Yummy Ice Cream Bunny

😀 I feel EMPOWERED!!
My currently nameless ice cream bunny is finally done. >.< I’m so relieved….
I started this pattern yesterday morning, worked on her all day, all night, until 2:30 am, then started again at 8 and by 10 she was finally complete!

Ugh, her pattern was horrid…..I started over countless times.
The hardest part was the white ice cream on her head. Originally the white yarn and baby pink were supposed to alternate, but I couldn’t get the look right and decided to add a separate part. Her body was tricky, especially maintaining the head-body ratio I wanted to achieve….that part took a couple of hours.
Her inspiration came from a picture I found on Deviant art by SprinkleChick:

I LOVE it! Only proper to give my inspiration credit. 🙂
I’m 50-50 on
1. Selling this bunny in my shop, she takes up a ton of time with those sprinkles and switching colors!
2. Adding a smile or blush marks
3. Offering her in different colors (blue, purple, green, and yellow)
4. She still needs a name!
5. If I do sell her make her “Made to Order” so I don’t have to go through this process right away  >.>
What’s your opinion?

I meant to finish my bunny yesterday to enter Wool Hog’s Monthly Challenge, I think the deadline was today….maybe I can still enter! 😀  Gonna go enter Wool Hog’s  competition…wish me luck! —-*3 min later update* Awww the competition closed today *le sad face* 😥 so close! —-*10 min later update* They let me enter, YAY!!

I’m happy that I’ve had some wonderful entries for my Giveaway. Yet I have to remind a few that you must FOLLOW my BLOG as part of the rules 😉 Email following works too. Thanks for stopping by! ❤ have wonderful day.