My Newest Little (Crochet) Girl

Crochet Mia by Millieonherworld


As usual, I have taken forever and a day and then a few more hours to update my blog. Better late than never right…yea…maybe? Okay crafty talk now~

This is Mia 😀
Finally I’ve acquired the courage to make a doll out of crochet thread, and integrate felting into my crochet projects.


crochet doll hair on mia by millieonherworld


Mia’s hair was all needle felted onto her head, and sticks extremely well, you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. She’s got two braided buns. She’s 10 inches tall, has a crochet removable dress and head band, and yup, I’m thrilled! I’ve already started on her sister, Nia:

crochet thread doll by millie on her world

Well, Nia still needs a few things, a body, an arm, maybe a pair of legs…but Mia watches over her.

While I adore everything about Mia’s outcome, the biggest thorn in my side is her dress. That simple white and purple dress took COUNTLESS times to make, Originally I wanted a fabric dress- that failure led me to a felt dress – then to a crochet tread dress – finally to this normal size 4  yarn outfit. Not the worst, but….I feel I can do better before I place her in my shop.

I’ve been looking for a doll dress maker, I really want Mia to shine! My goal is to have her as a doll little girls can play with and have different accessories/outfits for her to enjoy. I even tried Barbie doll dresses on Mia but they are too big. If yourself or you know someone who can make a doll dress for a 10 in doll, let me know, I will even do an official business deal with them, anything to make Mia a star! 😀

Lately Mia has been my most recent completed projects. As usual, I’ve got too many going on. Making a surprise gift for my sister (she reads my blog so I can’t even tell what it is here!), scarfs, hooded poncho, various doll prototypes, headbands, there are things everywhere!

Since my last post I’ve also got my hands on a new quirky camera

fisheye 2 camera yay

The Fisheye 2! This is my first film camera and as the name suggests, all the pictures have the awesome fisheye distortion. Pictures also come out in little circles! The controls are extremely simple, but surprisingly you are able to do a lot of abstract effects to your photos. Have I taken advantage of this? No -_- I’m so cautious with this camera and afraid to “mess up a shot” that I haven’t used it much. And due to me taking it out the box before reading the instructions, the first few pictures on this roll are just of the inside of my purse. My first roll also consists of my friend’s leg, a cat in a dryer, my foot, and my boyfriend’s selfie. I’ll share the decent ones if they aren’t too ridiculous 😛

Life the past few months, what to sayyyyy…

-For a month I worked two jobs. Had a horrible experience with awful management, then I quit. On the plus side, I may have a great opportunity opening up that involve my crochet toys! Wish me luck, lots of shiny sparkly LUCK!

– I have lost 2 people: My Aunt Angela “Ankie” passed away in her sleep last month. She had been struggling with diabetes for the past few years. It was very unreal to hear of her passing, especially since I’d seen her a few weeks before. I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for taking for granted the time you have with loved ones. When I last saw her, I went to take a picture of her but my camera died. I then told her “I’ll get you next time.” We never know when the last time we see someone will be, and sometimes I forget that. She was my uncle’s ex wife, but she continued to always be around, and would still even enjoy a drink with my uncle from time to time. Due to miscommunications, I wasn’t able to attend her funeral. I regret that also.

-A week later a “friend” passed away due to skin cancer. I say “friend” because he was more than an acquaintance, but I wasn’t as close to him as his other friends.  His name was William “Billy” Coney. He was my best friend’s friend, they grew up together, and I’ve known him as long as I’ve known her (11 yrs). Whenever he was around my friend’s house, we always had laughs, me and him even had some inside jokes that ran through the years. He was only 22. And going to his wake had to be one of the hardest things I’ve done this year. It took me all night to finally go to the casket to see him lying there. With the combination of his passing and my aunts, that whole week I was in a slump, trying to not allow myself to properly morn but eventually one day at work I had a mini break down. This month I’m doing better, trying to remember to tell those I love that I do love them.

