We’re all A Little Mad: Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern



Whenever I think of top hats I think of Alice in Wonderland. Who can forget the Mad Hatter and his huge hat? Not to mention the recent Disney remake with Johnny Depp (insert dreamy sigh here) and his character’s dramatic top hat. I love them, they look so fun 🙂

Yesterday I posed a picture of my black hat, (now named Black Cherry), and today I’ve made a shorter hat called Short Cake (get it? Haha puns…). I will be sharing the pattern for both.

Making them is super easy, and they hardly take any time at all.

Needed: 4.5 mm hook, 3.0 mm hook, Size 4 yarn (recommended: Red Heart & Caron Simply Soft), accessories  like buttons/ribbon/lace/feathers/beads. Optional: Head band, hair clips

Sc – Single stitch
Sl st – Slip stitch
Dc – Double crochet
2tog – Decrease stitch
Ch – Chain

black cherry crochet top hat Black Cherry Top Hat (aka Tall Version)

Hat: Start with 4.5 mm Hook & Red Heart Yarn

Round 1: Magic Ring 6. Sl st and ch.  (6)
Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch. Sl st. (12)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (18)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 5: Sc 3, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 6: Sc 4, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (36)
Rnd 7: Back Loop 36. Sl st.
Rnd 8: Sc 36. Sl st.
Rnd 9: Sc 10, 2tog. Sl st. (33)
Rnd 10: Sc 33. Sl st.
Rnd 11: Sc  9, 2tog. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 12: Sc 30. Sl st.
Rnd 13: Sc 8, 2tog. Sl st. (27)
Rnd 14: Sc 27. Sl st.
Rnd 15: Sc 7, 2tog. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 16: Sc 24. Sl st.
Rnd 17: Sc 6, 2tog. Sl st. (21)
Rnd 18: Sc 21. Sl st.
Rnd 19: Front Loop 21. Sl st.
Rnd 20: Dc 3, 2dc. Sl st. (26)
Rnd 21: Sc 5, 2sc. Sl st. (29)
Rnd 22: Dc 4, 2dc. Sl st. (36)

Cherry: 3.0 mm hook, Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 3. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: 2sc in each st. Sl st and ch. (6)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch (9)
Rnd 4: 2tog until close. Stuff and sew shut.

Flower: 3.0 mm hook, Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 5. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: Ch 3, sl st in next st. Repeat around.
Rnd 3: 3dc on the ch 3 from the previous round. Sl st end.


Strawberry Short Cake (aka Short Version)

Hat: Start with 4.5 mm hook & Red Heart Yarn. Start with Cake Color (yellow)

Round 1: Magic Ring 6. Sl st.  (6)
Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch. Sl st. (12)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (18)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 5: Sc 3, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 6: Sc 4, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (36)
Rnd 7: Back Loop 36. Sl st.
Rnd 8-9: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change to Frosting (white)
Rnd 10: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change back to Cake Color
Rnd 11-13: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change to Pink or other color (I think of it as the “plate” that the short cake is sitting on heehee)
Rnd 14: Front Loop 36
Rnd 15: Dc 4, 2dc

Whipped Cream: 3.0 mm hook & Simply Soft yarn (x2)

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 4. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch (6)
Rnd 3: 2dc, sc in next st.
Make a second one and sew the two together to complete.

Strawberry: 3.0 mm hook & Simply Soft yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 2. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: 2sc in each st. sl st and ch. (8)
Rnd 3: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch. (10)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2tog. Sl st and ch (8)
Rnd 5: 2tog until close.

Yay top hats, now I have two! 🙂 I think I’m either going to attach them to headbands or get a barrett so they stay positioned on my head better. I wish I didn’t make Black Cherry when I was tired, the ribbons came out a little sloppy but that’s what I get for crafting when I’m sleepy!

