New Home, New Love, Old Habits

Hello to all, I have returned!

😀 Wow, that was a nice absence I had, huh? Well, actually I think it’s been a little over a week since I’ve checked into WordPress but it seems like ages ago when I look back on all that is changed. I feel like a new person.

new bed room super messy blah

I was extremely lucky (some might say “blessed”) to have found a new home. I found a woman who rents rooms in her house. It is in a suburb I used to live in as a child, close to my family and friends, extremely affordable rent. She lives here with her daughter, her daughter’s best friend, and another girl roommate. And now, me! The house is built really weird, somehow a perfect set up for renters. I have access to everything: living room, kitchen, garage, backyard, everything. The house is beautiful, spacious, and extremely clean. I live in the attic that has been transformed into a cozy room that is more space than I could ask for. The picture makes my room look small, but I measured it out of curiosity and the dimensions are 25′ 5” x 11′ 6”. This isn’t even the biggest room, I have the second smallest. I love it up here. The “A” ceilings make me feel like I’m in my own little cubby or cave that is so warm and homely. This feels like home. My room is a little messy, I don’t have a closet so I keep reorganizing where to stack things on the side. The majority of the clothes are by my staircase entrance in a bunch of plastic drawers.

I quickly fell head over heels with my room. Now, if only I could get my room mates to love me. Not that they hate me, the landlord’s daughter, N for short is really nice. She always talks to me and I’ve had the most conversations with her. Her friend J is equally nice. I only see them if they are in the kitchen since their rooms are in the front of the house, and the only way to get to my room is by the back of the house. The other roommate, S seems to be thrown off by me. I hardly see her, but when I do I am always the first one to say something, and I miserably attempt to make polite conversation. I get one word answers. Not very good for me who is already super shy.

The third night I was here S complained to everyone else saying I was too loud  (I probably was, I had two friends over and we were celebrating my new place). I wish she would’ve told me. Way up here I have no idea what she can and can’t hear from her room. So now I’m always walking on egg shells, not wanting to disturb her because I’m afraid it’ll cause problems. I feel better though when the other room mates tell me not to worry, she’s very over dramatic. Besides, N’s room borders the other half of my room and she says she never hears anything. I’ll keep playing it safe anyway. I don’t want to be put out of my new home. I really, really like it here. I’m the youngest in the house, and generally all the other room mates are friends and know the same friends for years, yet I’d still like them to like me. Its scary meeting so many new people though. I hope it goes okay.

Yikes has my love life been insanity. In a nutshell:

Past few months I have been having problems with my bf. After an impulsive action, things started breaking apart. I started doing some serious evaluation of our relationship, and realized so many things that weren’t right, negative things that I just noticed, and things I could no longer ignore. We broke up a few days ago. He ended the conversation with a nasty comment that showed his true personality.

Among all the unhappiness going on with my bf, I found an undeniable connection with my friend. I re-met him after 7 years of being a part, at a Halloween garage show last month. He was NOT the reason my bf and I broke up, but he has been there to help me through it, and told me he would patiently wait if I wanted to be with him when I’m ready. My friends say when I’m around him I’m ME again, and not second guessing what I say or having a boyfriend who dictates the conversation or covers your mouth when he thinks you’re opinion is wrong.

I am happy to be slowly finding myself again. Today I had time to start crochet again! I have a few orders in my shop that need to be sent out, after I find out where a post office is. I have started designing a few new toys, I can’t wait to get back to work, I have missed my yarn so much!

It’s getting late here. I am supposed to meet up with my friend who gets off work at midnight. For the past week we have spent every night together eating pizza till the crack of dawn and watching random movies or playing PS3. I don’t know if I’ll make it tonight, I’m pretty pooped.

❤ Can’t wait to show you yarn creations again, until next time stay warm and keep being as happy as you can!



Do not Disturb – Hotel Blogging

Home Sweet Hotel is what I’ll be singing for the next few weeks.

After a some complicated days, we are 70% done with this whole ordeal. Although I have to admit, today would’ve  been a wreck if my two friends hadn’t pulled through for me. It really makes me realize that I have extremely reliable friends and I’m so happy to have them in my life.

Buuuuut let me re-wind back a bit:

Monday by far was the worst day ever during this moving thing. First off, the morning was dreary since the night before was chaotic. My boyfriend’s mom told my boyfriend she changed her mind, she didn’t want me to move in. Instead she wants him to move out and me and him get a place. My boyfriend didn’t handle this news too well, causing an explosive fight to break out between the two — while I was on the speaker phone.

