We’re all A Little Mad: Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern



Whenever I think of top hats I think of Alice in Wonderland. Who can forget the Mad Hatter and his huge hat? Not to mention the recent Disney remake with Johnny Depp (insert dreamy sigh here) and his character’s dramatic top hat. I love them, they look so fun 🙂

Yesterday I posed a picture of my black hat, (now named Black Cherry), and today I’ve made a shorter hat called Short Cake (get it? Haha puns…). I will be sharing the pattern for both.

Making them is super easy, and they hardly take any time at all.

Needed: 4.5 mm hook, 3.0 mm hook, Size 4 yarn (recommended: Red Heart & Caron Simply Soft), accessories  like buttons/ribbon/lace/feathers/beads. Optional: Head band, hair clips

Sc – Single stitch
Sl st – Slip stitch
Dc – Double crochet
2tog – Decrease stitch
Ch – Chain

black cherry crochet top hat Black Cherry Top Hat (aka Tall Version)

Hat: Start with 4.5 mm Hook & Red Heart Yarn

Round 1: Magic Ring 6. Sl st and ch.  (6)
Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch. Sl st. (12)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (18)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 5: Sc 3, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 6: Sc 4, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (36)
Rnd 7: Back Loop 36. Sl st.
Rnd 8: Sc 36. Sl st.
Rnd 9: Sc 10, 2tog. Sl st. (33)
Rnd 10: Sc 33. Sl st.
Rnd 11: Sc  9, 2tog. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 12: Sc 30. Sl st.
Rnd 13: Sc 8, 2tog. Sl st. (27)
Rnd 14: Sc 27. Sl st.
Rnd 15: Sc 7, 2tog. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 16: Sc 24. Sl st.
Rnd 17: Sc 6, 2tog. Sl st. (21)
Rnd 18: Sc 21. Sl st.
Rnd 19: Front Loop 21. Sl st.
Rnd 20: Dc 3, 2dc. Sl st. (26)
Rnd 21: Sc 5, 2sc. Sl st. (29)
Rnd 22: Dc 4, 2dc. Sl st. (36)

Cherry: 3.0 mm hook, Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 3. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: 2sc in each st. Sl st and ch. (6)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch (9)
Rnd 4: 2tog until close. Stuff and sew shut.

Flower: 3.0 mm hook, Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 5. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: Ch 3, sl st in next st. Repeat around.
Rnd 3: 3dc on the ch 3 from the previous round. Sl st end.


Strawberry Short Cake (aka Short Version)

Hat: Start with 4.5 mm hook & Red Heart Yarn. Start with Cake Color (yellow)

Round 1: Magic Ring 6. Sl st.  (6)
Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch. Sl st. (12)
Rnd 3: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (18)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (24)
Rnd 5: Sc 3, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (30)
Rnd 6: Sc 4, 2sc in next st. Sl st. (36)
Rnd 7: Back Loop 36. Sl st.
Rnd 8-9: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change to Frosting (white)
Rnd 10: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change back to Cake Color
Rnd 11-13: Sc 36. Sl st.
Change to Pink or other color (I think of it as the “plate” that the short cake is sitting on heehee)
Rnd 14: Front Loop 36
Rnd 15: Dc 4, 2dc

Whipped Cream: 3.0 mm hook & Simply Soft yarn (x2)

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 4. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: Sc, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch (6)
Rnd 3: 2dc, sc in next st.
Make a second one and sew the two together to complete.

Strawberry: 3.0 mm hook & Simply Soft yarn

Rnd 1: Magic Ring 2. Sl st and ch.
Rnd 2: 2sc in each st. sl st and ch. (8)
Rnd 3: Sc 2, 2sc in next st. Sl st and ch. (10)
Rnd 4: Sc 2, 2tog. Sl st and ch (8)
Rnd 5: 2tog until close.

Yay top hats, now I have two! 🙂 I think I’m either going to attach them to headbands or get a barrett so they stay positioned on my head better. I wish I didn’t make Black Cherry when I was tired, the ribbons came out a little sloppy but that’s what I get for crafting when I’m sleepy!