– Happier note, I once again will be seeing my parents in Nevada! Since I actually work now I can only see them for a few days, but I am so excited. Just thinking that I will be able to hug my mom again is comforting. Or the fact that I still will crawl in her lap for a super idc-if-I’m-23-I’ll-still-hug-you-with-all-my-might hug. The sight always cracks my stepdad up. Last month my sister and I sent her a cute package that included  the crochet hats I made her and this gorgeous purple purse my sister finally gave up (my mom had wanted it for years!)

– Hair cut! Four inches gone 🙂

millie mouse








Man I’ve got to stop mixing crafty creative happy posts with my emotional rant posts lol. But then again I don’t blog for anything specific really, guess its just everything me 😛

How have the few months been for all you out there? I know I’m not the only person from the midwest who almost shed a tear seeing snow Tuesday morning, how depressing was that?! This year has certainly been weird, but at this point we might as well just roll with it 🙂 Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing the best they can in life.

I should be heading to bed, but I think I’m going to finish Forest Gump. My first time watching it as an adult and omg, even more depressing than previous thought!

Just keep swimming,
❤ Millie

Almost there!


Millie’s Minis (has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?) are taking longer than anticipated (probably because my devotion to them has been sparatic). I’m happy that I’m almost done, just two more dresses, and then I have to figure out what kind of hair styles to put on their bald little heads!

I want each doll to have different hair styles, but I’m so uncreative at this time I can’t figure out what I want them to look like, I really need to finish though, I kinda wanted them to be Valentine’s Day themed! And Feburary first is today, yikes time crunch!

I am getting a little less sloppy on their fabric dresses. I have to admit: I WISH I COULD DO MORE! I’d love for them to have little shirts and pants sometimes. I only have 2 main sources of fabric and a few scraps that are about 6×9 inches. Perhaps I will invest in more fabric? A yard of fabric would probably last a nice length of time 🙂

I tried crocheting a little dress for one of them, and turned out disastorous! Super frustrating I had a cute design that was poorly executed. Ever had one of those moments? Terribly frustrating for a crafter!

Well I have got to get up early for class and should probably study for my Lingsuistics test.


Contact from 2013 Millie

Bella Ballerina Doll

2013!! Whoooo yay awesome uh huh yipee yea…Someone (me) was a little late on celebrating the new year on her blog, but better late than never! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, time for an update. Plus, my boyfriend is at work and probably looking for some entertainment (he complained that I haven’t blogged this month.) So I present you with the first 2013 Millie On Her World blog post! (to be honest, I wish it had more interesting content!)

2012 was a good (and my first) blogging year, and I just discovered my 2012 Annual Report, all those pretty pixel fireworks just for me, you shouldn’t have WordPress! I like the random little facts like: “4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals.” The most popular post is “Melted Mayhem” from my melted crayon project, and a total of 112 different countries visiting, cool! Thanks everyone for checking into my blog, you guys rock socks around the clock!

Enough of that, now presenting my first doll made in 2013, a new and improved slender in black Bella Ballerina doll (Valentine’s Day themed). No I didn’t actually think of her colors myself, she is a custom order. But still, something new that isn’t My Little Pony related!

Original vs Remake

This is the first time I remade a doll, and I’m pretty puzzled how using the same pattern and yarn brands led me to one shorter/large-headed doll and one slender/smaller headed doll. I don’t get it >_< Either way, I find myself adoring the new doll before she was sent to her new home. The original seems so…..sloppy (forgive me blue Bella!). Is this a sign that my crochet has improved? Maybe! Maybe not!

The only other Non-pony order I’ve had lately was this ADORABLE (yes, I’m braggin’) Soot Sprite pin-coushion bracelet. I made them a while ago, but Soot Sprites are these little guys: il_170x135.362108952_c7ew They are funny little dust mites from the movies My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. He had his round little fuzzy body, googly eyes, a star in his hand, and a elastic adjustable wristband with different star buttons. I had a picture…somewhere on one of my technological devices….or I thought so….