At 11 I went to check out what I thought would be my new rented room home. Come to find out the place was DIS-GUS-TING. Molding walls, ceiling tiles missing, faucets missing, rusty shower, a dark, dank, dust ridden house. Plus the renter, oh boy, all his cookies weren’t in his cookie jar, if you know what I mean. Total weirdo, who was incredibly rude, inconsiderate, and had the nerve to get mad at my stepdad for asking if the faucet would get fixed. To think this guy had 3 other renters, yikes!

The realization that I failed to find a place of my own hit hard. As I started to cheer up once I got a phone call. I was scheduled for an interview, that day, they really wanted me to come in. I was ecstatic! Until I looked up the address…the job was 3 hours away. How my application ended up there was a total accident. So I had to call back and cancel, talk about a slap in the face!

The icing on the cake had to be getting an email from my professor explaining that I’d missed the unit test and assignment – 50 points total. At least my mental break down was quick.

Now fast-forward to the present!

Moving day! Started off alright, stress level was borderland high since my paranoid mother kept commanding me to do 10 things around the house, then complaining that I wasn’t working on emptying my room. After the day before of her constantly nagging me to invite people to help us, she calls one of her friends who helps us move things into the truck. He basically did most of the work by the time my two guy pals showed up to lend a hand. By then all the heavy furniture was what was left, and a few boxes. At first I felt awful they had come all that way to help (each about +30 min drive to get there) but I was SO HAPPY they did!

They kept the atmosphere fun, full of laughter from not only me but my stressed parents. The jokes kept coming and it was the best time working with them both. We took a lunch break and the fun continued, especially when we were looking for Jersey Mike’s when three GPS’ gave us three different addresses. A lil while after lunch my friend had to go to work, but my other friend stayed with us til 5, helping us move the stuff in the huge Uhaul truck into our storage room. He was amazing, I can’t thank both of them enough.

My guy friends helping me really helped squish my hidden sadness. About the whole move, our house officially gone, and the situation with my boyfriend. I really wanted him to come help me out today, I haven’t seen him in a while either. But last night when I asked him, he said no, he had work. At 4 in the afternoon. Why couldn’t he make it? He said he was “tired, and stressed, so needed to drink tonight.” Keep in mind he’s had the last 3 days off, worked a 5 hour shift yesterday evening. My one guy friend who showed up today got off work at 2 a.m. and had work at 3 p.m. but still came. My other friend didn’t get to bed until 3 either. They are further away. Yet my bf couldn’t come. I was pretty hurt by that. My friends were outraged too. Probably not a good idea to tell them. -_-

We didn’t arrive to our hotel room until midnight, and we still have to get up early to finish a few things. It’s not so bad here. There’s a separate bedroom, kitchen, and living room with pull out couch. Decent size. No major complaints, I’ve lived in a hotel before. Only sucky part is the bathroom is in their bedroom, so I can’t just go as I please. Tomorrow my yarn, felt, and buttons will be traveling here. I can’t wait to get back on my crochet path!

❤ I’m still hanging in there!

I am ready to keep moving on and finding a place to call home. Thanks for checking up on me and this new adventure I’m going on. Hopefully it will include more crochet though!

Hmm, Sure been Quiet ’round Here!

And I apologize for that.
I haven’t really had time to create anything new, and that really breaks my heart! Most of my days the past week are spent online applying for jobs, looking for rooms to rent, or doing homework.  Or seeing my friends because it blows off a ton of stress. Recently my housing plans have been falling through.

Plan A: Last Sunday I was almost sure I had a place to stay, I checked out a room two minutes away from my house and met the guy and things seemed hopeful. Later that day I sent him an email with final questions, and then confirmed for sure I wanted the room. I was so relieved!—-that is until I didn’t hear back from him. I tried emailing again, and calling and leaving a voicemail. A week later I receive an email with this small sentence:

“I’ve decided to rent the room to another, good luck.”

That was it. And it was a lie because the room is still being renewed and relisted on Craigslist and the local paper. My mom thinks he was nervous about having one of his tenants be female with a house full of 2 males. Plan A: Rejected.

