Side Projects :)

side projects

Good morning!
After a good week turned rocky but turned completely wonderful all of a sudden, I’m in such a refreshing mood at the moment 🙂 Though I’d share this weeks side projects.

The first (and most fashionable) is my panda belt~

felt crochet panda belt millieoneherworld

I adore my panda dress, buuuut I have no idea where the belt that came with it went. So to improvise I decided to make one that was more theme friendly. Fits snuggly and great, I love using crochet to enhance my outfits heehee 😉 Next meet Yuzuki:



While browsing my Deviant Art page, I stumbled upon a few contests. On the Deviant Art world, there are countless artists who create characters commonly reffered to Original Characters aka OC’s that they use to portray themselves, or people in their stories, ect. There are always contest where they want others to put their unique style to their OC’s. I thought I’d use my crochet skills to recreate some characters. This is for yuzukipon’s OC. The best part is now I have another doll base, and I tried a new hair technique, which I discovered did NOT work out too well. The back of her hair looks good, but it’s pretty fragile. If she were given to a little girl, it would take little time for those strands to get loose. Also from another contest, I’ve made a handheld version of eubasta’s Purple Bunny:

purple bunny eubasta oc millieonherworld

Yet again, I had fun testing out my sewing abilities. I made her clothes and hair out of felt. While I feel the clothes are wayyy to underwhelming to be put on Mia or Nia, but I think on this tiny doll a simple outfit is passable. I made the sweater too big, but I’m okay with that. Using felt sheets for her hair was fun, better grasp of the anime style of hair. Being barely six inches, I feel like I finally have my “handheld doll” base.

That’s it for this week’s crafts. I’ve got a few blank hats made that I will finally get to decorating. Lately I’m so thankful that I enjoy crochet so much. It really marks a turning point in my life where I gained a lot of confidence to take chances and work hard to get what I want. I have to remember that it isn’t always that easy, but never impossible.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
❤ Millie




My Quirky Hats and Upcoming Crochet Job!


As I said, I’ve got more pictures of my hats! I haven’t made anymore this week, but I’m going to whip up one or two bases tonight. Thanks to my compact flash memory card crashing for my DLSR camera, I’m reduced to crummy pictures from my little Samsung camera. I worked over an hour taking beautiful pictures and then bam, “CARD IS CORRUPTED!”  >.< I’m happy I can still take some pictures but compared to the control I have with my larger camera, this point and shoot is seriously lacking! ^0^ Anyway, close up of each hat, and yes they all have names!

crochet cat mini top hat

Curious Kitty Kiki – a cute pet you can take with you, and you’ll always hear her little bell jingle.

The Magician's Hat

The Magician’s Hat – what’s a magician without his oldest partner? This bunny is always with you

Under the Sea

Under the Sea – *insert Disney Song here*

Push-Pop Critters

Push-Pop Critters – Push -pop inspired with a bunny ontop, a kitten in the middle, and a little bear

Candy Shop Sweetie

Candy Shop Sweetie – sparkles, candy, stars, and swirls, makes you sing “I Want Candy”

Queen of Hears

Queen of Hears – hopefully whoever wears this has the ability to control their temper!

I decided I’m going to try them out in my shop, and sell them as one of a kind. With exception for the Strawberry short cake and Black cherry ones, I’ll remake them if they sell because they are my original two. Other than those two, I will have a hard time selling the Magician’s Hat, the little bunny on top melts my heart ❤ Since they are fairly easy to make, I want to make them each from $12-$15.

And now for the highlight of my day/week/month/year: I GOT A JOB THAT IS somewhat CROCHET RELATED!
I found out I was accepted to work at the opening toy shop I mentioned a few posts ago!

My Initial Mature Reaction: bouncy_pinkie_pie_by_mrbeattyjr-d5t8wau

So I go on the interview and nervously present her 5 items of my work (2 dolls, a panda bun buddy keychain, a purple dinosaur, and a chibi bat). While I was stuttering unsure how to present my work while not sounding overconfident, she starts asking me where and how I wanted to display my dolls. I was flabbergasted! Not only did she praise my work, she opened up the possibility of me teaching crochet/amigurumi classes. What. Yes, please. 

