” I’m….I’m Fluttershy…..”

Success, one My Little Pony costume, complete! Last night for my friend’s costume party/garage band show I flaunted my new outfit of my favorite pony of all time: the timid and heartfelt Fluttershy.

I’m proud of myself, my costume didn’t break my wallet and required very little time to complete:


-XXXL Sweater : $4.50. Found at my local resale shop. In 1 hour I managed to cut the sweater and resew it to make a slender sweater dress. This is the first time I ever tried to upcycle a piece of clothing. I managed to do it, but I wish I didn’t have to rush. The right sleeve is sewed lower than the left, while the left sleeve is longer than the right. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have rushed and taken the time to correctly do measurements. Overall, I’m happy the things stayed together, I was worried it would fall apart at the slightest movement.
-Sheets of  Baby Pink / Ocean Blue Felt: $0.85 thanks to Jo Ann Fabrics.
-Pair of Pink Tights: $5.00. Thank you Super Target for your rainbow colored tights!
-Pink Wig: $7.00 at another resale shop. The price made me smile, yet the downside of a used wig is how poofy and tangled the wig was. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to comb it! If I was going to dress up more, I probably would’ve gotten a brand new wig.
-The sloppy ear headband was made from extra fabric from the sweater. I quickly sewed them together and during the car ride I crocheted the headband. By the time we arrived at the party, I had my fake eyelashes and gold eyeshadow on.

Total: $17.35
Being able to dress as a pink and yellow pony: Priceless.

The only prop I’m missing are her pegasus wings. I did buy some yellow butterfly wings, but they were so humongous I ended up looking like a butterfly instead of Fluttershy (haha). I had a great time at the party, even if I kept dancing to fight off the 42 degree chill. The best part had to be meeting my friend who I hadn’t seen since I was 15. A great mini reunion for me, my friend in the band, and the long lost friend we hadn’t seen since high school was great, things felt so nostalgic. We laughed and talked and exchanged numbers. We plan on hanging out this weekend, funny how people change yet somehow manage to stay the same.

I’ve had many sleepless days this week, I’m checking in early.
Night night ❤

The Day I Chalked my Hair

Today’s Project: Hair Chalking
Requirements: Hair, Water, Chalk (I used sidewalk chalk, although soft-pastel chalk is recommended), Blow Dryer, Hair Spray, possibly water and if you have really curly hair, some no-frizz-hold-curl Hair Gel.
Results: Colored curls, a dream come true, and a freaked out mother

I’ll be the first to admit that as a 22 year old woman, I hardly have any desire to follow the latest trends in terms of fashion and style. Very rarely will I see commercials on TV and go “OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-THAT-NEW-EYE-LINER-DRESS-SHOES” unlike the rest of the normal women in my family. But every once in a while, something will peak my interest.

Today, it was the trend of chalking your hair. Cruising through blogs again (I swear that’s not all I do) I came across Pink & Black Magazine’s tutorial about this colorful project that’s been passed from Lauren Conrad to other popular stars. With my fingers a little sore from creating new crochet patterns all night (will post results later) I wanted a new project to tackle. How perfect was this one!

Since I was 13 I always wanted color in my hair– you know, the blue highlights, purple streaks, or pink bangs. My mother, a woman who strictly believes hair should only be natural tones wasn’t going to let my fantasy’s come true. I thought today I could see what it would be like to not be stuck with normal dark brown hair.

I was shocked that this actually worked! I was partially convinced my hair was too dark, like other home-made/generic techniques I used in the past to add color to my hair. Feeling giddy I had new hues to my curls, I showed my mom. Didn’t expect her to freak out as much as she did, but basically she says I’m not allowed out of the house -_- sheesh, in my household, 22 still has its restrictions. (Besides, I don’t plan on leaving this in my hair for too long).

A Quick Tip: If your hair is blonde, you don’t need to use water, you can just start chalking your hair and see vibrant results. If your hair is darker or almost black like mine, you’ll need to use a decent amount of water. What I found easiest was to add a small amount of water only to the ends of my hair that I wanted the color to show — do NOT wet all you hair. As you are chalking keep adding a little more water until the color shows strong and stays.

In other news, since I’m temporarily out of beige yarn (*screams at sky* Nooooo!) I’m creating other patterns and merchandise I can sell, since I officially plan on opening an Etsy shop before the end of this month. My goal is to have 5 dolls, with 5 more planned out before I start. I’m going to act like a spiteful little kid and flaunt my pink/blue/green hair around the house before I start working on more patterns. If you’re looking for something easy, fun, and colorful to do, try this out with your hair 🙂

Oh this is the first time you see the Millie of Millie on her World in person, so hi everyone and have a lovely day!