ top hat is removable. As usual with amigurumi I make with this pattern (same one I used for my Ice Cream Bunny), I added my signature two felt hearts on them. My next character is a classic holiday grump:

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch~!”

Who on this Earth (or atleast in the USA) hasn’t seen Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Has to be my all time favorite winter character ever, especially the Jim Carry adaptation. I decided to make him because of his charming personality, and the extreme lack of amigurumi love for this green grump, he’s so classic he needs more fan art! One day I hope to actually make him, but I’m happy with my chibi version and in his signature fake Santa Claus outfit, with removable hat of course. As usual everyone is up for adoption at my Etsy store.

I had 2 more amigurumis to make, but only half started one. Can anyone guess what it is:

“What am I?”

Here’s a hint:
“I don’t eat grain, only meat
You’ve seen me before, but we wont get a chance to meet
I’m really tall and pretty strong
I’ll probably rawr at the end of this song!”

Ahahaha, hahahar, lol. Okies a little poem for everyone too (not my best).
Everyone out there been good, peachy, fine and dandy?
._. I start only classes tomorrow, yet I still have to buy my books, argh. A week ago I got a potential job offer, the manager said after her training she’d be going through the applications and calling for interviews. She said she’d be back this week, is Tuesday to early to call and harass her to give me an interview?? I’ll try to be patient. Until Thursday, then I’m calling Friday.

That is all from Millie! I’m going to buy my textbooks then finish my last two amigurumis. Sayonara, bye-bye, adios! ❤

Play Food for the Nephew

Thanks to my nephew having a full on meltdown in a Toys R’ Us store one lovely afternoon, his parents had no doubt what he wanted for his upcoming birthday. Once I found out he was getting a high tech part kitchen, part store front, part bakery play set with working lights, sounds, dry erase board and functioning cabinets, I knew what I was getting him: play food of course!

I went with my friend ( for those of you who don’t know, my “nephew” is actually just my best friend’s child but she gave graciously gave me the title of an aunt) to buy it and already I was looking in the aisle at the plastic and cardboard play food and I’ll admit I got an arrogant streak claiming, “Oh, I can crochet a cuter apple than that! That cupcake? It doesn’t even LOOK like a cupcake!!” Okay so I let things get to my head, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I managed to make in a short amount of time.


Everything’s a decent size, the smallest mushroom is 2” and the ice cream cone is 6” and all squishy. I completely winged the ice cream, lollipop, sandwich, juice box, mushrooms, and watermelon. The rest I found at the amazingly huge collection of patterns at Crochet Pattern Central. I’ve already made more play food than he has in his kitchen set, and I still wanted to add a breakfast and dinner set. But I was on a time crunch, plus my mom is pretty furious he’s getting all these toys for free and has been on my case all week. I wish I had a heads up on this, I really wanted to add cute little faces to the food 🙂 yet I’m low on black plastic eyes, and the felt one’s would come off too easily for him.

My case of sniffles has tremendously lightened, but I’ve still got the rattled cough and its mucus companion (ew). My allergies and the suddenly cool weather has made this cold overstay its welcome.  The weather will be a high of 52 degrees Saturday, so for the first time ever the party will be hosted inside only, and usually an outragous amount of people show. With my claustrophobia, my ability to become increasingly awkward when around large groups of people, plus the amount of drama going on between both of my friend’s family and friends, I’m a tad worried. Maybe I’ll just hide in my nephew’s play room the whole time >.> *sigh* (I honestly  hate large parties, I’ve always preferred to be with small groups of my close friends.) But only for my nephew do I put up with this every year, (that and the food, I LOVE the food!)

Enough of that, hope all you bloggers are enjoying the changing season, the changing leaves do look beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of the year, plus I love those days of snuggling in sweaters and fuzzy toe socks with a cup of tea. Have a great weekend everyone! ❤


Randomness from a Sleepless Girl

1. Doll Completion: After what seems like FOREVER, I finished the doll my uncle bought to give to me baby cousin. I dunno why it took so long, completed her in less than a day:

2. Business: Slowly blooming! I feel very happy about my choice to start a shop. My next step is a big one, and could potentially be a waste of time, but I’m willing to try: selling my stuff in boutiques. There are two cute privately owned shops in my downtown area that sell very handmade toys from various parts of the globe. The last shop is a small cupcake business, named Sugar Monkey Cupcakes, and I realized there is absolutely no monkey related items in their shop! I asked (more like my boyfriend asked) if they’d be interested in my creating a mascot for them. They said if I created something, they’d consider working with me. I’m excited, ready to work hard, and accept if things don’t work out in my favor. In other news I’m distributing my resume out like free lollipops, I want a regular job too, I’m on a roll *cheers*

3. School: What school? My paperwork isn’t through yet!

4. Family: My youngest brother, aka my kitten, Mikey (1) is going bald. He’s been so stressed with the moving process that he’s been nervously scratching himself and his hair away! 😦 Going to the vet Monday.

5. Music: “Under and Over” by Five Finger Death Punch. The first heavy rock song I’ve liked in YEARS *starts head banging and fist pumping.*

6. My Fingers are Itching to Get a Hold of: FLEECE! I’ve been on Deviant Art lately, and I’m in love with handmade fleece items. Adorable fleece wallets that look like mini super heroes, cute bags that look like smiling milk cartons, dinosaur toys that look like bubble gum, custom My Little Pony hoodies, I want to try!

7. Excited for: Raveonettes concert! They have a weird music style, very unique. Going to see them with my friend and we will be like “yaaaaay” and drink like “yaaay” and have a good time.

8. Stress Level: Down recently. Getting used to the crazy routine of having your house for sale.

9. I want: to do a CRAFT SWAP! Any takers???

10. I need: a new DIY project. Peferably one I can use with fabric. I really loved making the kanzashis, perhaps I will elaborate and make a more realistic one with the flower trail.

11. Boyfriend: turned the big 21! And his job made him work a double shift that day. Sunday we are celebrating, which means we will probably be bums with a six pack of Smirnoff 3.2% alcohol bottles in his basement playing video games. Or I can drag him to a bar, haven’t decided yet.

12. Tonight: game/pizza night with my stepdad’s family. I’m ready to win again at Apples to Apples and protect my title as “Jenga Champion”!

13. Off to sketch new toys, adios lovelies!