Speaking of which, I need to go to bed >_< Hope the hats bring a whimsical feel to you all. Thanks for stopping by~
❤ Millie



Stormy Sweater: DIY Tutorial


Lately I’ve been getting back into thrift/resale/bargain shopping. Not only do I get to save money and get great clothes, I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a sweater that I just want to use for a tutorial anyway. I saw this plain sequent-sleeve sweater and wanted to add my own spin. Heavily inspired by tutorials I’ve seen from Hapy Shoppe Friend’s blog, I wanted to try my own!

Trying to stray away from my cupcake themed obsession, I decided to take note of other objects that I have a fascination with- not sure why or how these came about but I love clouds, umbrellas, and little rain showers. I love clothing with umbrellas, and I think summer rain showers are so soothing. This tutorial took no time at all, and I think is super kawaii~

Materials: Plain sweater,  any colored felt or fabric, embroidery floss/thread, needle, scissors, hot glue gun (optional) and the Sweater_Template.

Step 1. After printing the Sweater Template, cut out all the pieces (easy peasy right?) Cut out as many hearts as you’d like (I did 8). The blush marks are optional and not on the template so if you want them don’t forget.

Step 2. Set the scene! Position the cloud, umbrella, and hearts. (I originally wanted the umbrella to be slanted and the cloud off center, but my sweater was too small…)

Step 3. Let’s start on the faces. There are two ways to go about this. First is to obviously sew the eyes and smile on the cloud and umbrella, with matching thread/embroidery floss. A felt stitch would look best. The second (quicker) option is to use a hot glue gun. The only downside to using hot glue is when you wash your sweater, do it by hand or wash on cold. DO NOT wash it in hot, or your faces will be lost in the wash! When their faces are on, pin them to the sweater.

Step 4. Felt stitch (or hot glue) all the pieces together to make your rain storm come to life. When doing the umbrella, make sure to sew the handle under the umbrella top. What do you know, you’re already done!

milliemouse stormy sweater

I feel proud even though the process was fairly simple. Also I managed not to make something cupcake related again!!-not that I won’t ever return to those sweet desserts but a break is nice 🙂 I must say, it feels SO GOOD to be crafting again lately! Over the past week I’ve had my notebook full of sketches, project notes, poem blurbs, oh how wonderful to be creatively alive 😀 *hurrah*

I’ve finished this sweater yesterday and I’m already rummaging through my clothes for the next project 🙂
I’ve been looking for a new job lately, which means filling out boring applications and going store to store which really stresses me out, but crafting everyday tends to lift my spirits. 😀

I’ve really taken a liking in upcycling sweater/clothing projects lately, does anyone else feel the same? Any suggested blogs or websites I should check out? I’d love some input. Other than that, thanks for stopping by~ I hope 2014 has been treating everyone well.

Onto the next project!
❤ Millie

The Cat’s Meow: DIY Kitty Face Top

Just swingin' along~

Mew :3

Hello everyone! Geez, it’s been exactly a month since my last blog post?? Sorry for the silence, a little thing called “life” had me wrapped up in things but don’t worry, I return with a fun tutorial! 😀

A few blog post ago I did a felt plushie camera from a site called Hapy Friends Shoppe. Yet again, I found an amazingly simple and irresistible tutorial from them, a cute kitty top! The full tutorial is here but I’m going to give you a quick run down.


– A plain sweater/shirt/hoodie
– Felt
– Fabric
– Needle/thread
– Printer/scissors
– Lace (optional)
– Safety pin (optional)

1. Print the template for the kitty face then cut it out. TIP: You may need to resize the template before printing because it prints fairly large.

2. Cut out the kitty face on felt pieces. Then assemble them on your shirt.

3. Time to sew! Bring your shirt to life 🙂

4. Let’s make the bow. First cut a rectangular piece of fabric. Fold the edges and sew around to make them round. Pinch the center so it has a bow shape and sew the middle together. Cut another thin strip of fabric to wrap around the middle of the bow. Afterwards, sew the bow to the shirt. Or as another option, glue the safety-pin to the back so it can be attachable.

5. This last step is optional, it is just adding lace around the collar of the shirt. I think it adds a cute touch. And that’s it!

Me being a dork

Me being a dork

This project took a little over an hour, the longest part was sewing on the cat face and making sure each side was even. I like this tutorial because it was quick, easy, and gave a sweater I’ve never even worn a fresh new look. Also, I really appreciate hand sewn projects since I currently don’t have a sewing machine anymore.