The toy store sounds really unique, offering education toys, fun toys, collectables, classes, party areas, a whole combination of creative outlets! The owner of the toy shop is a young and new business owner. I hope to learn a lot from her, because owning I business would be a dream job. I know there are going to be some kinks along the way but I want to help contribute as much as I can to the success of this lively store. While I’m happy to be possibly selling my toys, I have no idea what actions need to be taken. She says we will discuss this later this week, but I don’t know what proper steps I need to take to sell my products in the shop. She asked if I needed a licence, I’m not sure because I don’t own an official company. Do I need to copyright my toys? Will we do wholesale or just cut percentages of what sells? If so what’s a decent amount to settle on? How will this effect the prices in my Etsy shop? So much to take in, so little time.  

As for if I can teach classes…that’d be so great. Getting paid for something I love to do and help others get into something I’m so passionate about? I can’t believe I have this opportunity. I’m so happy and thankful. This job will actually be enjoyable, even the starting pay is way higher than what I get paid now, and I feel like I will get much more knowledge from working here than at my current dead-end job. My financial situation would be significantly better. I know working two jobs again would make my social life a little scarce, but I have my good friends that always are willing to work things out for us to see each other. 🙂 All in all, I’m very happy to get this week going!

Other things have been peachy, Chris is out of school, and he’s spent the past few days with me which I greatly enjoy. He’s going to start work again and take a few summer classes. Once again our schedules will probably be as different as day and night, so I really value our time together. Our year & half anniversary is this month, so yipee 😀

To my readers, how goes it? Hopefully good. And for those of you in school, hope you survived your finals and passed with flying colors! I’m ready to get my summer on and sure a ton of you are too. Stay awesome, healthy, and happy! Oh yea, Happy Mother’s day! Thanks to all the mom’s who are strong enough to hold everything together in a family and all the sacrifices they make to make sure their children live happy lives. I’m so thankful I had my strong “Marmie” to help me through it all.

❤ Millie


My Newest Little (Crochet) Girl

Crochet Mia by Millieonherworld


As usual, I have taken forever and a day and then a few more hours to update my blog. Better late than never right…yea…maybe? Okay crafty talk now~

This is Mia 😀
Finally I’ve acquired the courage to make a doll out of crochet thread, and integrate felting into my crochet projects.


crochet doll hair on mia by millieonherworld


Mia’s hair was all needle felted onto her head, and sticks extremely well, you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. She’s got two braided buns. She’s 10 inches tall, has a crochet removable dress and head band, and yup, I’m thrilled! I’ve already started on her sister, Nia:

crochet thread doll by millie on her world

Well, Nia still needs a few things, a body, an arm, maybe a pair of legs…but Mia watches over her.

While I adore everything about Mia’s outcome, the biggest thorn in my side is her dress. That simple white and purple dress took COUNTLESS times to make, Originally I wanted a fabric dress- that failure led me to a felt dress – then to a crochet tread dress – finally to this normal size 4  yarn outfit. Not the worst, but….I feel I can do better before I place her in my shop.

I’ve been looking for a doll dress maker, I really want Mia to shine! My goal is to have her as a doll little girls can play with and have different accessories/outfits for her to enjoy. I even tried Barbie doll dresses on Mia but they are too big. If yourself or you know someone who can make a doll dress for a 10 in doll, let me know, I will even do an official business deal with them, anything to make Mia a star! 😀

Lately Mia has been my most recent completed projects. As usual, I’ve got too many going on. Making a surprise gift for my sister (she reads my blog so I can’t even tell what it is here!), scarfs, hooded poncho, various doll prototypes, headbands, there are things everywhere!

Since my last post I’ve also got my hands on a new quirky camera

fisheye 2 camera yay

The Fisheye 2! This is my first film camera and as the name suggests, all the pictures have the awesome fisheye distortion. Pictures also come out in little circles! The controls are extremely simple, but surprisingly you are able to do a lot of abstract effects to your photos. Have I taken advantage of this? No -_- I’m so cautious with this camera and afraid to “mess up a shot” that I haven’t used it much. And due to me taking it out the box before reading the instructions, the first few pictures on this roll are just of the inside of my purse. My first roll also consists of my friend’s leg, a cat in a dryer, my foot, and my boyfriend’s selfie. I’ll share the decent ones if they aren’t too ridiculous 😛

Life the past few months, what to sayyyyy…

-For a month I worked two jobs. Had a horrible experience with awful management, then I quit. On the plus side, I may have a great opportunity opening up that involve my crochet toys! Wish me luck, lots of shiny sparkly LUCK!