Speaking of which, I need to go to bed >_< Hope the hats bring a whimsical feel to you all. Thanks for stopping by~
❤ Millie



Hats n’ Snaps

Crochet HatsWe’ve all been there, those days where our hair is determined to be our worse enemy, and no amount of combing, flat ironing, or hair product can tame it. You have to accept it: you’re going to have a bad hair day. Well, I’m not gonna take that anymore! Those mornings when I don’t want an elaborate battle with my hair (usually when its curly) I claim victory with a hat! I’ve started liking hats so much this winter, that I decided to make not one, but two, and I LOVE THEM!



I love crocheting amigurumi, but there is always a thrill in trying to learn new crochet stitches and techniques, plus I really feel like I’m lacking so many cute crochet accessories. The first hat I mad was the red-salmon colored slouch hat. I discovered this cute hat on All About Ami’s blog, where she had made the same hat Vicki Howell’s pattern. The puffiness of the puff pattern is so cute, and puffy! Gives the hat a nice soft and fluffy feel and is super light on my head. I used Simply Soft yarn for both parts, took a few hours but well worth it! Originally this hat was to be two shades of purple, but my boyfriend forbid me from making anything else that color. I don’t know why, just because 90% of the things I buy are purple doesn’t mean I can’t indulge myself with a purple hat, right? 😛 Hahaha….he was right (I guess), the color combo is gorgeous.

Looks like tiny flowers

Looks like tiny flowers

My second hat was super fun to make–once I figured out how the heck to read the complicated pattern and master the cluster stitch (or is it just called “cluster”?) This pattern is on the Red Heart Yarn website, named the Charleston Cloche hat.  I used Red Heart’s Love yarn which is softer and thicker for this hat. The blue is very pretty, will look great with a lot of outfits! The pattern has you make one large flower to finish the hat, which I liked, but wondered: what if I want a different flower color, or style? Then
*DINGDINGDING!* an idea popped in my head– I’ll make more than one flower and make them  interchangeable!


crochet hat with snpas

Oh snap!


I came up with the idea, but my boyfriend yet again put the icing on the cake. I was going to make flowers, crochet chains from the back of them, and weave them inbetween the stitches of the hat. I told my boyfriend the idea, and he suggested I just buy buttons and snaps (that genius!) Off to the craft store we went, and later that night I found great flower patterns form this blog. This was the first time I’ve worked with snaps before, and I have a love/hate outlook. The look is great, but putting the snaps and buttons together was irritating. Especially since the brand I chose had their proportions wrong and we went through all 7 buttons when we only needed 3! If it weren’t for my boyfriend saving the day again and figuring out how to get all those pieces to work, and banging them together mercilessly with a hammer, I wouldn’t have this crocheted awesomeness. My only complaint is I put the snap a little too low on the hat than intended, but it still looks good. Overall, I love the option of wearing this hat with a flower, rose, or bright red bow on the side 🙂  What do you think, would you like a hat with changing flowers? I would be happy if someone else tried this!

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

Was this day special for you? Mine started right around midnight, when I ate a fresh baked marble cake and I got my adorable gift:

the worlds cutest cat!

the worlds cutest cat!

I don’t claim to have any real “obsessions” except one — Hello Kitty. If I could have a house and everything be Hello Kitty related I would! 🙂 So this duct (I always say “duck” haha) wallet made to perfection fits my theme. I like that I got  gift that was not only Hello Kitty but something that was handmade by my Valentine, that sweetie! ❤

Whelp, I’m going to look for a third hat pattern. I have one red, one blue, I’m thinking pink next, maybe with a big pom-pom on it like they have on little kids’ ones  (there shouldn’t be an age limit on those!). Check ya’ later!


Contact from 2013 Millie

Bella Ballerina Doll

2013!! Whoooo yay awesome uh huh yipee yea…Someone (me) was a little late on celebrating the new year on her blog, but better late than never! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, time for an update. Plus, my boyfriend is at work and probably looking for some entertainment (he complained that I haven’t blogged this month.) So I present you with the first 2013 Millie On Her World blog post! (to be honest, I wish it had more interesting content!)