Plan B: I tried another local room that was for rent, and the man is completely convinced that because I am 22 I will be “too young” to handle living with others, that he likes his house “quiet with little traffic.” I understand that and tried to explain to him how simple my lifestyle is, staying indoors crocheting, reading, online, and occasionally going out to see friends or just to whatever future job I have.

He didn’t seem to want to risk it, near the end of the conversation he repeatedly insisted I think of him as a last option, he usually didn’t rent to such “young locals and most tenants only stay 3-5 days of the week.” I was pretty offended. Plan B: Out the Window.

Plan C: Move in with my boyfriend. Not my favorite plan, and certainly not my first choice, but at this point I have no other options. House closes next Friday, and nothing has been moved out yet! It would be my bf, his mom, and his 12-year-old brother in a townhouse. As much as I love and adore my bf, I’m scared out of my mind. Living with boyfriends/girlfriends is risky and can put a strain on a relationship, not to mention with a parent still there and a spoiled rotten sibling. My plan is to use this as short as possible, and still look for rooms to rent before the possibility of something going wrong.

My parents aren’t really happy with this, but I can’t blame them. The first time I’ll be away from them and living with a boyfriend. I love them for accepting this for what it is though, being supportive, and not totally freaking out on this possible living arrangement. I just want this all to be over. I want to get back to all my crochet plans, and find a job. Plan C: WIP.

The Good Things Goin’ On: I am very excited at the possibility of being part of a craft fair at a near by elementary school! I emailed them my application and hope they like what they see, I really want to experience being part of a fair and seeing in person other’s reactions to my work. I don’t care if I only sell one thing, if they stop and look I’ll feel accomplished. I also want to get back to my plans of putting my work in shops. I still have my last few plans drawn out and I’ll be ready to go once I’m settled wherever else my new home is.

This Thursday I got a small feature on the adorable blog called Actually its only a picture of my penguin couple but I’m pleased 🙂 She selects various cute items from shops all over the internet, if you like cute check her out. I have another blog that will feature me next week, oooh excitement! Gotta keep my head up, its been a stressful month for my family but have to do what needs to be done.

Hopefully I will be back soon with new things to share and new stories. ❤
Have a good weekend everyone!

Bad Case of the Sniffles

I’ve got it all- the sore throat runny nose stuffy nose sinus pressure headaches random body aches chills sweats drowsiness everything. Literally 6 hours after my last blog post that Saturday morning I noticed my throat feeling funny, by that evening when my boyfriend stopped by (he’s best friends with my best friend’s husband)(they actually set us up) I was clinging to him saying I didn’t feel good. Next morning I could barely talk, I had the chills, and had to go home asap, not wanting to risk getting my 2 year old nephew sick before his big birthday bash this upcoming Saturday. Since returning home, as usual my mom has quarantined me in my room and following me with a can of Lysol whenever I am allowed to emerge.

Here I am, 3 in the morning with a massive head ache and unable to fall back asleep. A perfect time to blog!

Bun Buddies are back!

Last week I added a few more Bun Buddies to my shop. They were my first ideas for an original amigurumi series, and yet currently the smallest series…thought they could use some lovin’. I think the cow is my favorite, probably because of the pastel colors!


My latest dolly, Hana (pronounced “Hah-nah”). I think the more I make dolls, the more ideas I get for new ones! With Hana I tried adding decorations to her dress, a new way to do her skirts (did double/triple crochet stitches) and the use of ribbon. I call her Hana for now because “Hana” means “Flower” in Japanese. Although she has absolutely no connection to Japanese culture, I like the name. Will probably change it, but for now she is my little Hana! Sorry for the bad picture quality, I had to use my room lighting to take the picture since I’m too achy to pull out my lighting kit.

From Left to Right: Opal, Rarity, Fluttershy, Angel

My first custom My Little Pony order. Basically the order was for the two ponies Rarity and Fluttershy along with their pets. This set should be somewhere in the United Kingdom by now. The bit challenge was that stupid cat! Getting her upside down triangle head shape was a pain in my hands! She must’ve taken me 20 tries of writing and scribbling out patterns. Finally in a crochet rage I free handed and viola-had the perfect shape, without writing the pattern. Go figure. I absolutely refuse to make another cat like that again!

LOVE my knitted hat!