Mini Dolls, I am determined to make a new one –tonight! I have so many drawings for them, I can’t wait to actually MAKE one or two. ^-^ I love holding them in my hands, they are so little. Lulu and Lola are currently on my bed watching me type, they are going to be mine I can’t part with them. Just what I need, more toys! 😀

My 2013 year has been B-U-S-Y
Lots to do, so little time
Get no sleep, yea yea
Now Repeat!

School: As of Jan. 8th this blogger is an Aurora University student, YEA! Hopefully in less than 2 years I can be officially done with college and have my BA. The University is really nice, a small cozy campus that is 20 min drive away from my house. Not too bad, except I keep getting lost. Turns out I am completely directionally challenged!

Job: Hahaha that’s funny. Okay seriously, been slacking on my search due to me fearing rejection and losing the confidence to convince people that I CAN do the job correctly and to not show them my awkwardness or clumsiness. This morning my boyfriend (grumpily) filled out an application for me for a position that will be opening up since his friend is leaving his job because he’s moving. (That was a mouthful–or typeful since I’m not actually speaking?)

Other Time Is Spent: with my boyfriend. Any moment possible, I will be with him. He is the reason I don’t get sleep! I’m joking. Sort of 😉 He works second shift, and usually we stay up until 4-7 am before going to sleep or I have to wake up an hour later for school. Less than 2 months and we’ve been on a few adventures already. Mainly I went skiing for the first time ever. Now I am addicted, I can, not, WAIT to get into a pair of (rented) skiis and ride down the hills, even if it is all artificial snow! — Tip if you ever go skiing: AVOID the Bunny Hill! That thing is a death trap! I was so bad on the bunny hill, I couldn’t stop, or turn, and crashed into some people as if they were bowling pins. Not to mention the 5 year old I almost took down. The moment I got on the normal hill I started learning and had it down after only a few more tries. Skiing is amazing. —

About every other week we have silly sleepovers with our friends, the craziest being the last one that turned into an indoor water fight. We go to the Japanese Supermarket quite often, and we love to eat out, good food is a glorious thing. Majority of our time is spent relaxing together, just happy to be in eachother’s presence. I’ve told him many times that now he’s my “home.” When I’m around him I feel happy, and I don’t feel so lonely that my parents aren’t here with me. I’m still adapting to not having my mom here, but my boyfriend’s helped so much.

Le sigh, le yawn…perhaps I will drink some more Coke and get some pep in my system. I have a book to finish reading and at least one Mini Doll to make, that’s all I ask tonight! 😀

My you all have good 2013’s! Although its already started, and if its not good so far, keep your head up, MAKE IT GOOD! ❤

Bad Case of the Sniffles

I’ve got it all- the sore throat runny nose stuffy nose sinus pressure headaches random body aches chills sweats drowsiness everything. Literally 6 hours after my last blog post that Saturday morning I noticed my throat feeling funny, by that evening when my boyfriend stopped by (he’s best friends with my best friend’s husband)(they actually set us up) I was clinging to him saying I didn’t feel good. Next morning I could barely talk, I had the chills, and had to go home asap, not wanting to risk getting my 2 year old nephew sick before his big birthday bash this upcoming Saturday. Since returning home, as usual my mom has quarantined me in my room and following me with a can of Lysol whenever I am allowed to emerge.

Here I am, 3 in the morning with a massive head ache and unable to fall back asleep. A perfect time to blog!

Bun Buddies are back!

Last week I added a few more Bun Buddies to my shop. They were my first ideas for an original amigurumi series, and yet currently the smallest series…thought they could use some lovin’. I think the cow is my favorite, probably because of the pastel colors!