I’ve been checking out DIY clothing projects lately, so I hope to find something new and share with you all. I’m also working on crocheting a sweater without a pattern. Which will probably be done….in a long time! >_< Here are a few other crochet works I’ve done recently:



Donald and Daisy

Donald and Daisy

Bon Bon and Lyra

Bon Bon and Lyra



Among these projects was a horribly mishaped Dora the Explorer doll for my little cousin, but she loved it to death and I couldn’t have been happier to see her glowing face. The Saber doll is from an anime called Fate/Stay Night, and was a birthday gift for my boyfriend since it is his favorite anime character. Also the plushie frogs were for him. He has been getting spoiled. It needs to stop! (He’s not so great. He complained I didn’t explain the dolls were for him so now here I am editing it for his convenience. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.)

Summer is almost over, and lately I’ve been a bit on the sad side with Chris going to full-time school, so we wont be seeing eachother everyday anymore. Also I’ve started working and have to take a year off of school, which also makes me bummed. But this is just life at the moment, I’m know things will be alright! 😀

Hope everyone else has had a great summer and is doing well! I’ll try to keep updating regularly again. 🙂 Bye for now!

Millie ❤

Cupcake on the Go: DIY Felt Pouch

Cupcake Felt Pouch by MillieonherWorld

So if you haven’t noticed, Millie is obsessed with all things colorful and sweet, and as of late has been inspired by her favorite dessert, cupcakes. That does not however mean that my joy in making cupcake themed things is an obsession, right….right?

Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I have cranked out another cupcake inspired craft, this time a felt cupcake pouch to go with my cupcake dress! Actually, I didn’t intend to make it for the dress, I just wanted to make something with felt and conveiniently had the right colors for a cupcake and why would I use the nice expensive printed felt on a pouch I totally made up and didn’t know how it would turn out—I’m trying really hard to defend myself

Moving on, I decided to make an easy tutorial for anyone else who wants a little pouch, (and no, you don’t have to make yours a cupcake). I like this pouch for times when I don’t want to lug around my huge purse, just need my wallet, car keys, and I can be out the door.

This only took me about an hour, but I’m sure its because I had no idea where I was going. Should be less than that 🙂

To start off, the supplies:
3 Different felt colors
1 Button
Zipper or Velcro
Hot Glue Gun
Be sure to print the template that can be found here: Pouch_Template

Let’s start!

  1. Using the template, cute out 3 Squares of the outside color, 2 squares of the inside color, and 2 pocket colors. If you want rounded edges to your pouch, stack and trim the corners.


  2. Felt stitch 1 of the outside frosting pockets to an outside color square


  3. Take one of the outside color squares and cute about 1/4th inch off the top to create a pocket. Sew it onto the third outside color to finish


  4. Sew across the top of the frosting pocket. Next sew on the button the the outside of the pocket. Cut a button hole on the frosting flap, then stitch around to make the edges smoother.


  5. Grabbing one of the inside felt squares, sew on the ribbon for a colorful strap


  6. Looking at my awesome Photoshopped picture, use your hot glue gun glue the outside and inside colors together. Be sure not to glue too close to the edges since we will be sewing them later on


  7. Do a trim around the inside color if it shows from behind the outside color


  8. Glue on the zipper or Velcro


  9. Blanket stitch through all felt layers, but make sure NOT to sew down the sides of the pocket flap!


Pretty simple right?

Felt Pouch on the Go by millieonherworld

While my wallet is pretty small, this is also a great size for a coin pouch so change isn’t loudly clacking in my bigger purse. Eventually I want to make one that is a little bigger and has a nice design on it. Now that I know how to make a simple pouch, I guess I can try making a MATURE designed one, get Chris off my case ;P

As of now, I only have  1 more cupcake inspired thing that will be featured 🙂 again made of felt. Felt is so much fun. I hope to finish this project soon. Hope everyone has fun weekends!

Now turned felting addict,
Millie ❤

Sweater Weather: DIY Felted Heart Elbow Patches


Wanna revamp and old sweater you never wear? Why not add some adorable felted elbow patches to them?
YOU SHOULD! Can I say that these are so adorable and make me excited to wear this sweater that I haven’t worn since I got it about two years ago? I adore how this turned out!

But stop right there, all the credit goes the the creative Koko of Lollipops and Rainbows. In my last post she shared a link to an amazingly simple tutorial from the blog Honestly…WTF . Visit her fancy blog to see the full tutorial, for now I’m going to show you some quick pics of what I did! Sorry for the bad camera quality, that is really my only complaint about my iPod.