Last week my giveaway prize from CandleOwlKnits‘s blog arrived. A beautiful dusty-rose colored super soft and cozy knitted slouch hat! I, LOVE, THIS, HAT! I keep finding reasons to wear my hat practically every time I set foot outside. My mom even tried to snag this from me, claiming I don’t wear hats. Nice try mom, but this one’s mine. This picture is the first night I wore it to my friend’s concert at a bar. I got compliments all night long, everyone asked where I got it from.  I did a lot of promoting for CandleOwlKnit’s Etsy shop that night. Her work is beautiful, and I feel guilty for getting this gorgeous hat for free, a big THANK YOU and HUGS for the sweet Hannah!

Hmm what else haven’t I shared? Oh yea, my horrid job interview. You wouldn’t believe how shady this place was, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to work for them! As bad as the interview was, I will still be respectful enough to not mention the company name, but here was my experience in a nutshell:

 The place was run down, people at front desk were bashing their boss, talked for 20 min with a guy who didn’t even introduce himself or even care to ask for my name, he sat down and looked away before I could offer my hand and properly introduce myself, placed in a cramped room with two other people working loudly during my so called interview, walked in immediately sat down to watch a video made in the early 90s, learned that the district I would be working in wasn’t the area they had said, but in an area about 40-90 minutes away, told them that’s not what was shown online, the woman I was SUPPOSED to be interviewed by ignored me until the last 2 minutes and in those last 2 minutes I finally learned the name of the guy who was talking to me in his monotone, dull, “I hate my life” manner. NEVER said or asked my name once. 

I was bummed, I mean what kind of place treats a potential employee like that? They were so rude I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My parents told me to view this somehow as a learning experience. I’m still searching for that.

Job talk aside, here are my current projects:

1. Crochet play food before Saturday to go with my almost 3 year old nephew’s birthday. His parents got him this huge play kitchen with a bakery and cashier involved. But the set only came with 20 pieces of food. So far I’ve got 3 strawberries and an ice cream cone.
2. Complete 1 doll/1 cupcake related item for my plans to pitch my work to boutiques
3. Looking for patterns so I can sew my first dress
4. Fighting this nasty cold!!

I guess this post is long enough, and hopefully staring at my laptop screen in the dark has tired me out enough to get some shut eye. Good night (technically morning!) 🙂

Even through Tragedy, Generosity Shines

Who says that there is no  more “neighborly love” left in the world anymore? I am so amazed at the absolute kindness I received from my dear neighbor, even after last weekend she experienced a heart breaking tragedy.

The Story:
I came sneaking into the house after having a Nerd Day with my guy pals (hours straight of Wii games, card games, and the oh so smart decision to go Air softing at 10 at night when I’m wearing 3 inch wedge sandals and scared to death of the pitch black woods). I turned on the light, to my surprise I see three boxes stacked on my desk. I instantly I realize they were the same boxes my neighbor had given me to put my dolls in a few weeks ago. I open them up and I swear, it was like opening three treasure chests! The golden light emitting from them just like in the cartoons!

Craft Gold!!

So many beautiful buttons and ribbons!! I stood there dumbstruck, I had seen these ribbons at her house before, why were they in my room?? She told me during our last visit that she’s a beautiful quilter and crafter herself, and loved collecting ribbon. Again, WHY was this in MY ROOM? I feel so thankful, that was really kind to her, especially after what happened to her last week, why was she thinking of me?

The unfortunate tragedy that befell my neighbor last week  (I will refer to her as “C”). C is a wonderful woman who lived across the parking lot (we’re in town homes, our houses face each other) alone with her two cat companions, and a beautiful garden, and coolest of a fish tank full of mini coral reef! C is a talented crafter, very talkative, and has a lot of love to offer. Last Saturday night, we saw police and an ambulance guy going into her house. My stepdad was concerned and tried to ask one of the cops, but he brushed him off thinking we were just nosey neighbors. The next day my parents went over to talk to her, and both came back teary eyed.

C had two bangals, the cat pictured above that looked almost exactly like this one. Both girls, from the same mother but different litters, the older one, Casey (2) and the younger Poppy (1 1/2). That Saturday, C got a call from the vet saying that her cat’s strange behavior was caused by cancer, that they BOTH had. To make matters worse, they had to be put to sleep. The thought of taking the cats out the house was unbearable, she said they were terrified of leaving the house, and already not feeling good she wanted them to be as peaceful as they could be in their last moments. THe vets decided to actually come to her house to put the girls down. Right in her living room Poppy and Casey took their lasts breathes with their loving mother watching. Later when we saw the police going into her house, a friend called them there to check on her because the friend said she thought C might have a panic attack.