2012 was a good (and my first) blogging year, and I just discovered my 2012 Annual Report, all those pretty pixel fireworks just for me, you shouldn’t have WordPress! I like the random little facts like: “4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals.” The most popular post is “Melted Mayhem” from my melted crayon project, and a total of 112 different countries visiting, cool! Thanks everyone for checking into my blog, you guys rock socks around the clock!

Enough of that, now presenting my first doll made in 2013, a new and improved slender in black Bella Ballerina doll (Valentine’s Day themed). No I didn’t actually think of her colors myself, she is a custom order. But still, something new that isn’t My Little Pony related!

Original vs Remake

This is the first time I remade a doll, and I’m pretty puzzled how using the same pattern and yarn brands led me to one shorter/large-headed doll and one slender/smaller headed doll. I don’t get it >_< Either way, I find myself adoring the new doll before she was sent to her new home. The original seems so…..sloppy (forgive me blue Bella!). Is this a sign that my crochet has improved? Maybe! Maybe not!

The only other Non-pony order I’ve had lately was this ADORABLE (yes, I’m braggin’) Soot Sprite pin-coushion bracelet. I made them a while ago, but Soot Sprites are these little guys: il_170x135.362108952_c7ew They are funny little dust mites from the movies My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. He had his round little fuzzy body, googly eyes, a star in his hand, and a elastic adjustable wristband with different star buttons. I had a picture…somewhere on one of my technological devices….or I thought so….

Mini Dolls, I am determined to make a new one –tonight! I have so many drawings for them, I can’t wait to actually MAKE one or two. ^-^ I love holding them in my hands, they are so little. Lulu and Lola are currently on my bed watching me type, they are going to be mine I can’t part with them. Just what I need, more toys! 😀

My 2013 year has been B-U-S-Y
Lots to do, so little time
Get no sleep, yea yea
Now Repeat!

School: As of Jan. 8th this blogger is an Aurora University student, YEA! Hopefully in less than 2 years I can be officially done with college and have my BA. The University is really nice, a small cozy campus that is 20 min drive away from my house. Not too bad, except I keep getting lost. Turns out I am completely directionally challenged!

Job: Hahaha that’s funny. Okay seriously, been slacking on my search due to me fearing rejection and losing the confidence to convince people that I CAN do the job correctly and to not show them my awkwardness or clumsiness. This morning my boyfriend (grumpily) filled out an application for me for a position that will be opening up since his friend is leaving his job because he’s moving. (That was a mouthful–or typeful since I’m not actually speaking?)

Other Time Is Spent: with my boyfriend. Any moment possible, I will be with him. He is the reason I don’t get sleep! I’m joking. Sort of 😉 He works second shift, and usually we stay up until 4-7 am before going to sleep or I have to wake up an hour later for school. Less than 2 months and we’ve been on a few adventures already. Mainly I went skiing for the first time ever. Now I am addicted, I can, not, WAIT to get into a pair of (rented) skiis and ride down the hills, even if it is all artificial snow! — Tip if you ever go skiing: AVOID the Bunny Hill! That thing is a death trap! I was so bad on the bunny hill, I couldn’t stop, or turn, and crashed into some people as if they were bowling pins. Not to mention the 5 year old I almost took down. The moment I got on the normal hill I started learning and had it down after only a few more tries. Skiing is amazing. —

About every other week we have silly sleepovers with our friends, the craziest being the last one that turned into an indoor water fight. We go to the Japanese Supermarket quite often, and we love to eat out, good food is a glorious thing. Majority of our time is spent relaxing together, just happy to be in eachother’s presence. I’ve told him many times that now he’s my “home.” When I’m around him I feel happy, and I don’t feel so lonely that my parents aren’t here with me. I’m still adapting to not having my mom here, but my boyfriend’s helped so much.