My latest dolly, Hana (pronounced “Hah-nah”). I think the more I make dolls, the more ideas I get for new ones! With Hana I tried adding decorations to her dress, a new way to do her skirts (did double/triple crochet stitches) and the use of ribbon. I call her Hana for now because “Hana” means “Flower” in Japanese. Although she has absolutely no connection to Japanese culture, I like the name. Will probably change it, but for now she is my little Hana! Sorry for the bad picture quality, I had to use my room lighting to take the picture since I’m too achy to pull out my lighting kit.

From Left to Right: Opal, Rarity, Fluttershy, Angel

My first custom My Little Pony order. Basically the order was for the two ponies Rarity and Fluttershy along with their pets. This set should be somewhere in the United Kingdom by now. The bit challenge was that stupid cat! Getting her upside down triangle head shape was a pain in my hands! She must’ve taken me 20 tries of writing and scribbling out patterns. Finally in a crochet rage I free handed and viola-had the perfect shape, without writing the pattern. Go figure. I absolutely refuse to make another cat like that again!

LOVE my knitted hat!

Last week my giveaway prize from CandleOwlKnits‘s blog arrived. A beautiful dusty-rose colored super soft and cozy knitted slouch hat! I, LOVE, THIS, HAT! I keep finding reasons to wear my hat practically every time I set foot outside. My mom even tried to snag this from me, claiming I don’t wear hats. Nice try mom, but this one’s mine. This picture is the first night I wore it to my friend’s concert at a bar. I got compliments all night long, everyone asked where I got it from.  I did a lot of promoting for CandleOwlKnit’s Etsy shop that night. Her work is beautiful, and I feel guilty for getting this gorgeous hat for free, a big THANK YOU and HUGS for the sweet Hannah!

Hmm what else haven’t I shared? Oh yea, my horrid job interview. You wouldn’t believe how shady this place was, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to work for them! As bad as the interview was, I will still be respectful enough to not mention the company name, but here was my experience in a nutshell:

 The place was run down, people at front desk were bashing their boss, talked for 20 min with a guy who didn’t even introduce himself or even care to ask for my name, he sat down and looked away before I could offer my hand and properly introduce myself, placed in a cramped room with two other people working loudly during my so called interview, walked in immediately sat down to watch a video made in the early 90s, learned that the district I would be working in wasn’t the area they had said, but in an area about 40-90 minutes away, told them that’s not what was shown online, the woman I was SUPPOSED to be interviewed by ignored me until the last 2 minutes and in those last 2 minutes I finally learned the name of the guy who was talking to me in his monotone, dull, “I hate my life” manner. NEVER said or asked my name once. 

I was bummed, I mean what kind of place treats a potential employee like that? They were so rude I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My parents told me to view this somehow as a learning experience. I’m still searching for that.

Job talk aside, here are my current projects:

1. Crochet play food before Saturday to go with my almost 3 year old nephew’s birthday. His parents got him this huge play kitchen with a bakery and cashier involved. But the set only came with 20 pieces of food. So far I’ve got 3 strawberries and an ice cream cone.
2. Complete 1 doll/1 cupcake related item for my plans to pitch my work to boutiques
3. Looking for patterns so I can sew my first dress
4. Fighting this nasty cold!!

I guess this post is long enough, and hopefully staring at my laptop screen in the dark has tired me out enough to get some shut eye. Good night (technically morning!) 🙂

And the Winner is….



Sorry this is a day late! The results of the giveaway are in 😀

The winner is:


themeepingkoala of Lollipops and Rainbows! Congratulations!! 😀

Thank you everyone who participated in my giveaway, you all are wonderful ❤ *bigs hugs*
I was ecstatic so many of you lovelys entered, I feel the bloggin’ loveeee.
The giveaway was pretty fun ^-^ look out for a another one, perhaps 150 followers or a blog anniversary? *epic forshadowing*

On a last note, here’s my latest projects:


All the ponies are done! Available at my Etsy

Derpy Hooves


Custom Amigurumi Doll 🙂
For a little girl’s birthday

Ttfn, have a great day!


