Built-In Bow Hat

Built in Bow Hat millie on her world

Unlike the last few hats I’ve made, this one is completely intended for myself 🙂 I give you, the Built-in Bow hat!

After getting frustrated over the Honeycomb hat pattern I was trying to follow (it was more confusing than anticipated) I started looking for another hat pattern. Searching and searching, I discovered the Built-in Bow hat! Actually, the name of this hat had several names, so I don’t really know what it’s called, so I made one up heehee. I found a few patterns–but they were only in child’s sizes. However, I refused to give up! Determined to figure out how it could fit an adult I did some tweaking and managed to make a pattern. 😀 Very basic with a cute design, here’s what I did to make mine~

Materials: 5.00 mm Hook, Yarn needle, optional decorations, and any kind of size 4 yarn
St – Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet
Ch – Chain

Rnd 1: Dc 11 into a Magic Ring
Rnd 2: 2dc into each st (22)
Rnd 3: Dc, 2dc in next st (34)
Rnd 4: Dc 2, 2dc in next st (45)
Rnd 5: Dc 3, 2dc in next st (56)
Rnd 6: Dc 4, 2dc in next st (67)
Rnd 7-11: Dc 67
Rnd 12: Dc 12, Ch 12 (or desired length), Dc until end.
Rnd 13-16: Repeat Rnd 12

close up built in bow

Finishing: From the middle stitch, sew together to create the built in bow. If wanted, add some bling-bling~ (I know no one says that anymore…)

🙂 I like this hat. It’s not the warmest to wear outside (in -9 degrees like it is here today) but it is cozy enough to wear indoors or just in a warmed car xD I think I might make one in a lighter color to sport during spring.

Right now I’m gong to work on a DIY upcycle sweater tutorial. Hoping it all goes well and will look cute in the end that is. Wish me luck!

Stay warm out there all my midwest bloggers, and in general to everyone else, this winter is really fierce huh?

Sewing, sewing, sewing,
❤ Millie