– I have lost 2 people: My Aunt Angela “Ankie” passed away in her sleep last month. She had been struggling with diabetes for the past few years. It was very unreal to hear of her passing, especially since I’d seen her a few weeks before. I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for taking for granted the time you have with loved ones. When I last saw her, I went to take a picture of her but my camera died. I then told her “I’ll get you next time.” We never know when the last time we see someone will be, and sometimes I forget that. She was my uncle’s ex wife, but she continued to always be around, and would still even enjoy a drink with my uncle from time to time. Due to miscommunications, I wasn’t able to attend her funeral. I regret that also.

-A week later a “friend” passed away due to skin cancer. I say “friend” because he was more than an acquaintance, but I wasn’t as close to him as his other friends.  His name was William “Billy” Coney. He was my best friend’s friend, they grew up together, and I’ve known him as long as I’ve known her (11 yrs). Whenever he was around my friend’s house, we always had laughs, me and him even had some inside jokes that ran through the years. He was only 22. And going to his wake had to be one of the hardest things I’ve done this year. It took me all night to finally go to the casket to see him lying there. With the combination of his passing and my aunts, that whole week I was in a slump, trying to not allow myself to properly morn but eventually one day at work I had a mini break down. This month I’m doing better, trying to remember to tell those I love that I do love them.

– Happier note, I once again will be seeing my parents in Nevada! Since I actually work now I can only see them for a few days, but I am so excited. Just thinking that I will be able to hug my mom again is comforting. Or the fact that I still will crawl in her lap for a super idc-if-I’m-23-I’ll-still-hug-you-with-all-my-might hug. The sight always cracks my stepdad up. Last month my sister and I sent her a cute package that included  the crochet hats I made her and this gorgeous purple purse my sister finally gave up (my mom had wanted it for years!)

– Hair cut! Four inches gone 🙂

millie mouse








Man I’ve got to stop mixing crafty creative happy posts with my emotional rant posts lol. But then again I don’t blog for anything specific really, guess its just everything me 😛

How have the few months been for all you out there? I know I’m not the only person from the midwest who almost shed a tear seeing snow Tuesday morning, how depressing was that?! This year has certainly been weird, but at this point we might as well just roll with it 🙂 Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing the best they can in life.

I should be heading to bed, but I think I’m going to finish Forest Gump. My first time watching it as an adult and omg, even more depressing than previous thought!

Just keep swimming,
❤ Millie

2014 is the Time for Hats!

crochet hats


Happy 2014!! Honestly it does not even seem like it, I know I’m not the only one out there who keeps writing 2013 on my papers right? 🙂 I’ve been quiet lately but I plan to stay, or try to stay, and make sure I stay because in actuality, I miss this place 😥  One can easily forget their personal need to engage in the hobbies they love. I’ll ramble later- right now check out these funky hats~

The past month I have been making hats, which were meant to be sent off to my mother last month but…oops they are still on my shelf. I admit, I have worn them once or twice. Two of these are patterns I’ve revisited, and learned to perfect.

Divine Hat

Divine Hat

Unbelievable how simple and elegant I think this hat is! I found this pattern scrolling about Rheatheylia’s website. This took no time at all to make, and doesn’t even use a lot of yarn. I was worried that due to the shell stitches, it wouldn’t be very wrong. I was happily wrong. A very snug cap that looks cute indoors and outdoors.