Yummy Ice Cream Bunny

😀 I feel EMPOWERED!!
My currently nameless ice cream bunny is finally done. >.< I’m so relieved….
I started this pattern yesterday morning, worked on her all day, all night, until 2:30 am, then started again at 8 and by 10 she was finally complete!

Ugh, her pattern was horrid…..I started over countless times.
The hardest part was the white ice cream on her head. Originally the white yarn and baby pink were supposed to alternate, but I couldn’t get the look right and decided to add a separate part. Her body was tricky, especially maintaining the head-body ratio I wanted to achieve….that part took a couple of hours.
Her inspiration came from a picture I found on Deviant art by SprinkleChick:

I LOVE it! Only proper to give my inspiration credit. 🙂
I’m 50-50 on
1. Selling this bunny in my shop, she takes up a ton of time with those sprinkles and switching colors!
2. Adding a smile or blush marks
3. Offering her in different colors (blue, purple, green, and yellow)
4. She still needs a name!
5. If I do sell her make her “Made to Order” so I don’t have to go through this process right away  >.>
What’s your opinion?

I meant to finish my bunny yesterday to enter Wool Hog’s Monthly Challenge, I think the deadline was today….maybe I can still enter! 😀  Gonna go enter Wool Hog’s  competition…wish me luck! —-*3 min later update* Awww the competition closed today *le sad face* 😥 so close! —-*10 min later update* They let me enter, YAY!!

I’m happy that I’ve had some wonderful entries for my Giveaway. Yet I have to remind a few that you must FOLLOW my BLOG as part of the rules 😉 Email following works too. Thanks for stopping by! ❤ have wonderful day.



My New Dollies!

Snow Bunny Sonja, Rocking Rachelle, and Cobie Bear Cub

By far these are my favorite three doll. I hated dolls when I was younger, but now I’m trying to horde them all for myself!
What makes these dolls my favorite are their removable accessories. Sonja and Cobie with their cute animal hats, and Rachelle’s headphones and iPod. They are all at my Etsy: clickity.

Each doll I tried something new, like the way I did their hair, sewed them together, or the pattern on the bottoms of their skirts. Also I discovered I hated working with that super fluffed white yarn I used for Sonja’s hat. That type of yarn is so awesome, such a pain to work with, I’m suprised I managed to even make the hat!

These dolls took longer than expected, this past weekend has been unpleasantly busy. Friday a friend’s birthday party drama, Saturday fixing plastering sanding painting, Sunday cleaning, Monday packing cleaning, and Tuesday I got sick. I still don’t feel good so I’m not really amped to do anything, I want to bed hug.

My Mood this Week: blah.
The reality of my parents moving is setting in, I’m not happy. I’m not ready to be without them, I’m not ready to go with them, I’m not ready to live with my dad. But the world doesn’t revolve around me, so I’m desperately trying to dig myself out of this hole and stay positive. Another slap in the face is I won’t be able to start school on time. 😦 

One Great Thing: my love.
My boyfriend has been amazingly great to me during my time of moping. After the drama on Friday he took me to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s. He laughed most of the time saying I looked like a kid in a candy store. He treated me to all the beautiful yarn I wanted ❤ Oh he spoils me….he’s helped me a ton with the whole moving process since he knows moving really unravels me. I’ve moved countless times and even the sight of brown boxes drives me bonkers! Thanks for having the duck tape needed to keep me together Andrew.

In the End: Crafting = Peace.
Crochet, knitting, DIY projects all help me stay sane 🙂 I have a DIY I’ve been meaning to finish, I will share with you my horrid sculpting skills. My next project is to make a curly blue headed doll for my little cousin, a yellow fuzzy bear for my friend, and find time to knit! I have not forgotten my new hobby.

Thanks for checking in and skimming over the rambles haha ❤
Good Day to you All!