Le sigh, le yawn…perhaps I will drink some more Coke and get some pep in my system. I have a book to finish reading and at least one Mini Doll to make, that’s all I ask tonight! 😀

My you all have good 2013’s! Although its already started, and if its not good so far, keep your head up, MAKE IT GOOD! ❤

Minis: Lola and Lulu

Lola and Lulu  in tutus

Lola and Lulu in tutus

Happy Holidays and New Years Eve!
I managed to complete one final project before the end of 2012. Lola and Lulu are my prototypes for new doll pattern.

Lola twirling around~

Lola twirling around~

Lulu posing for the camera

These two were a blast to make. I especially love that they are both only 5 inches tall, they fit so snug in my hand! New techniques and details kept me entertained but led me the results I desired.

Their hair was fun, making it attached and unattached to their heads. I’m not 100% sure I would always use this technique, but it does cut down time and use of colored yarn (or at least I think so). Months ago I said I wanted to use fabric to make dresses, and I attempted to do so with them. Waaaay more complicated than first imagined, but satisfactory enough for me. How do people make tiny doll clothing? I got frustrated making a sloppy little dress! Of course I forgot something that always messes my patterns up: different yarn brands. Lola’s Red Heart design came out perfect as I used it to create the pattern. After switching to Vanna’s Choice for Lulu, her head turned out about an inch too small, she looked like an alien! After modifications I ended up with two patterns to get the same sized doll.

I’m debating on modifying these two or creating a new-new doll pattern. Pros: they are small, fun hair styles, easy pattern, quick to make, simplistic. Cons: easy pattern, fabric clothing, super simplistic. I like them, but I want a challenge, but not too challenging like the whole Linguine Doll experience! With the fast paced pattern I may easily put a few more together and putt them in my shop, see if any one fancies their small demeanor like me 🙂 Making new patterns will have to be pushed back again, but this gives me a chance to look around and research, woohoo!

How were your holidays? Christmas Eve at my bf’s house was pretty interesting, I was shocked when his grandma and mom had little gifts for me, I didn’t expect any of that and actually felt kind of embarrassed! Embarrassed as I was trying to discretely open my gifts, I was very thankful, that was so thoughtful of them since I entered their lives such a short while ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Eve than spending time with my bf, a great day. Not to mention the pretty key necklace he got me, I have always adored key necklaces!

Yesterday we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse in down town Chicago that had food to DIE FOR! The service was spectacular, the food out of this world, so fantastical phenomenal make you want to have a foodgasm that now everything else I eat seems to be extremely lacking. Yet every bite of that delicious food was worth it! So next is New Years Eve, which is practically here. Instead of outrageous parties and drinks all around, I plan on being cozy at home, catch up on a few anime shows and dress like a bum all day, sounds like a good night to me.

Hope you all had wonderful a Christmas day, and bring in 2013 with a bang! 😀
2012 has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. What can 2013 possibly throw my way? I’m not sure, I’m okay with whatever comes. This blog has been a fun experience, wonder what new things I’ll have to share.

2012 Millie, signing off.

You’ll hear from me next year- hahaha! 🙂

Taking on the Crocodile



Q: What led me to step outside my amigurumi frenzy and attempt the crocodile stitch?
A: My mom

Yesterday I was on Etsy looking for some beautiful handmade Christmas gifts- for myself that is. I stumbled across a pair of  STUNNING fingerless gloves with crocodile stitches on the ends and a beautiful black to deep blue ombre effect. As usual, my mom pokes her head in my laptop screen and ruins my longing:

Mom: “You’re not buying those are you?”
Me: Shifty eyes slowly frowning at mother, “Maybe…”
“Why, you can MAKE those!”
Whiney voice, “But mooooooom, they are so pretty and that stitch is hard.”
Waves hand in my face, “Stop being silly, you can learn that if you practice.”
Considering challenge, “Say I buy these and then make my own?”
“No. Go practice.”
Rolling eyes, “Fine….”

