Linguine Doll (WIP)(Maybe…)

Linguine Dolls by Wayuki

Linguine Dolls by Wayuki

Months have passed since I first saw these adorable dolls! I had first started exploring the big beautiful crochet world when I fell in love with these two. Look at those colors, the cute expressions, their lanky lengthy legs! I promised myself that eventually, I would try the pattern that was freely distributed by their creator, Wayuki.

Yesterday while seeking inspiration for new doll patterns, I was face to face with this photo and just knew, now was the time to fulfill that promise.

Well, I tried.

Linguine? Not.

Linguine? Not.

Sure, my doll is missing a few things….legs, arms, hair, normal body shape, but who’s criticizing?
This doll was doomed from the start! First of all, the slender skinny figures are a result of using fingering or sock yarn. The brown yarn I used is size 3 while the green dress is size 4 medium. To accompany the thin yarn is the ultra thin, super scary, 2.0 mm crochet hook. Working with large yarn and a teeny-tiny-thinner-than-a-tooth pick hook that I swear was about to snap the whole process took up a chunk of my day. Under that green cone dress is her small body which was  ridiculous trying to crochet the dress over the body without the hook getting caught.

I feel bad leaving this poor doll with so much missing, but I’m frustrated. Why didn’t I just wait to find appropriate yarn. Although in my defense (against myself) solid colored sock/fingering yarn is scarce around here. The popular choice is size 4 yarn, size 3 you find if your lucky. The small sock yarn section is either full of  a.) all wool yarn b.) multi colored acrylic or c.) multi colored wool. I hate buying yarn online since I can’t judge yarn color with my own eyes. Le sigh. One day I will regain the patience to complete this doll, as unfortunate as she is at the moment. Okay, so I’m being dramatic. She isn’t too bad, but my fingers do hurt from tugging extra hard on yarn that is not meant to be used with such a small hook!

Positive side, I learned a new technique that I would’ve never thought of before. Trying out various patterns was how I learned to crochet in the first place. Maybe I need to brush up, increase my knowledge so I can make even more advancements. 🙂 I’m pretty good now *gives myself a conceded pat on the back* but I see A LOT of very advance crocheters that do stunning dolls and toys that leaves my mind boggled. If I can get a fraction of their talent, I’ll be satisfied.

Anywho~ pattern searching continues! I want to practice all sort of doll forms. My favorite forms at the moment are the long, thin armed and leg dolls similar to the Linguine ones and the small, chubby, anime chibi looking dolls. If you want to give the Linguine Dolls a try, check out the free pattern on Craftster.

The forceful wind outside reassured me that winter is finally here. We got a lovely little storm yesterday but to be honest there is barely a centimeter of snow left. The wind was the real nightmare! The Windy City has to live up to its name, right? Ignoring the wind, today was beautiful and sunny. I spent the day giggling inside about all the people who thought the Maya apocalypse was scheduled today and would end us all. I get a real kick out of those supposed Doomsday dates!

Happier thoughts, Christmas is around the corner. This is the first year I will be celebrating away from my father’s house, and instead with my boyfriend and his family. I’m more worried that his gift will be super dorky or he won’t like it. I’ve never been one to give Christmas presents on Christmas Day, or actually wrapped a gift with a card full of cheesy sayings.   I hope everyone has a good Christmas full of love, family, and (my personal favorite), good food! ❤