Millie is a Married Lady!

Mr. & Mrs. W

Mr. & Mrs. W

Greetings WordPress! I’ve been away a bit but with good reason and good news, I am now a Mrs ❤
Feb. 6th I married my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier that we are starting our lives together. With a little over a month engagement, we pulled off a beautiful, private ceremony. Surrounded by our family and best friends, we had a wonderful love filled day. After the ceremony (held at the courthouse) we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a local restaurant that did a fantastic job creating an intimate setting. I’m so thankful for my mom and sister keeping me sane even when we had to buy my dress, shoes, and accessories in three days!

My new hubby and I took a weekend trip to enjoy Wisconsin Dells, which was actually pretty fun since there weren’t hoards of people everywhere. The indoor water parks were a blast! Along with the highly entertaining Wizard Quest game that had us frantically crawling through tunnels, going down slides, and going crazy when we couldn’t figure out what was the name of the Unicorn’s horn. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum was interesting, the interactive bit at the end has some nice secrets, and only go up the hidden stair case if you’re ready to see some gory Medieval torture devices. The hardest thing to leave was the food! MACs and the Log Cabin still has me longing for their amazingly unique dishes, how I miss them but all in all being home is great too.

Besides my blooming marriage, life’s sure been keeping me busy with work (occasionally more than one at a time), and spending all the time I can with Chris before he leaves for boot camp next month 😦 Things will be hard since he’s been such a big part of my everyday life for the last two years, but that also means more times to crochet because I will be doing anything I can to distract myself!

Speaking of which~~I haven’t been posting, but I have completed a few projects. Some from patterns, some from just messing around. Here are the ones I got pics of:

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Used for my Halloween costume, I made this cape in a week. I wish I had more time to use a higher quality of yarn, but over all I feel the cape turned out better than expected, especially all those time consuming crocodile stitches! I used Red Heart yarn, which also yielded a slightly shorter version. The beautiful indepth  to follow pattern was purchased from Bonita Pattern.

Bunny Hood

Bunny Hood

I adore this cute lightweight bunny hood! Acts as more of a cowl though and was perfect for early fall weather. HelloHappy has a variety of kawaii tutorials and products that will make anyone squeal with joy. Her patterns are full of color and pictures to help you out, she even teaches you how to dye the tip of the bunny ears with tea bags. The pattern called for mohair yarn, I used Red Heat Boutique instead since these rainbow colors were too vibrant to pass up.

Waffle Infinity Scarf

Waffle Infinity Scarf

My favorite winter accessory! My first bulky scarf so I had to make it food related. While I debated over making a cupcake themed scarf, thinking I could add little toppings won me over. Even though the smiley strawberry was the only character to make it to final production, I think he’s just right 🙂 He helps keep me so toasty!

Flower Headbands

Flower Headbands

Last year my husband’s grandma gave me this gigantic needle work book that showed a lot of crochet stitches that I started messing with. Continuing with my Red Heart Boutique yarn crazy, I made tons of the headbands for friends and family. This first one is mine though, was also a great fall wear.

Porlaroid Scrapbooking

Polaroid Scrapbooking

This isn’t crochet related, but it is a new hobby! I bought this adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 that makes perfect mini photos. Instead of stacking them on my shelf I started a lil scrapbook. I’m such an amateur though, so many pages are missing stickers and decorations but I’m so picky I have trouble finding ones I like. 🙂 Overall a great side hobby.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have pictures of. The rest are unfinished projects, or just things I made to give away before snapping a pic. And in general, I haven’t been devoting much time to crochet in general, a fact that makes me shed a tear. Yet, like I said, during Chris’ 8 weeks of boot camp I should be exploding with projects! For now I hope we can have the best last few weeks before our departure. Being a Navy wife will sure be a whole new adventure.

Hope everyone has been well, hope to keep things more up to date! ❤

First Crochet Headband

First headband!

*Squeal*  I faced my fear of headbands and crochet flowers today!

I have to admit, I don’t know why I had that silly fear in the first place. In 15 minutes I figured out how to throw this blue flowered headband together before we arrived at a family reunion. I adore my new accessory, this added the pop of color I needed. 10 minutes later I already made a duplicate for my 14 year old cousin, who the rest of the afternoon clung to me whining , “make me another one, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???”

—Blah, I just realized I hate putting pictures of myself on the internet…but I have no styrofoam head to model my headband! Just ignore my face *is embarrassed about the bad acne*—

The three string headbands has had my eye all month, same with the flower. To be honest, I only made the head band today because I couldn’t find my other blue flower clip, and I didn’t have time to change my entire outfit. I still feel silly…the flower took no effort, I could’ve had a whole collection of flower headbands by now!

An Updated Life Report:

As I mentioned, today I had a “family reunion.” I don’t know if I should even call it that, only 6 families (including mine) showed up. My family is huge, so only 6 families arriving is BEYOND pathetic. Not to say I didn’t have a good time, every time I’m around my cousins I have a blast. I have a cousin who is 22 like me (yet our maturity levels and personalities couldn’t be further apart!) and she gave me a fabulous neon manicure. The orange luau came from my grandma who DEMANDED that no one remove them under any circumstance…she pretty much ran the whole thing with an iron fist and the reasoning skills of a 2 year old…but that’s my grandma for you. Everyone discovered about my parent’s journey out west, so they were explaining the chaos of preparing to sell and showing off pictures of their future home. I had to repeatedly explain to my younger cousins that I would be staying here, even in the same city, my dad is literally 4 blocks away!

I didn’t think I’d like the whole sitting-outside-on-the-ground-finding-ways-to-entertain-myself thing would be fun, but I was pleasantly proved wrong. Today I laughed until I cried and have a happy full belly! I’m ready to zonk out, we spent the majority of the day there.

Tomorrow I’m going to experiment more with crochet flowers and headbands, plus I have to finish a doll by Monday. Oh, and of course I can’t push off packing any longer, here come those horrid cardboard towers and  empty room!

—So I changed my blog theme….yay? nay? The balloons make me feel so giddy! The font? Not so much, seems too tiny for my taste…tomorrow I’m going to decide to keep it or not…..YOUR OPINION? 🙂

❤ Nighty Night.