Supplies: Pretty colored wool, simple sweater, felting block, felting needles, iron, heart cookie cutter, tape
Time: ~30 minutes if you are easily distracted like me

1. Put on your sweater, bend your elbow and put tape so the cookie cutter covers the appropriete area

(try eating a lollipop during this step!)

(try eating a lollipop during this step!)

2. Put the foam block in the sweater sleeve. Set up your cookie cutter and fill it with layers of wool

felting sleeve 1

3. Start with the edges and keep mercilessly poking those wool fibers!

Think you're done? KEEP POKING!

Think you’re done? KEEP POKING!

4. After you are confident that the wool is secure, carefully peel it off the foam block.

done felting heart 1

Should be smoothed out like this

Inside should look like this

Inside should look somethin’ like this

5. Time to bring out the iron. Put the setting to “wool” and make sure it is full of water. Iron directly on the wool patch, ocassionally spraying and using steam.

6. Admire your new sweater!


(try not to have crooked pigtails)

There you have it, cute n’ colorful heartful flare to your sweater. I have a whole tub cookie cutters and have the urge to felt more shapes on more sweaters, a win-win situation for me! I get to indulge myself in felting and my reward are “new” outfits. Eeek I’m so excited to wear this to school tomorrow, I don’t even know why 😀

That’s all for now! I should really study for my test but I’m sleepy >.> do it in the morning.

Quick shout-out to my photographer, my awesome boyfriend

My love~!

My love~!

He actually only took the last picture of me but I’m in a giddy mood today, thought I’d share with you all my crafting mastermind who aids me in my adventures. He’s so great, and amazing, and I’m sure he’ll just love this praise I’m giving him (he follows my blog).

Enough for now, its almost midnight. Good night!

*Quiet please, Millie going to sleep*

Beautifully Blue: DIY Cozy Crochet Fingerless Gloves

My latest addition to my small crochet clothing collection: fingerless gloves!
I feel so lovely wearing these, they are soft, super warm, and might I say super stylish?
Fingerless gloves are always in style, and now I can make them in any color I please, and so they fit my hands perfectly.
I am crochet master!…(not really).

I 100% do NOT create the pattern for these beauties. I did however add a small modification. The wonderful tutorial was found from My Favorite Things‘s blog, the link to the pattern is here and try taking a peak at her other patterns, they are all equally amazing.  Her tutorial took me a few tries but I noticed a major problem was that she used thin wool yarn, and I have none. I was working with a thicker acrylic yarn and didn’t like the way things were turning out. I made a slight modification starting at the second round.

Here’s the basics of what I did:

Need: 4.50 mm hook, acrylic yarn (I used Caron’s Simply Soft), lace or ribbon

Rnd 1:

Chain so the sequence is long enough to comfortably fit around your hand. The pattern calls for 30, but it was too big for me so I had to do less. For this way, make sure it is an even number. When you are done chaining, slip stitch into the first stitch to create a circle.

Rnd 2-6:

Chain 2, followed by a half double crochet into the same stitch. This is where I change things a bit. Chain 1, skip 1, then do a half double crochet in the next stitch. At the end of the round, do a slip stitch into the first sc. Be sure to count the number of “circles” or gaps between the half double crochets. Each following round should have the same number of gaps so there are no increases and your gloves starts getting wider and wider. For Rnd 3, start again by Chain 2, half double crochet, chain 1, skip 1, now half double crochet through the holes as pictured above. Continues until there are 6 even rounds.

Rnd 7:

Things are coming along now! This round introduces room for our little thumbs to poke through. Keep up the half double crochet, chain, skip pattern until you reach your thumb. When you do, chain 5-7 times or however it takes so the loop will fit comfortably around your thumb. After chaining, be sure to skip the exact same amount of stitches, then continue the hdc, ch, sk pattern. While chaining for your thumb loop, pay extra attention to the number and the equivalent amount of “circles” that were skipped. At the end of the round, make sure you still have the same amount of circles. (Okay this sounds a little confusing). Example: My total number of circles (aka gaps between my half double crochets) was 14. I chained 5 for  my thumb. 5 chains and 5 skips was equal to 3 hdc and 2 chs, or three circles. I included those three circles at the end of the round so my total was still 14 circles total.  End the round with a slip stitch.