The results:



This is my first attempt, I’m pleased but also irritated. During some part of my crochet stitches, I turn my hook the wrong way and the stitches are facing backwards. Some are too loose, some are too tight, but I am determined to get this right, I really love this stitch. The only downside is the tremendous amount of yarn this stitch uses! If I used this to create those beautiful lovely astonishing crocodile stitch fingerless gloves I have been dreaming of  – literally, I dreamed I was wearing a pair last night(a little weird? yes) – I would have to devote my whole bundle. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, it is to me. Making amigurumi toys and dolls always leaves me with plenty of yarn to spare, when one project takes up a whole bundle I start feeling stingy (lol).

I practiced for a good 2 hours, taking a while to comprehend how to start the stitches themselves. I used a lot of different resources, discovering that YouTube held the key to my success. Here are the videos that really helped me get going:

Crochet Geek – How to Make the Crocodile Scale Stitch
How to Crochet *Crocodile Stitch* Scales Stitch
Crocodile Stitch – How to Crochet

I’m happy that this stitch isn’t as unattainable as previous thoughts. I’m going to practice tomorrow, tonight I am doing some sewinnng~~ ❤  I’m working on the lining for my Gameboy Pouch and BAM, I use the machine and get it to work perfectly! Since then my sewing has been much more enjoyable. How happy I am!

Lately when I’m not crocheting or doing school, I have my eyes glued to the computer screen playing some good old fashioned online games. Specifically the ever popular (and slightly overrated) World of Warcraft game. I used to be a WoW addict when I was 17. Last week my friend reintroduced me to the world, all the new changes and characters, maps, quests, soooo much to do! >.> I regret my addiction awakening, I hope it does not consume me again, but oh so tempting…in the meantime, I’ll stop playing now to watch the new episode of Prank My Mom, a Lifetime show that I vow to put my mom on someday!

❤ Ta ta for now from Millie

Bad Case of the Sniffles

I’ve got it all- the sore throat runny nose stuffy nose sinus pressure headaches random body aches chills sweats drowsiness everything. Literally 6 hours after my last blog post that Saturday morning I noticed my throat feeling funny, by that evening when my boyfriend stopped by (he’s best friends with my best friend’s husband)(they actually set us up) I was clinging to him saying I didn’t feel good. Next morning I could barely talk, I had the chills, and had to go home asap, not wanting to risk getting my 2 year old nephew sick before his big birthday bash this upcoming Saturday. Since returning home, as usual my mom has quarantined me in my room and following me with a can of Lysol whenever I am allowed to emerge.

Here I am, 3 in the morning with a massive head ache and unable to fall back asleep. A perfect time to blog!

Bun Buddies are back!

Last week I added a few more Bun Buddies to my shop. They were my first ideas for an original amigurumi series, and yet currently the smallest series…thought they could use some lovin’. I think the cow is my favorite, probably because of the pastel colors!


My latest dolly, Hana (pronounced “Hah-nah”). I think the more I make dolls, the more ideas I get for new ones! With Hana I tried adding decorations to her dress, a new way to do her skirts (did double/triple crochet stitches) and the use of ribbon. I call her Hana for now because “Hana” means “Flower” in Japanese. Although she has absolutely no connection to Japanese culture, I like the name. Will probably change it, but for now she is my little Hana! Sorry for the bad picture quality, I had to use my room lighting to take the picture since I’m too achy to pull out my lighting kit.

From Left to Right: Opal, Rarity, Fluttershy, Angel

My first custom My Little Pony order. Basically the order was for the two ponies Rarity and Fluttershy along with their pets. This set should be somewhere in the United Kingdom by now. The bit challenge was that stupid cat! Getting her upside down triangle head shape was a pain in my hands! She must’ve taken me 20 tries of writing and scribbling out patterns. Finally in a crochet rage I free handed and viola-had the perfect shape, without writing the pattern. Go figure. I absolutely refuse to make another cat like that again!

LOVE my knitted hat!

