Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibiusa Save the Day

"In the name of the moon,  we will punish you!"

“In the name of the moon, we will punish you!”

😀 How my face still lights up when I watch this show. Sailor Moon will always fill me with butterflies with their cheesy lines, overdramatic story lines, and colorful transformation scenes, such a classic anime.

sailor moon en chibi moon


Last year I made a Sailor Moon doll using a pattern I found online. This year for my friend’s birthday I felt the need to update her doll, since I have improved a lot within the year and I wanted a doll to show it. After a week of frustrating pattern making, Sailor Moon was born!

Even got her back bow

Even got her back bow

Her pigtails were so heavy, I could hardly get her to pose for the pic!

Sailor Moon was made with a 2.70 mm hook, and she is a little over a foot tall. Geez did my fingers hurt after making her >.< Her daughter, the pinkaholic Chibiusa (or Rini in the English show) was made the same way and is a lil over 9 inches. Sailor Moon was given to my friend, but I still offer her at my Etsy shop as Made to Order (and I’m REALLY hoping no one will want her anytime soon!) Rini is sitting next to me on my bed, up for adoption :]

Their gloves and boots are made out of felt, when I miscalculated how hard it was to make crochet boots/gloves to go over their arms. I took the easy way out! I tried to be as detailed as possible and get EVERY aspect of these two Moon Princesses, but there were just so many -_- The newest thing I did with her was actually give her a bust– yes under that bow Sailor Moon has yarn boobies. Again, I thought they’d come out lopsided or something but they looked great and she looked so much more realistic (as much as she can I guess, besides the huge buns on her head and super long pigtails).  Speaking of pigtails, Mini Moon’s pigtails are so heavy I’m shocked she can them up!

As tormenting as it is to use such a small hook for a long time, I finally feel satisfied with a doll pattern. I like the small look of the stitches, and their slender noodle-like body. Should call them Noodle Dolls or something xD I’m not too eager to jump back into making another doll, but I would like to think that one day I can make the other 8 Sailor Scouts, accompanied by Sailor Moon’s love Tuxedo Mask. But that’s in the distant future.

In other crochetness:
1. Gave up on pattern making for selling. I’m too OCD about it and not even sure what patterns to give out and make them understandable -_-
2. Started making some more mini Disney characters, have a total of 3 pairs down and idk how many more I’m doing. I want to AVOID Disney Princesses at all cost (nothing against them, just rather focus on other characters.) Any suggestions on what couple I should make?
3.  Tried brushing yarn for more realistic doll hair. My results? Fail. IT WAS SO DARN HARD AND I GOT SO FRUSTRATED I CHOPPED ALL THE HAIR OFF AND STARTED OVER!!!!!! I really like the way it looks, but yea……not any time soon.

And my other attention has been full blown felting. No, not needle felting that I was briefly into earlier this year, but actual getting pieces of felt and sewing things together. I actually completed a new felt item today. I did it on a whim, and turned out pretty cute. I even took pictures and will make a tutorial 🙂 *whoo*cheer*applause* I just went to the craft store for the third time this week to pick up more colors and have sketches of my next felt plushie yeee  :DDD

I’m super excited about being into felting. I like the thickness of felt much better than fabric, plus a felt sheet is only $0.39 so I can afford this much better lol. Sewing with felt reminds me of when I was younger tearing my socks apart to make bunnies, bears, and puppets for some reason. I love felting but know it will probably go as far as being a hobby for myself. I look at Etsy shops that make felt plushies and OhMyGod are they so adorably taltentedly detailed I couldn’t begin to imagine up designs of my own. If I get neater on my stitching I think I’ll try buying a pattern or two ^^ There is always room for more stuffed toys!

I had a great 4th of July! Chris and I were in Chicago with my dad’s family. It was the first time my Chris had been to that part of Chicago (its around the outskirts of the downtown so its dramatically different from the suburbs) but I think he handled it pretty well. I’m pleased that my family likes him so much and pretty hillarious as I watched a few of them do their subtle forms of approvale. Well, my Aunt Pams had to be the most obnoxious one. Whenever she approves she’ll call you “neice” or “nephew” for some reason lol. Beside her calling him “nephew” I laughed my head off later on when she started complimenting him on his “beautiful eyes” XD

Our night ended with a double movie feature: Despicable Me 2 and World War Z. Dispecable Me was everything I expected it to be and then some, the minions cracking me up the whole time. And World War Z was decent, honestly a lot better than I thought. I wouldn’t say it was Brad Pitts best film ever, but really entertaining. I thought the weird infected people running around was funny 😛 How was youre 4th?


I’m going to go work on the tutorial 🙂
I wish I had a camera to record it step by step but I hope the pictures will e good enough.

You will hear from me soon!
Bye from Busy Little Millie Bee



Sailor Moon – Amigurumi Style

Champion of Love and Justice!

A gift to my bff’s 22nd birthday, and to 9 years of friendship. She is super obsessed with Sailor Moon and this doll matched her Sailor Moon Seatbelt-Buckle belt I found at Hot Topic. So Sharline, thanks for letting me share my life with you and you letting me into yours over these years of our ups and downs, love you! ❤

If you want to make your own Sailor Moon, check out the free pattern by Jen Vasseur found here.