When my parents told me about C’s loss, I almost cried as my kitten crawled into my lap and my other cat snored across the bed. 😦  I can’t imagine that! I can’t imagine loosing both my cats, at the same time. How awful, I feel so bad for C who is now alone in her house. For those of you who don’t know, bangals think their humans. My bff has two, and they are extremely smart, playful, and VERY talkative. You can literally sit there, pet your bangal, and have a conversation with it “meowing” back. (“meowing” isn’t even the best way to describe them, the noises they make are unlike any other cat breed!) C just got back Friday from a well deserved mini vacation, so this is her first few days living alone. Ugh, my heart aches thinking about it!

Knowing all this, I’m so astonished that she’d even think of giving me some of her crafting inventory that she was so proud of after all of that. I am going crazy trying to figure out how to even thank her, what can I say?! I’m mind blown. C is such a sweet heart, it hurts to think of her loosing her two cats that were like her young children. Well, I’m going to brain storm, think of something to get her. I keep thinking that it wouldn’t be enough though. I will try my best.

R.I.P. Casey and Poppy ❤

Knitting Level: +1

Sewing: Level 7
Crochet: Level 12
Knitting: You’ve Leveled Up! Level 4

Day 5

Yipee the past two days I’ve been purling away! Today’s results turned out ten times better than my first attempt yesterday:

Purling sure is tricky. Then again I said that about the garter stitch, now I can do that with my eyes closed. Practice makes perfect! I showed my yarn happy friend Lynn my improvement yesterday, she was impressed. I’m sad that she has completely ditched knitting for crochet though, I really liked my live instructor! Now I’m the one playing teacher, she’s 100% tangled in crochet. Last night’s craft day was fun, we both showed each other various ways to crochet hearts. Go crochet buddies!

This is a gift for my super sweet neighbor. A few days ago she gave me a bunch of ribbon and crafting boxes to store my dolls (I had them all in shoe boxes…). How kind that was! She’s a Hello Kitty fanatic like me so I thought this keychain would be puuuuurfect! She recently got home, I’m going to make my delivery now.


My New Dollies!

Snow Bunny Sonja, Rocking Rachelle, and Cobie Bear Cub

By far these are my favorite three doll. I hated dolls when I was younger, but now I’m trying to horde them all for myself!
What makes these dolls my favorite are their removable accessories. Sonja and Cobie with their cute animal hats, and Rachelle’s headphones and iPod. They are all at my Etsy: clickity.

Each doll I tried something new, like the way I did their hair, sewed them together, or the pattern on the bottoms of their skirts. Also I discovered I hated working with that super fluffed white yarn I used for Sonja’s hat. That type of yarn is so awesome, such a pain to work with, I’m suprised I managed to even make the hat!

These dolls took longer than expected, this past weekend has been unpleasantly busy. Friday a friend’s birthday party drama, Saturday fixing plastering sanding painting, Sunday cleaning, Monday packing cleaning, and Tuesday I got sick. I still don’t feel good so I’m not really amped to do anything, I want to bed hug.

My Mood this Week: blah.
The reality of my parents moving is setting in, I’m not happy. I’m not ready to be without them, I’m not ready to go with them, I’m not ready to live with my dad. But the world doesn’t revolve around me, so I’m desperately trying to dig myself out of this hole and stay positive. Another slap in the face is I won’t be able to start school on time. 😦 

One Great Thing: my love.
My boyfriend has been amazingly great to me during my time of moping. After the drama on Friday he took me to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s. He laughed most of the time saying I looked like a kid in a candy store. He treated me to all the beautiful yarn I wanted ❤ Oh he spoils me….he’s helped me a ton with the whole moving process since he knows moving really unravels me. I’ve moved countless times and even the sight of brown boxes drives me bonkers! Thanks for having the duck tape needed to keep me together Andrew.

In the End: Crafting = Peace.
Crochet, knitting, DIY projects all help me stay sane 🙂 I have a DIY I’ve been meaning to finish, I will share with you my horrid sculpting skills. My next project is to make a curly blue headed doll for my little cousin, a yellow fuzzy bear for my friend, and find time to knit! I have not forgotten my new hobby.

Thanks for checking in and skimming over the rambles haha ❤
Good Day to you All!