Quick Kawaii Craft Day

kawaii craft day millie on her world

This summer I have been furiously fighting off boredom with my crafting addictions. With crochet hooks and needles as little swords and felt as my shield, I’ve been non-stop creating. I’ve signed up for four different craft swaps, working on my new doll pattern and the two dolls I want to share, and in between trying out new things. For a while I’ve admired the look of felt plushies, so finally last night I completed my first one, a little camera!

I found this gorgeously adorable YouTube page called Hapy Friends Shoppe, hosted by the clever and big-hearted Aiko. She has tons of videos using felt for fashion and plushies. I saw the camera and fell in love! Before the tutorial was even over I started printing the template. She does easy and fast tutorials, even basic sewing stitches. I can’t believe it took me this long to make a felt plushie, especially since I thought the hardest thing to learn would be the blanket stitches, which are actually easy as pie! The full blog post with video and template included can be found here. Take a look around her other blog posts too, she has an amazing story about why she crafts so passionately.

As cute as my camera is, it doesn’t take pictures too well…

millie on her world kawaii felt camera plush

To accompany my camera, I made a blushing blank Polaroid.

He's so embarrassed >.<

He’s so embarrassed >.<

The camera was intended to be a note holder or something, but for now it just keeps my picture snuggy. I think if anyone makes this it could be cute to hang on the wall or door handle, anywhere really! In the end my first felt plushies are extremely pleasing, now I know how quick and easy it is to make them. The only mistakes I really made were the heart on the lens is off center, and some of my stitches aren’t the same sizes, but practice makes perfect 🙂

D'aaaaaw <3

D’aaaaaw ❤

The original Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have randomly joined my amigurumi collection. I miss the really old cartoons that I used to watch as a kid, the ones with various adventures of Mickey and his friends, I get really irritated when I see the classic Disney characters now adays all computerized and bulky- I want the original!!!

But that’s beside the point ^-^

So after working on my camera I chibi-fied the duo and I must say they look pretty darn cute! Ofcourse they will be in my shop, but I think I’m going to make a pair for myself 🙂

I wanted to share my new doll, but have to wait until the other doll that goes with her is finished (85% done)! This is a doll I’ve made before last year, but she’s been updated and given a slimmer figure. I’m not going to reveal who she is yet, but a clue: she is the Champion of Love and Justice! I hope to finish the doll tonight and will blog again later this week.

4th of July is tomorrow, anyone have plans? I think I might be heading to the Chi to see my family. I haven’t seen some of them in a while, and usually when we get together I get to gorge myself on delicious food P: yummmmmmm. Plus I hope the icky weather outside wont stop me from seeing some fire works, thats the second best part! Hope everyone has a fun-filled say tomorrow 😀

What to do now? I’m torn between making a plushie or finish this doll…I wish I had 4 arms instead of 2 😦
❤ Ttfn, Millie out for now.