Charleston Cloche

Charleston Cloche

An old favorite that always is a challenge, Red Heart’s cloche pattern. The first time I made this hat I had no idea what was going on. Revisiting the pattern months later, I still had no idea what was going on! This pattern takes a LOT of concentration, but eventually things start making sense. I used a slimmer, softer yarn (Caron’s Simple Soft) to have a less bulky effect for this one and I think the results are fantastic 🙂

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

A recreation of the first hat I ever made, Vickie Howell’s Slouchy hat.  Be prepared to use a ton of yarn, those puff stitches look cute but you will be amazed how fast your yarn bundle diminishes. This casual dress up or dress down hat is great with any look in my opinion. OUt of all the hats this did take me the longest though, but well worth it. This hat I like especially for spring and fall seasons, because it’s pretty breezy.

I’ve started work on another hat (for myself that is) called the Honeycomb Beanie by Sarah M. The awesome pattern as you probably guessed, look like little honeycombs~ I can’t wait to finish.

Unfortunately that’s all I have to show from my 3 month hiatus -_- I did do a ton of custom orders and side projects for friends but didn’t take a single picture! I did however take pictures of my New Year’s eve (off topic but whatever) :

2014 here we are!

2014 here we are!

I bought in ’14 with these dorks, Brian, Chris, and William. They always make me the one that’s getting left behind, pranked, or the butt of the joke, but I wouldn’t take them any other way. This is probably the first picture we’ve ever taken together, and I loved that it turned out kinda weird, it kinda fits our personalities 🙂

Mew :3

2am, ready for bed!

And here’s a picture of me…I just wanna show off my outfit 🙂 I LOVE this dress, it has a vintage feel to it and those stockings with the kitty faces! I found them on Storenvy, they are great quality, they even have little kitty tail and paws on them, so adorable!

A little rewind to my last months in 2013:
Pumpkin Carving a success/fail – First ever gigantic corn maze – Thanksgiving dinner with the family (bust out the old boardgames that became super competitive) – 1 year anniversary with boyfriend ❤ going ice skating! – Skiing! – Christmas! – Nonstop movie going – Illinois’ deep freeze (reaching -43) – working on holidays – New Year’s eve playing Mario Kart Wii~ that’s about all that’s gone down 😛

Anyone have resolutions? I don’t really do them, each year I just hope to be happy, healthy, and the same for those I love. In general, I’ve kicked into writing mode and want to increase my poetry and crochet creativity. 🙂 Hope everyone had a good end to 2013, and an even better start to 2014!

Creativity returning, ❤ Millie.

Weirdest Things Blog Meme

Last week Lollipops and Rainbow shared with me The Weirdest Things Blog Meme. Awesome, she thinks my blog is “wonderfully weird!” 🙂 I never heard of blog memes before, but I thought this was really fun to do, so I will gladly take part and pass this meme on to more weird bloggers (and I mean “weird” in a “your blog is weird in a perfectly good and entertainingly unique way.)


1. If you are tagged, answer the questions in the meme in a blog post on your blog.
2. Make sure at the beginning of your post you put a link to the blog of the person who tagged you.
3. Tag at least three people to do the same thing (you can tag more than three people if you would like).
4. Have fun!

What do you think the weirdest color is? Gamboge. Never heard of it? I sure haven’t until a Google search of “Weird Colors” lead me here and I discovered 10 unusual colors/names. The world “gamboge” is weird, I don’t like pronouncing it at all: Gaaaam-boge (maybe it is just my Chicaaaaago accent).

What is the weirdest TV show/movie you have ever seen? Toddlers & Tiaras. That show makes ALL pageant girls look like spoiled, uncontrollable brats. Two of my cousins are pageant girls who are very obedient, don’t have on a ton of make up, and win without using fake teeth. Those fake teeth on 5 year olds really freak me out…

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried? Sushi with eel. A very delicious flavor, unfortunately I can’t get past the feeling of the tiny eel bones pricking my throat on the way down. 

What is the weirdest drink you have ever tried? An alcoholic beverage my friend made up that included vodka, sweet & sour, Coke, and whisky. Absolutely awful.

Who is your weirdest friend? Brian. I don’t know anyone else who can run around a house screaming “You really smell like dog buns!!” at 5 in the morning.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen on the Internet? Oh god, the internet has scarred me with many weird things…BUT we’re keeping it PG here so this will be good:

Me Gusta + Hello Kitty = Scary!

Me Gusta Meme + Hello Kitty = Plain Weirdness!

