Presenting Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence!

Shining Armor Princess Cadence plush

Who didn’t love the My Little Pony Season Two finale with the Royal Wedding of the Prince and Princess?
Probably anyone who doesn’t watch the show.

But no matter! That episode caused fans to shed tears believe it or not. I got an order to crochet these two love birds.

Princess Cadence


Shining Armor

And so far this has been the “newest” thing I’ve been able to crochet.


My Etsy shop has been booming thanks to Christmas shoppers! The most popular of all have been the pony plushies, but I have sold my own designs as well. Lately as soon as I finish an order, I get another. Yesterday I made 12 toys and still have 7 more to make. My fingers are going to fall off. Yet I am super happy, thank you holidays!

Things will likely die down come January, I can focus on my previous plans to present my work to stores. And work on focusing on seasonal themes, which I have never been very good at but I’ve got a boyfriend who is pretty creative and been helping me a lot. Is it too early to be thinking of Easter items?

A week from today my parents packed their bags and flew away to Nevada. I am restlessly waiting for that reality to hit me. I know my parents are gone, can’t say I feel it yet. I realize they moved into a new house, but I keep feeling it is just in another town that is like an hour away. I don’t feel like they are states away. Atleast not yet. I give it a month before I”l be really feeling the distance. I need to teach them how to Skype!

How is everyone else doing? I have soooooooooo many blogs to catch up on!
Any big projects for the holidays?
Either way, hope all is well.

🙂 Catch you later gators!






” I’m….I’m Fluttershy…..”

Success, one My Little Pony costume, complete! Last night for my friend’s costume party/garage band show I flaunted my new outfit of my favorite pony of all time: the timid and heartfelt Fluttershy.

I’m proud of myself, my costume didn’t break my wallet and required very little time to complete:


-XXXL Sweater : $4.50. Found at my local resale shop. In 1 hour I managed to cut the sweater and resew it to make a slender sweater dress. This is the first time I ever tried to upcycle a piece of clothing. I managed to do it, but I wish I didn’t have to rush. The right sleeve is sewed lower than the left, while the left sleeve is longer than the right. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have rushed and taken the time to correctly do measurements. Overall, I’m happy the things stayed together, I was worried it would fall apart at the slightest movement.
-Sheets of  Baby Pink / Ocean Blue Felt: $0.85 thanks to Jo Ann Fabrics.
-Pair of Pink Tights: $5.00. Thank you Super Target for your rainbow colored tights!
-Pink Wig: $7.00 at another resale shop. The price made me smile, yet the downside of a used wig is how poofy and tangled the wig was. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to comb it! If I was going to dress up more, I probably would’ve gotten a brand new wig.
-The sloppy ear headband was made from extra fabric from the sweater. I quickly sewed them together and during the car ride I crocheted the headband. By the time we arrived at the party, I had my fake eyelashes and gold eyeshadow on.

Total: $17.35
Being able to dress as a pink and yellow pony: Priceless.

The only prop I’m missing are her pegasus wings. I did buy some yellow butterfly wings, but they were so humongous I ended up looking like a butterfly instead of Fluttershy (haha). I had a great time at the party, even if I kept dancing to fight off the 42 degree chill. The best part had to be meeting my friend who I hadn’t seen since I was 15. A great mini reunion for me, my friend in the band, and the long lost friend we hadn’t seen since high school was great, things felt so nostalgic. We laughed and talked and exchanged numbers. We plan on hanging out this weekend, funny how people change yet somehow manage to stay the same.

I’ve had many sleepless days this week, I’m checking in early.
Night night ❤

MLP meets Chibi Cuties

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack

Goal complete!
…For the most part. I managed to make 4 of the 6 main characters of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. ;_; I realized too late that I was short on purple, white, and dark blue yarn I needed to complete the other two (Twilight Sparkle and Rarity). 🙂 They are at my shop if you know any MLP lover (that includes Bronys!)

Making the ponies turned out to be fun! I got a ton of practice with felt.  I’m starting to love using felt for small details, I must expand my stock in the near future! I still am dumbstruck at the gracious amount of buttons and ribbons I recently received from my neighbor. I’m afraid to touch them–they are all so lovely! I don’t want to use them on the wrong project. I properly thanked my neighbor yesterday for the crafting gold she sent my way, she was really happy for me being so happy 😀

The other day I noticed I’ve been into creating crochet toys verses my dolls. Honestly, I felt a little down about my dolls. I think they are all absolutely adorable (since I’m the creator and all hahaaaa). The Etsy market makes them seem so mediocre. The ratio of favorites the dolls get compared to the toys is a bit unbalanced. But, meh. I love my dolls, and I know others do too. My doll inspiration will randomly hit me again like always. 😀 Not gonna stop making them! I’m excited that on one of my Etsy Teams I’ve been featured as the Shop of the Day! I’ve been waiting 2 months for it and finally my shop is in the spotlight, woohoo! *does a happy dance*

I’m in a good mood and having a good day. Perhaps it has something to do with that rain finally going away and its like someone dumped sunshine through the skylights.
Today Millie is walkin’ on sunshine, woah, woah!

Rainbow Dash is Finally Done!

“Things just got 20% cooler.”

Rainbow Dash has been sitting on my shelf eyeless and with a tattooless thigh for almost 2 months (or something like that.) I finally got around to finishing her and best of all presenting her to my Brony friend. By the way, “Brony” is the term used for guys who watch My Little Pony and get just as obsessed (if not more) as girls.

He went crazy for it! I was so happy that he liked it so much, and because of something I made from scratch too! 🙂 I love seeing my friends faces when I give them my work, makes me all warm and fuzzy and even more crochet crazy inside.

The pattern for the basic pony/pegasus/unicorn body is found here. The pattern generally easy, but doesn’t show you how to do any details, like adding hair, eyes, and marks. I had to wing it big time, but it paid off!

This is the only second amigurumi I’ve made off a character. Although the idea of being able to make toys from TV show characters was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn crochet in the first place hahaha… ^.^

Ahh almost midnight, I better start my next project. 🙂 Until my next post, bye bye, thanks for checking in!

My Little (Crochet) Pony: Rainbow Dash


Please understand, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show is absolutely hillarious. So my friend and I have no problem sitting together and watching the show laughing like 5 year olds. For his birthday, I thought his favorite pony would make a great gift for him. I was estatic to find a pattern. The pattern is by Terriko, and the pattern is here. This one is Rainbow Dash, and she’s only missing her eyes and Cutie Mark (you know, the tiny pictres on the ponies butts). I’m happy she stands, the lets were pretty tricky.


This is my other recent amigurumi. I wanted to see if I could work with the yarn (50% mohair/50% acrylic) and a 2.00 mm hook. And I discovered it was NOT my forte. This four inch cutie took hours to make with that tiny hook, it drove me insane! Anyway, this pattern is from All About Ami’s blog (I LOVE all her stuff) pattern found heeeeeere.

Next I’m going to try and create my first amigurumi doll. I want to try and create the pattern myself. Wish me luck!