The House of Fan Art

Been a long time since my last blog lost, but I kind of miss it!

As of now I am 26, mother of a spoiled 16 lb healthy cat, and still completely devoted to the lovely craft of crochet (woohoo, longest running hobby EVER)! 

Yet here I am going through and internal battle of passion vs profit. Over the past two years my shop (*ahem* Millie’s Crochet House via Etsy) has been fantastic. I love fulfilling orders and creating new product. But alas, my shop has taken a dive into the world of fan art. 

I have always had a little bit of pop culture in my shop,mainly when the My Little Pony fan base ran ramped. One day I made a doll pattern I was satisfied with, and made the anime character OnePunch Man. From there I made a handful of other cartoon characters just for the fun of it. Listed them on Etsy just to get them out of my storage space. 

Then it happened. Before I knew it I was getting custom requests to make more and more dolls from fandom’s. At fitst, it was a lot of fun! The challenge of getting down characteristics via yarn. I really do enjoy making them…however once the fan art sales went up, my original design sales went down. And those original ideas are what made my love of amigurumi flourish, making those designs is a great passion.

I guess this is when I should establish more who exactly I want my target audience to be. Fan art is fun, making up and drawing new designs is fun. But juggling both in one shop seems to be more difficult than I thought, or I’m just doing it wrong ahaha! The next couple of days I’m working on my biggest original designs project ever, I hope to add that extra pep in my step while lost among the fandom dolls. 

Well there is my updates rant! Here are some pictures of some original and fan art dolls 🙂 

Bear Purse!

I’m Season Skipping, Now onto Winter!

Not that I don’t have a huge love for the fall season, but I’m seriously lacking inspiration for fall themed amigurumi. I got my head start this weekend.

What’s cuter than dancing penguins?

Meet Bow and Suits the dance loving penguins! Bow glides across the stage with her cute tutu and elagent ballet moves, while Suits likes making a lot of noise with his tap dancing. The only thing they like better than dancing, is dancing with one another (aww ❤ ).  Bow’s tutu comes off with a button i attached to the back, and Suits’ top hat is removable. As usual with amigurumi I make with this pattern (same one I used for my Ice Cream Bunny), I added my signature two felt hearts on them. My next character is a classic holiday grump:

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch~!”

Who on this Earth (or atleast in the USA) hasn’t seen Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Has to be my all time favorite winter character ever, especially the Jim Carry adaptation. I decided to make him because of his charming personality, and the extreme lack of amigurumi love for this green grump, he’s so classic he needs more fan art! One day I hope to actually make him, but I’m happy with my chibi version and in his signature fake Santa Claus outfit, with removable hat of course. As usual everyone is up for adoption at my Etsy store.

I had 2 more amigurumis to make, but only half started one. Can anyone guess what it is:

“What am I?”

Here’s a hint:
“I don’t eat grain, only meat
You’ve seen me before, but we wont get a chance to meet
I’m really tall and pretty strong
I’ll probably rawr at the end of this song!”

Ahahaha, hahahar, lol. Okies a little poem for everyone too (not my best).
Everyone out there been good, peachy, fine and dandy?
._. I start only classes tomorrow, yet I still have to buy my books, argh. A week ago I got a potential job offer, the manager said after her training she’d be going through the applications and calling for interviews. She said she’d be back this week, is Tuesday to early to call and harass her to give me an interview?? I’ll try to be patient. Until Thursday, then I’m calling Friday.

That is all from Millie! I’m going to buy my textbooks then finish my last two amigurumis. Sayonara, bye-bye, adios! ❤

Share your Craft: DIY Business Cards

Project: Handmade Business Cards
Supplies: Parchment paper, ribbon, thread, yarn, size D crochet hook, thick paper, stamps, ink pad, hole puncher, box cutter, ruler
Results: Sense of accomplishment!

Being a maker of homemade items, I couldn’t settle for having a fancy-shmancy professional business card. Actually, I was getting so OCD about creating the perfect business card on the computer that I called it quits. Instead I started researching handmade cards and viola! I created these colorful cards and envelopes from simple (and affordable) household items:

Searching for inspiration, I found Pugly Pixel’s homemade business cards that were made from glassine envelopes filled with colorful confetti.  How adorable they were! From there I brainstormed and doodled until I found a design I like, then I was off and nothing could stop me!

Step 1: Tracing, Cutting, Folding

I started by making a few 3.5 x 2 inch cards on thick paper. Next I used this basic pattern and measurements for the envelope. Trace it onto the parchment paper and cut away. Fold the flaps so there is a comfortable fit around the card.

2. Hole Punch!

–in the bottom right corner. Make sure it’s not too high or too low.

3. Ribbon Slits

With the box cutter carefully create two small slits on each side. Pull the ribbon through so on the front side you can make a bow.

4. Time to Sew

This is the part I dread the most! I had to resort to sewing the two ends together since I finally realized that “Hmm, glue doesn’t stick to parchment paper….” Starting from the bottom flap of the envelope, start sewing being very careful that the needle doesn’t break through the front of the card. (I think I used a “back sticth” ? I’m bad with sewing terms…)

5. Handful of Hearts

Now that THAT’S over, time for some crochet! I chose hearts because they were easy, small, and so cute! I found an easy pattern from Little Birdie Secrets:

All stitches worked into the first chain.
Ch 4. Work 3 tr (triple crochet) into first ch, 3 dc, ch 1, 1 tr, ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr. Ch 3, sl st into center and fasten off.

With thread, attach the heats through the hold on the envelope.

6. Decorate Your Cards

As little or as much as you like! I decided to use these tiny letter stamps for the front  and permanent markers to write my information on the back. And now you’re done!

I only have 10 finished, but I’m satisfied they are exactly how I want them to be. Few last tips:

1. These can be time consuming. I tend to do  max 10-15 at a time then take a break. Pace yourself, and if you can get some worker bees!
2. If you use stamps, make sure the ink is fully dry before you mess with them, unlike me.
3.  Measure your parchment paper before you randomly cut a piece to trace on, this will save you paper and time.
4. For more inspiration on handmade cards, check out this colorful and unique list: 13 Creative Business Cards

I’d love to see if anyone makes or already has made their own cards. 🙂
Other than that, TTFN, Ta Ta for Now!

The Start of Dolly Funess

I think this is the start of something…

Within 24 hours of making my first doll, I somehow managed to crochet another! I thought I had the crochet bug real bad before, but now all I can think about is how many cute dolls can I make, and what color combinations look the best and how I am extremely low on 6mm black eyes and I’m frustrated that almost all my beige yarn is gone and WHY don’t I have more natural skin tone looking colors?

Seriously, Millie has got to calm down on the crochet. Eventually. Nahh, I think not.

My second doll is temporarily named Jelly Bean Jean, because I like the little ring it has to it. I originally wanted her to have a name like Ginger Snap Curl or Polly Petal, but still working, my first doll still doesn’t even have a proper name. I really like this doll, gave me the chance to experiment with adding shoes to the outfit, smile, freckles, a longer dress, and the curly hair that took me a while to figure out how to attach them to her head properly. I forgot that I wanted to add eyebrows….oh well, plans for my next doll are already in motion, which include adding crochet flowers that I have been wanting to try.

After seeing Madagascar 3 and ending up meeting my bf’s mother for the first time to help them move furniture (in a halter dress, not my best idea) I impatiently wait to see if I passed or failed the First Impression test. But overall a birthday well spent. Now, for once I find myself snuggled in bed before 11 p.m. and ready for sleep, goodnight! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

By the way, anyone a total genius at naming items? What do you think I should call my dolls?