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever done? My kitten’s elevated cat bed would stand right next to the window, which had a tree  next to it. He’d get so caught up in “chirping” and staking the finches that he’d pounce at them — forgetting the glass window was there.  He’d smack his head so hard he’d sit there in a daze for a few seconds.  

What is the weirdest book you have ever read? The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm. (I just looked up reviews for this book, and they are relatively high. Doesn’t matter, don’t like this book it was weird. I will admit that I read this book in 7th grade, and probably didn’t fully digest all the themes or symbolism or whatever, it was still a strange read). 

What is the weirdest blog you follow? Candleowlknits  because of her funny narrations an interesting topics she chooses to talk about, love reading it!

Weirdly Wonderful Bloggers To Tag

The Surfing Pizza: Always something interesting to find before/from my childhood that makes me say “Hey, I remember that, I miss it….I feel old!”

The Tragic Whale: Whales, crafts, comics, and more whales. What is not to love about that?

TokyoBunny: She finds the cutest (and sometimes weirdest) items I’ve ever seen, from dolls to purses to figures.

You should check them out, enjoy!


Contact from 2013 Millie

Bella Ballerina Doll

2013!! Whoooo yay awesome uh huh yipee yea…Someone (me) was a little late on celebrating the new year on her blog, but better late than never! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, time for an update. Plus, my boyfriend is at work and probably looking for some entertainment (he complained that I haven’t blogged this month.) So I present you with the first 2013 Millie On Her World blog post! (to be honest, I wish it had more interesting content!)

2012 was a good (and my first) blogging year, and I just discovered my 2012 Annual Report, all those pretty pixel fireworks just for me, you shouldn’t have WordPress! I like the random little facts like: “4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals.” The most popular post is “Melted Mayhem” from my melted crayon project, and a total of 112 different countries visiting, cool! Thanks everyone for checking into my blog, you guys rock socks around the clock!

Enough of that, now presenting my first doll made in 2013, a new and improved slender in black Bella Ballerina doll (Valentine’s Day themed). No I didn’t actually think of her colors myself, she is a custom order. But still, something new that isn’t My Little Pony related!

Original vs Remake

This is the first time I remade a doll, and I’m pretty puzzled how using the same pattern and yarn brands led me to one shorter/large-headed doll and one slender/smaller headed doll. I don’t get it >_< Either way, I find myself adoring the new doll before she was sent to her new home. The original seems so…..sloppy (forgive me blue Bella!). Is this a sign that my crochet has improved? Maybe! Maybe not!

The only other Non-pony order I’ve had lately was this ADORABLE (yes, I’m braggin’) Soot Sprite pin-coushion bracelet. I made them a while ago, but Soot Sprites are these little guys: il_170x135.362108952_c7ew They are funny little dust mites from the movies My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. He had his round little fuzzy body, googly eyes, a star in his hand, and a elastic adjustable wristband with different star buttons. I had a picture…somewhere on one of my technological devices….or I thought so….

Mini Dolls, I am determined to make a new one –tonight! I have so many drawings for them, I can’t wait to actually MAKE one or two. ^-^ I love holding them in my hands, they are so little. Lulu and Lola are currently on my bed watching me type, they are going to be mine I can’t part with them. Just what I need, more toys! 😀

My 2013 year has been B-U-S-Y
Lots to do, so little time
Get no sleep, yea yea
Now Repeat!

School: As of Jan. 8th this blogger is an Aurora University student, YEA! Hopefully in less than 2 years I can be officially done with college and have my BA. The University is really nice, a small cozy campus that is 20 min drive away from my house. Not too bad, except I keep getting lost. Turns out I am completely directionally challenged!

Job: Hahaha that’s funny. Okay seriously, been slacking on my search due to me fearing rejection and losing the confidence to convince people that I CAN do the job correctly and to not show them my awkwardness or clumsiness. This morning my boyfriend (grumpily) filled out an application for me for a position that will be opening up since his friend is leaving his job because he’s moving. (That was a mouthful–or typeful since I’m not actually speaking?)

