Share your Craft: DIY Business Cards

Project: Handmade Business Cards
Supplies: Parchment paper, ribbon, thread, yarn, size D crochet hook, thick paper, stamps, ink pad, hole puncher, box cutter, ruler
Results: Sense of accomplishment!

Being a maker of homemade items, I couldn’t settle for having a fancy-shmancy professional business card. Actually, I was getting so OCD about creating the perfect business card on the computer that I called it quits. Instead I started researching handmade cards and viola! I created these colorful cards and envelopes from simple (and affordable) household items:

Searching for inspiration, I found Pugly Pixel’s homemade business cards that were made from glassine envelopes filled with colorful confetti.  How adorable they were! From there I brainstormed and doodled until I found a design I like, then I was off and nothing could stop me!

Step 1: Tracing, Cutting, Folding

I started by making a few 3.5 x 2 inch cards on thick paper. Next I used this basic pattern and measurements for the envelope. Trace it onto the parchment paper and cut away. Fold the flaps so there is a comfortable fit around the card.

2. Hole Punch!

–in the bottom right corner. Make sure it’s not too high or too low.

3. Ribbon Slits

With the box cutter carefully create two small slits on each side. Pull the ribbon through so on the front side you can make a bow.

4. Time to Sew

This is the part I dread the most! I had to resort to sewing the two ends together since I finally realized that “Hmm, glue doesn’t stick to parchment paper….” Starting from the bottom flap of the envelope, start sewing being very careful that the needle doesn’t break through the front of the card. (I think I used a “back sticth” ? I’m bad with sewing terms…)

5. Handful of Hearts

Now that THAT’S over, time for some crochet! I chose hearts because they were easy, small, and so cute! I found an easy pattern from Little Birdie Secrets:

All stitches worked into the first chain.
Ch 4. Work 3 tr (triple crochet) into first ch, 3 dc, ch 1, 1 tr, ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr. Ch 3, sl st into center and fasten off.

With thread, attach the heats through the hold on the envelope.

6. Decorate Your Cards

As little or as much as you like! I decided to use these tiny letter stamps for the front  and permanent markers to write my information on the back. And now you’re done!

I only have 10 finished, but I’m satisfied they are exactly how I want them to be. Few last tips:

1. These can be time consuming. I tend to do  max 10-15 at a time then take a break. Pace yourself, and if you can get some worker bees!
2. If you use stamps, make sure the ink is fully dry before you mess with them, unlike me.
3.  Measure your parchment paper before you randomly cut a piece to trace on, this will save you paper and time.
4. For more inspiration on handmade cards, check out this colorful and unique list: 13 Creative Business Cards

I’d love to see if anyone makes or already has made their own cards. 🙂
Other than that, TTFN, Ta Ta for Now!

New Etsy Items: Fuzzy bears, rhinos, and aloha girl

I have been a  busy buzzing Millie Bee the past few days!
I’ve been working on new patterns, trying to promote my currently low-traffic online shop, and the never ending quest for craft items. On top of that, I’ve been researching new colleges, housing arrangements, job applications, preparing my room for when the house goes for sale– so much to do, so little time! Okay, been a lil stressed lately.

Now, for the good stuff, crochet has been my destresser, and here are my latest creations that are all on my shop! (whoohoo!)




Her new ice cream bowl – yummy!

Faye the Dreamer

Rhonda Rhino

In addition I added a “Create Your Own Doll” option. 🙂
Clicky Here to visit my shop!

I’m working on a new pattern that I want to share with the world. Plus I’m still trying to figure out the whole “Uploading PDF files to Ravelry” because I can NOT get it to work to save my life *le sigh*I should have my next DIY project done soon. 😀

Thanks for visiting, have a great day lovelys!

An Array of Awards

Since the opening I’ve my shop, I’ve finally been able to take a breather and put my crochet hook down (well, for a few minutes anyway…). About a week ago I received not 1, but 3 blog awards! How honored I feel! 😀

The Reader Appreciation Award was given to me by the very kind Clare of  Simplify2x. She has a very reflective, inspirational, and calming blog. A big thank you to her, and send her some love by checking her out!

The Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award was received from sweet Misty of Crochet Thoughts. Within her blog she shares crochet, knitting, and life in general in a lovely way. Don’t forget to visit her as well.
I thank both you lovely ladies very much! And as usual, here we go again with the Official Rules that go along with these awards:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Nominate other blogs
-Notify them of their nomination

7 More things about me:
1. I can barely swim, most of the time I just float around!
2. Belle, Mulan, and Pocahontas are my favorite Disney Princesses.
3. I’m only 5’2” and my friends constantly call me a “stick”
4.  I can’t crochet flowers if my life depended on it 😦
5. I dream of going to Louisiana to learn more about my Creole culture (especially the food!)
6. I love resale shops!!
7. I enjoy building things that require tools like hammers, screw drivers, power saws, ect.

Now the nomination part:
Honestly, I think a lot of people deserve to have these 3 awards. So, if you check out my “Awards” page (link up top) and you have been nominated by me before, consider yourself nominated for these 3 as well!
I would love to one by one send them nominations, but that would take a long, long, long, time ^^;;
Congrats to you guys! In addition, here are a few more blogs I want to add to my nomination list:

Oh Yes They Did!
Little Green Pixie
Lazy Creative
Crafty Meggy
Forever Sunshine 
Show Us Your Crafty Bits 

I wish I could say something other than “Thanks” or “Thank You”, but I hope it still gets the point across of how much I appreciate the mention for awards and to know that other’s enjoy my blog. Everyone else enjoy your awards and as usual, thanks for stopping by! May the rest of your day be lovely and fun!

Ice Cube Painting: A Chilly DIY Project

Project: Ice Painting
Supplies: Food coloring, water, ice trays, small bowls, plastic spoons, paper, popsicle sticks or a good substitute
Results: An easy way to add color to work, especially on hot summer days.

Want to do something new and fun  on these hot summer days? I think this project would be great for anyone just wanting to try something new, quick, easy, and isn’t too messy. Also it’s a great substitute if you want to do a little cheap water coloring effect in your art work. I found the tutorial at Happy Houligans post.

As shown here the supplies are common kitchen items. The only thing I had to improvise on was cutting plastic knives in half since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks. I was suprised that we also had two different sets of food coloring, the regular   4 colors and the bright neon colors. I started by dropping 3 drops of red, blue, and yellow and let the mixing of colors begin!

In a few hours these babies were ready to paint! all the colors turned out pretty good. Well, except the red that turned out to be more pink than anything else.

I felt like a 3 year old again doing this

I have a think for hair coloring, don’t I?

The only down side for me was how fast the ice melted, and the food coloring that still has my fingers stained. On the other hand, when the ice started melting it was great for randomly splattering colors on the page. This is one of those times where I wish I was more artistic! Like those people in my school who are attached to their paint sets and will be seen painting anywhere on campus.

Yup, this is a quick and easy activity. I had fun scribbling, splattering, and swirling water colors!  If you want to try this, check out the tutorial, this would be fun for kids to do. Few quick tips:

1. Mixing colors is fun, but having a lot of food coloring helps
2. Any paper is good, unless you really want a good painting thicker paper is best so it won’t wrinkle. The top drawing was on Epson Matte photo paper and maintained its shape.
3. Best if this is done on a hard surface and towel!

That’s all I really have to say, I tried this when I was half asleep and most of my paper was random nonsense, still worth trying again 🙂

Introducing Bun-Buddies and Happy Hippos

Bun Bunny Keychain

Charming, yes?

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m a manga/anime fan. I credit that as inspiration for my new series of mini animals I’m going to be doing. I call them Bun Bunnies!

I decided to make Bun Buddies be mainly key chains or cell phone charms, but the option to just have them as little round chibi cuties.

Annnnnnnnd here are my hippos! I feel that hippos don’t get enough love, so I made a pattern to tribute to their cuteness.

My first hippo 🙂

I’m excited to start making more Bun Buddies, but even more excited that I finally got beige, tan, and brown yarn to make dolls! 🙂 I’ve had a doll without a head and legs for the past week haha She can finally be completed.

As a side project today, in 15 minutes I made a DIY macro photo studio. It turned out, well….you be the judge:

I will say, as tacky, uneven, lopsided, small, and cramped, it works! I tool all those pictures above with so I can’t complain too much. A great tutorial is found here, where he actually used a box instead of a shoe box, shoe box lid, tissue paper, and a piece of foam board like I did.

