Crocodile Love: Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves (and patterns)

I took on the crocodile, and won!

Crocodile stitch? I got this in the bag, I’m an ol’ pro now! After a few days of aggravated practicing and many unraveling of failed attempts, I got the crocodile stitch down, and can do it in a hear beat. Now I have 2 pairs of fingerless gloves to flaunt through the upcoming cold months. 😀

I decided to use grey and black for the color scheme, mainly because they will go with the majority of my winter clothes and I want to be able to wear them with everything I can! As usual, I possess no ability to follow the pattern correctly, this time these gloves were created by a combination of two fingerless glove patterns.

***UPDATE: It seems that Penelope Rae has decided to sell her patterns so they are no longer free 😦 But they are pretty inexpensive, and the pattern I did was clear and had great instruction, worth the investment!***

The first is a wonderful tutorial from Penelope Rae’s crochet blog. She has a page dedicated to a few of her free patterns, raging from beanies to gloves to scarves. Check them all out! Her tutorial was used for the actual crocodile stitches. The black cuff of the gloves was from a pattern found at My Favorite Things’ blog, here.

After making the first glove, I was afraid I’d use all my grey yarn, so I switched to black for the second part.  I changed the number of crocodile rows as well, only doing 6 when there should be 7. If you’re going to use the any of these patterns with thicker yarn or yarn that isn’t wool, I’d advise increasing the number of chains needed to start off with as long as it is a multiple of 6. The required hook was US F (3.75). I used a 4.00 hook for both parts and they worked fine. I followed the  first pattern and Chained 24 to start, but by the end I could barely squeeze my hand in, and my wrists are pretty small…I had to start all over after that, so beware! The crocodile stitch is easy for me now, but they still take a long time to do. About 6 hours went into these, I had to keep stopping because my knuckles would start to ache or I’d make the tiniest mistake and had to unravel. A very long  night/early morning project, and it was so worth it! 🙂
—Changing the Mood—
So, I don’t know how many of you saw my last post with me freaking out over my parents selling the house and the big changes approaching my life. I’ll be the first to admit, I can be overdramatic, I freak out over things, I’m a bit neurotic when a lot of things are out of my control or don’t go as planned.
But that’s what life does, it likes to mess up your plans for better or for worse!
Since then, I have been looking at places to live and there is a big possibility I found an affordable room to rent, literally 2 minutes down the road. The only downside is I only have access to my room, bathroom, and laundry room. In my room I have a mini fridge, microwave, and the land lord would allow me to get a toaster oven and mini stove top. Basically I would be living in just  room, kind of like a college dorm I guess. This will be a big adjustment, but I think I can do it. Before my mom remarried, we lived in a one room studio. It’ll be close to that. Even with just a room, atleast I’d have my own personal space, close to the library, stores, and I’ll have a car to visit friends if I feel a little lonely. If I get this place I’m thinking of getting a small pet.
For now I am weighing my options, yet this place is my best option so far. I’m becoming very hopeful. And a special thank you to Kedar Joyner and Little Green Pixie  for your comments, they helped a lot *big hugs to you lovely ladies*
The next few days will be filled with fun, laughter, and hard work. I’m literally chasing down jobs, get to see my old friend again, seeing my little nephew who I haven’t seen since his birthday, and working with my dad for some extra cash in my pockets. Within this time, I have to make my going away present for my parents. Hope everyone had a good Halloween, and may you have a good weekend! ❤

Taking on the Crocodile



Q: What led me to step outside my amigurumi frenzy and attempt the crocodile stitch?
A: My mom

Yesterday I was on Etsy looking for some beautiful handmade Christmas gifts- for myself that is. I stumbled across a pair of  STUNNING fingerless gloves with crocodile stitches on the ends and a beautiful black to deep blue ombre effect. As usual, my mom pokes her head in my laptop screen and ruins my longing:

Mom: “You’re not buying those are you?”
Me: Shifty eyes slowly frowning at mother, “Maybe…”
“Why, you can MAKE those!”
Whiney voice, “But mooooooom, they are so pretty and that stitch is hard.”
Waves hand in my face, “Stop being silly, you can learn that if you practice.”
Considering challenge, “Say I buy these and then make my own?”
“No. Go practice.”
Rolling eyes, “Fine….”

The results:



This is my first attempt, I’m pleased but also irritated. During some part of my crochet stitches, I turn my hook the wrong way and the stitches are facing backwards. Some are too loose, some are too tight, but I am determined to get this right, I really love this stitch. The only downside is the tremendous amount of yarn this stitch uses! If I used this to create those beautiful lovely astonishing crocodile stitch fingerless gloves I have been dreaming of  – literally, I dreamed I was wearing a pair last night(a little weird? yes) – I would have to devote my whole bundle. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, it is to me. Making amigurumi toys and dolls always leaves me with plenty of yarn to spare, when one project takes up a whole bundle I start feeling stingy (lol).

I practiced for a good 2 hours, taking a while to comprehend how to start the stitches themselves. I used a lot of different resources, discovering that YouTube held the key to my success. Here are the videos that really helped me get going:

Crochet Geek – How to Make the Crocodile Scale Stitch
How to Crochet *Crocodile Stitch* Scales Stitch
Crocodile Stitch – How to Crochet

I’m happy that this stitch isn’t as unattainable as previous thoughts. I’m going to practice tomorrow, tonight I am doing some sewinnng~~ ❤  I’m working on the lining for my Gameboy Pouch and BAM, I use the machine and get it to work perfectly! Since then my sewing has been much more enjoyable. How happy I am!

Lately when I’m not crocheting or doing school, I have my eyes glued to the computer screen playing some good old fashioned online games. Specifically the ever popular (and slightly overrated) World of Warcraft game. I used to be a WoW addict when I was 17. Last week my friend reintroduced me to the world, all the new changes and characters, maps, quests, soooo much to do! >.> I regret my addiction awakening, I hope it does not consume me again, but oh so tempting…in the meantime, I’ll stop playing now to watch the new episode of Prank My Mom, a Lifetime show that I vow to put my mom on someday!

❤ Ta ta for now from Millie