Other Time Is Spent: with my boyfriend. Any moment possible, I will be with him. He is the reason I don’t get sleep! I’m joking. Sort of 😉 He works second shift, and usually we stay up until 4-7 am before going to sleep or I have to wake up an hour later for school. Less than 2 months and we’ve been on a few adventures already. Mainly I went skiing for the first time ever. Now I am addicted, I can, not, WAIT to get into a pair of (rented) skiis and ride down the hills, even if it is all artificial snow! — Tip if you ever go skiing: AVOID the Bunny Hill! That thing is a death trap! I was so bad on the bunny hill, I couldn’t stop, or turn, and crashed into some people as if they were bowling pins. Not to mention the 5 year old I almost took down. The moment I got on the normal hill I started learning and had it down after only a few more tries. Skiing is amazing. —

About every other week we have silly sleepovers with our friends, the craziest being the last one that turned into an indoor water fight. We go to the Japanese Supermarket quite often, and we love to eat out, good food is a glorious thing. Majority of our time is spent relaxing together, just happy to be in eachother’s presence. I’ve told him many times that now he’s my “home.” When I’m around him I feel happy, and I don’t feel so lonely that my parents aren’t here with me. I’m still adapting to not having my mom here, but my boyfriend’s helped so much.

Le sigh, le yawn…perhaps I will drink some more Coke and get some pep in my system. I have a book to finish reading and at least one Mini Doll to make, that’s all I ask tonight! 😀

My you all have good 2013’s! Although its already started, and if its not good so far, keep your head up, MAKE IT GOOD! ❤

Minis: Lola and Lulu

Lola and Lulu  in tutus

Lola and Lulu in tutus

Happy Holidays and New Years Eve!
I managed to complete one final project before the end of 2012. Lola and Lulu are my prototypes for new doll pattern.

Lola twirling around~

Lola twirling around~

Lulu posing for the camera

These two were a blast to make. I especially love that they are both only 5 inches tall, they fit so snug in my hand! New techniques and details kept me entertained but led me the results I desired.

Their hair was fun, making it attached and unattached to their heads. I’m not 100% sure I would always use this technique, but it does cut down time and use of colored yarn (or at least I think so). Months ago I said I wanted to use fabric to make dresses, and I attempted to do so with them. Waaaay more complicated than first imagined, but satisfactory enough for me. How do people make tiny doll clothing? I got frustrated making a sloppy little dress! Of course I forgot something that always messes my patterns up: different yarn brands. Lola’s Red Heart design came out perfect as I used it to create the pattern. After switching to Vanna’s Choice for Lulu, her head turned out about an inch too small, she looked like an alien! After modifications I ended up with two patterns to get the same sized doll.

I’m debating on modifying these two or creating a new-new doll pattern. Pros: they are small, fun hair styles, easy pattern, quick to make, simplistic. Cons: easy pattern, fabric clothing, super simplistic. I like them, but I want a challenge, but not too challenging like the whole Linguine Doll experience! With the fast paced pattern I may easily put a few more together and putt them in my shop, see if any one fancies their small demeanor like me 🙂 Making new patterns will have to be pushed back again, but this gives me a chance to look around and research, woohoo!

How were your holidays? Christmas Eve at my bf’s house was pretty interesting, I was shocked when his grandma and mom had little gifts for me, I didn’t expect any of that and actually felt kind of embarrassed! Embarrassed as I was trying to discretely open my gifts, I was very thankful, that was so thoughtful of them since I entered their lives such a short while ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Eve than spending time with my bf, a great day. Not to mention the pretty key necklace he got me, I have always adored key necklaces!

Yesterday we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse in down town Chicago that had food to DIE FOR! The service was spectacular, the food out of this world, so fantastical phenomenal make you want to have a foodgasm that now everything else I eat seems to be extremely lacking. Yet every bite of that delicious food was worth it! So next is New Years Eve, which is practically here. Instead of outrageous parties and drinks all around, I plan on being cozy at home, catch up on a few anime shows and dress like a bum all day, sounds like a good night to me.

Hope you all had wonderful a Christmas day, and bring in 2013 with a bang! 😀
2012 has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. What can 2013 possibly throw my way? I’m not sure, I’m okay with whatever comes. This blog has been a fun experience, wonder what new things I’ll have to share.

2012 Millie, signing off.

You’ll hear from me next year- hahaha! 🙂