Last week my giveaway prize from CandleOwlKnits‘s blog arrived. A beautiful dusty-rose colored super soft and cozy knitted slouch hat! I, LOVE, THIS, HAT! I keep finding reasons to wear my hat practically every time I set foot outside. My mom even tried to snag this from me, claiming I don’t wear hats. Nice try mom, but this one’s mine. This picture is the first night I wore it to my friend’s concert at a bar. I got compliments all night long, everyone asked where I got it from.  I did a lot of promoting for CandleOwlKnit’s Etsy shop that night. Her work is beautiful, and I feel guilty for getting this gorgeous hat for free, a big THANK YOU and HUGS for the sweet Hannah!

Hmm what else haven’t I shared? Oh yea, my horrid job interview. You wouldn’t believe how shady this place was, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to work for them! As bad as the interview was, I will still be respectful enough to not mention the company name, but here was my experience in a nutshell:

 The place was run down, people at front desk were bashing their boss, talked for 20 min with a guy who didn’t even introduce himself or even care to ask for my name, he sat down and looked away before I could offer my hand and properly introduce myself, placed in a cramped room with two other people working loudly during my so called interview, walked in immediately sat down to watch a video made in the early 90s, learned that the district I would be working in wasn’t the area they had said, but in an area about 40-90 minutes away, told them that’s not what was shown online, the woman I was SUPPOSED to be interviewed by ignored me until the last 2 minutes and in those last 2 minutes I finally learned the name of the guy who was talking to me in his monotone, dull, “I hate my life” manner. NEVER said or asked my name once. 

I was bummed, I mean what kind of place treats a potential employee like that? They were so rude I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My parents told me to view this somehow as a learning experience. I’m still searching for that.

Job talk aside, here are my current projects:

1. Crochet play food before Saturday to go with my almost 3 year old nephew’s birthday. His parents got him this huge play kitchen with a bakery and cashier involved. But the set only came with 20 pieces of food. So far I’ve got 3 strawberries and an ice cream cone.
2. Complete 1 doll/1 cupcake related item for my plans to pitch my work to boutiques
3. Looking for patterns so I can sew my first dress
4. Fighting this nasty cold!!

I guess this post is long enough, and hopefully staring at my laptop screen in the dark has tired me out enough to get some shut eye. Good night (technically morning!) 🙂

Yummy Ice Cream Bunny

😀 I feel EMPOWERED!!
My currently nameless ice cream bunny is finally done. >.< I’m so relieved….
I started this pattern yesterday morning, worked on her all day, all night, until 2:30 am, then started again at 8 and by 10 she was finally complete!

Ugh, her pattern was horrid…..I started over countless times.
The hardest part was the white ice cream on her head. Originally the white yarn and baby pink were supposed to alternate, but I couldn’t get the look right and decided to add a separate part. Her body was tricky, especially maintaining the head-body ratio I wanted to achieve….that part took a couple of hours.
Her inspiration came from a picture I found on Deviant art by SprinkleChick:

I LOVE it! Only proper to give my inspiration credit. 🙂
I’m 50-50 on
1. Selling this bunny in my shop, she takes up a ton of time with those sprinkles and switching colors!
2. Adding a smile or blush marks
3. Offering her in different colors (blue, purple, green, and yellow)
4. She still needs a name!
5. If I do sell her make her “Made to Order” so I don’t have to go through this process right away  >.>
What’s your opinion?

I meant to finish my bunny yesterday to enter Wool Hog’s Monthly Challenge, I think the deadline was today….maybe I can still enter! 😀  Gonna go enter Wool Hog’s  competition…wish me luck! —-*3 min later update* Awww the competition closed today *le sad face* 😥 so close! —-*10 min later update* They let me enter, YAY!!

I’m happy that I’ve had some wonderful entries for my Giveaway. Yet I have to remind a few that you must FOLLOW my BLOG as part of the rules 😉 Email following works too. Thanks for stopping by! ❤ have wonderful day.