Rnd 8- +16:

Keep up the same pattern, making sure to keep counting and ending each round with a slip stitch. I did 16, but ofcourse you can make the gloves as long as you wish!

Finishing Rnd:

For the end of the glove, I followed her pattern to get the semi frilly look. All working in SAME sc: yarn over, insert hook through stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 loops. Yarn over, insert hook in stitch, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops. As usual, end this round with a slip stitch. To finish, weave lace into the second to last row, tie it into a bow. That’s all!

I haven’t taken my gloves off since I made them. I should really preserve them for special occasions or even when I leave the house, but I can’t help myself! I hope everyone else tries to make a pair ^-^ This was great practice, I’ll probably make more eventually, after I finish all the other projects I’ve got lined up.

Enjoy the pattern, I’m done for the night 🙂

❤ Bye bye!

P.S. Woohoo 131 followers! I’m thinking about having another give away soon, be on the look out 🙂


Back to School! : DIY Notebook Paper Shirt

For most of us, the idea of going back to school already can be a cruel warning, wake up call to reality, a painful realization that soon you’ll be put on a strict schedule and all your free time will magically vanish. Maybe that’s just the way I feel. But for an odd reason, my favorite part of being back in school is having a fresh new notebook, turning to the first clean, crisp page and thinking “What will I fill you with?” To me, a blank notebook page is endless room for doodles, poems, lyrics, and occasional notes on whatever subject I am currently ignoring.

Anyway, I love notebooks. I was ecstatic to discover a tutorial on how to make a notebook paper shirt! I found it on Pinterest which led to the tutorial Maybe Matilda. They were adorable, I had to try! Her tutorial is lovely and easy, but it is used if you only have acrylic paint. To follow her fabulous tutorial click here. If you want to use fabric paint like me, here is a quick tutorial on what I did!

Supplies: White tshirt/tank top/whatever, tape that wont stick to the cloth too much, cardboard/foam board/paper/plastic, fabric paint, foam brushes, water, iron. Optional: white acrylic paint and paper plate.
Results: Awesome shirt to show off for the new school year!

1:. Prep

First thing to do is place your card board/foam board/plastic/paper/whatever between the front and back of your shirt. This is so the paint won’t leak to the back of the shirt. Next grab the tape and start creating rows, make them however thick or thin you want. For smoother lines, be sure the tape doesn’t cause wrinkles in the fabric. If you want to make sure each line is perfectly identical, use a ruler.

2. Lines of Blue

Pour the blue fabric paint onto the plate. I wanted my blue a bit brighter, so I mixed it with a drop of white acrylic paint. Carefully dab a little of the paint onto the foam brush and start painting inbetween the tape lines. I held the brush lightly, slowly painting to ensure the paint was even all the way across. Let it dry before next step. In the meantime wash the foam brush before the paint sits in!

3. Red Stripe

Gently peel the tape off the shirt after the blue paint has dried. Check for big blobs, especially in the are where the red stripe is going to go. When the coast is clear, place two strips of tape horizontal on the left side. Again I lightened my red fabric paint with white acrylic paint. I made this line thinner and bolder than the blue lines.

4. Making it Last

Depending on the fabric of your shirt and how thick you painted, drying could take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. To be safe, I let mine sit over night and by morning it was fine. I turned the shirt inside out and took an iron to it. This helps the paint set into the fabric. And you’re done!

This was easy right? I had no real problems, and this tank top turned out how I expected, sloppy lines and all! I struggled with the option of writing text on my shirt, to make it seem more like the pages of my past notebooks, but decided against it. If I do another shirt I’d like to try that out, maybe make it look like a love letter or something sweet like that.

1. Blue painter’s tape is way too thick…I used electrical tape, but probably masking tape is ideal since scotch tape is too thin and packaging tape ruins the fabric.
2. I read that fabric paint works best on cotton shirts. Although, my tank top is mainly nylon (or something along those lines) and so far I’ve had no problems.
3. Caution on mixing fabric and acrylic paint— too much acrylic paint can make the paint stiff when it dries.


I hadn’t worn this tank top in over a year, I happily sported it all day today!
Give it a go, I’d love to see your shirts too. 🙂
What are your plans for the upcoming school season? I hope someone else makes this in time for school. Thanks for stoppin’ by! ❤