Do you like my first Bun Buddy? Do you think that he looks better as a keychain or just a little pink bun? 🙂

The Start of Dolly Funess

I think this is the start of something…

Within 24 hours of making my first doll, I somehow managed to crochet another! I thought I had the crochet bug real bad before, but now all I can think about is how many cute dolls can I make, and what color combinations look the best and how I am extremely low on 6mm black eyes and I’m frustrated that almost all my beige yarn is gone and WHY don’t I have more natural skin tone looking colors?

Seriously, Millie has got to calm down on the crochet. Eventually. Nahh, I think not.

My second doll is temporarily named Jelly Bean Jean, because I like the little ring it has to it. I originally wanted her to have a name like Ginger Snap Curl or Polly Petal, but still working, my first doll still doesn’t even have a proper name. I really like this doll, gave me the chance to experiment with adding shoes to the outfit, smile, freckles, a longer dress, and the curly hair that took me a while to figure out how to attach them to her head properly. I forgot that I wanted to add eyebrows….oh well, plans for my next doll are already in motion, which include adding crochet flowers that I have been wanting to try.

After seeing Madagascar 3 and ending up meeting my bf’s mother for the first time to help them move furniture (in a halter dress, not my best idea) I impatiently wait to see if I passed or failed the First Impression test. But overall a birthday well spent. Now, for once I find myself snuggled in bed before 11 p.m. and ready for sleep, goodnight! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

By the way, anyone a total genius at naming items? What do you think I should call my dolls?

One Lovely Blog Award

 The lovely Joan of the thing about joan blog was kind enough to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog award (I feel so honored!) I’ve only been blogging for a short while, and didn’t know much about all te awards that go around and nominations and such, so this is pretty exciting to me. I love it because everyone nominates others and I get to explore even more amazing blogs, there are so many out there 😀

According to the rules, to accept this nomination first I have to wrie 7 things about me. Oooh this is hard, but here I go :
1. I love the process of creating, whether it be creating crafts, writing poems, or computer graphics, I always want to make something!
2. I have so many hobbies, I often pull all-nighters or stay up extremely late to engage in them all (not the smartest idea though!)
3. DIY are the BEST projects, my first project was when I was 4, we melted old crayons in a gingerbread man tin to create new ones.
4. Poetry is the ultimate way I express myself, wrote my first poem when I was in 3rd grade.
5. I am a cat lover! Yet show me a German Shepard or a Huskie and I will be smitten.
6. Still a kid at heart, catoons never fail to put me in a good mood.
7. When not crafting, outdoors is the place to be 🙂

Thank goodness that’s over (it actually took a good while!) here are some blogs I really enjoy, you should check them out too:

Doli Siregar: Amazing photography! A variety of subject matter, with clear and crisp images that provide a refreshing way to view life.
Lyndamichele: Another blog with beautiful pictures that are inspiring, relaxing, unforgettable.
Catherine, Caffeinated: Thinking of publishing? This blog lends a helping hand to guide you through the confusing, yet rewarding world.
of dreams and particles: Dolls, crochet, photography, and manga, she shares all her loves in a colorful and unique way.
the thing about joan: the wonderful blog that nominated me, she is a busy mother, crafter, and blogger who’s always got fun stories to share.
crayons and milk: Knitting away adorable toys, and sharing other cute and funny finds, there is always something in each post to catch your eyes.
Clouds of Color: Cool DIY projects, phone photo Fridays, and hand hand drawn work, what more could a reader want?
One of a Kindness: Can you san crochet creativity? Check out her wonderful handmade items and other crochet adventures and finds.
Simplify2x: Insightful reflections and calming pictures, always a great read from her simple posts.
Hope you had time to enjoy these blogs as much as I do! Now all that’s left is to post the guidlines for the nominies, and like the blog before me, I just copied and pasted:

The guidelines for accepting this award are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate about 15 other blogs that you enjoy.
4. Let the nominees know that you chose them. (An aside:  if you don’t want to play or pass along the award, that’s totally fine.   Just know that this is my way of saying, “I like your blog!  I really do!”)

I’ve been on my friend’s computer a while, I’m scooting my little self off to play with her two year old who’s been tugging at my arm the past twenty minutes.  Thanks for reading as always, have a lovley summer day!