Return of the Ice Painting


Ice painting just gets better and better! And did I mention that it lasts a while? I’m still using the same ice cubes I made last week. I love how easy it is, the cubes are always ready to go, just a trip to the freezer and ta-da, easy art!

Making more pictures is a new hobby that’s growing on me (as if I need another one!) A few nights ago I realized that it really is a great stress reliever.

*Warning: slightly dramatic story ahead* I was minding my own business, just watching a foreign movie on Netflix on my Wii when our power  cut off. 3 seconds later it pops back on – the TV, lights, fan, alarm clock- everything BUT the Wii. I press the power button and no luck, it wouldn’t even light up. I was so frustrated! The Wii is my only updated game system, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to replace it.  What did I do? I dug out paper, scribbled some drawings and furiously started ice painting. After two pictures I started feeling better. I felt so alive letting the ice roam free!

I love ice painting. Everyone should try 🙂


Ice Cube Painting: A Chilly DIY Project

Project: Ice Painting
Supplies: Food coloring, water, ice trays, small bowls, plastic spoons, paper, popsicle sticks or a good substitute
Results: An easy way to add color to work, especially on hot summer days.

Want to do something new and fun  on these hot summer days? I think this project would be great for anyone just wanting to try something new, quick, easy, and isn’t too messy. Also it’s a great substitute if you want to do a little cheap water coloring effect in your art work. I found the tutorial at Happy Houligans post.

As shown here the supplies are common kitchen items. The only thing I had to improvise on was cutting plastic knives in half since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks. I was suprised that we also had two different sets of food coloring, the regular   4 colors and the bright neon colors. I started by dropping 3 drops of red, blue, and yellow and let the mixing of colors begin!

In a few hours these babies were ready to paint! all the colors turned out pretty good. Well, except the red that turned out to be more pink than anything else.

I felt like a 3 year old again doing this

I have a think for hair coloring, don’t I?

The only down side for me was how fast the ice melted, and the food coloring that still has my fingers stained. On the other hand, when the ice started melting it was great for randomly splattering colors on the page. This is one of those times where I wish I was more artistic! Like those people in my school who are attached to their paint sets and will be seen painting anywhere on campus.

Yup, this is a quick and easy activity. I had fun scribbling, splattering, and swirling water colors!  If you want to try this, check out the tutorial, this would be fun for kids to do. Few quick tips:

1. Mixing colors is fun, but having a lot of food coloring helps
2. Any paper is good, unless you really want a good painting thicker paper is best so it won’t wrinkle. The top drawing was on Epson Matte photo paper and maintained its shape.
3. Best if this is done on a hard surface and towel!

That’s all I really have to say, I tried this when I was half asleep and most of my paper was random nonsense, still worth trying again 🙂

The Day I Chalked my Hair

Today’s Project: Hair Chalking
Requirements: Hair, Water, Chalk (I used sidewalk chalk, although soft-pastel chalk is recommended), Blow Dryer, Hair Spray, possibly water and if you have really curly hair, some no-frizz-hold-curl Hair Gel.
Results: Colored curls, a dream come true, and a freaked out mother

I’ll be the first to admit that as a 22 year old woman, I hardly have any desire to follow the latest trends in terms of fashion and style. Very rarely will I see commercials on TV and go “OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-THAT-NEW-EYE-LINER-DRESS-SHOES” unlike the rest of the normal women in my family. But every once in a while, something will peak my interest.

Today, it was the trend of chalking your hair. Cruising through blogs again (I swear that’s not all I do) I came across Pink & Black Magazine’s tutorial about this colorful project that’s been passed from Lauren Conrad to other popular stars. With my fingers a little sore from creating new crochet patterns all night (will post results later) I wanted a new project to tackle. How perfect was this one!

Since I was 13 I always wanted color in my hair– you know, the blue highlights, purple streaks, or pink bangs. My mother, a woman who strictly believes hair should only be natural tones wasn’t going to let my fantasy’s come true. I thought today I could see what it would be like to not be stuck with normal dark brown hair.

I was shocked that this actually worked! I was partially convinced my hair was too dark, like other home-made/generic techniques I used in the past to add color to my hair. Feeling giddy I had new hues to my curls, I showed my mom. Didn’t expect her to freak out as much as she did, but basically she says I’m not allowed out of the house -_- sheesh, in my household, 22 still has its restrictions. (Besides, I don’t plan on leaving this in my hair for too long).

A Quick Tip: If your hair is blonde, you don’t need to use water, you can just start chalking your hair and see vibrant results. If your hair is darker or almost black like mine, you’ll need to use a decent amount of water. What I found easiest was to add a small amount of water only to the ends of my hair that I wanted the color to show — do NOT wet all you hair. As you are chalking keep adding a little more water until the color shows strong and stays.

In other news, since I’m temporarily out of beige yarn (*screams at sky* Nooooo!) I’m creating other patterns and merchandise I can sell, since I officially plan on opening an Etsy shop before the end of this month. My goal is to have 5 dolls, with 5 more planned out before I start. I’m going to act like a spiteful little kid and flaunt my pink/blue/green hair around the house before I start working on more patterns. If you’re looking for something easy, fun, and colorful to do, try this out with your hair 🙂

Oh this is the first time you see the Millie of Millie on her World in person, so hi everyone and have a lovely day!

Melted Mayhem

Project: Melted Crayon Art
Title: “Lead Me to Color”
Supplies: 2 boxes of Playschool $0.55 crayons, Black 6mm thick foam board, glue gun, Revelon hair dryer
Results: A not so perfect but not too bad peice of artwork

Cruising the Crafts section of WordPress, I came across a post of a girl who tried to make her own melted crayon art, and I got super excited. I remember seeing crayon art about a year ago, and thought it was very creative, colorful, and unique. Since I am on a Craft/DIY power trip, feeling like Super Millie who can tackle ANY crafting project head on with flying colors, I decided to make my own. The process is fairly easy: glue crayons to board, use hair dryier to melt, ta-da!

Success and Failures: I managed to melt the crayon! The majority of them anyway. Some of those darned crayons were so stubborn they hardly melted at all! The pink and sky blue colors on the ends hardly budged, no matter how long I directed the heat towards them, or switched up the angles, nope, they only wanted to break. On the other hand, the purples were more than happy to glide down the board with glossy waxy trails, to my delight since purple is my favorite color.

When I read directions online how to do this, I thought all I needed was something on the ground to catch the dripping wax. I failed to realize that the majority o the wax never reached the newspaper, but instead decided to decorate my walls, my mirror, and yes, my sundress. Putting an attached comb onto the dryer didn’t help one bit either, and I had to vacuum and scrub the splat marks afterward.

Perhaps my biggest mistake was my choice in crayons. While the $0.55 Playschool Crayons made my wallet happy, I think I should stick to my old friend Crayola. I almost snuck into my moms glamorous looking 64 set, but I want to live to see my birthday. If anyone is going to try this, my advice is:

1. DONT GO WITH CHEAP CRAYONS! Stick to Crayola.
2. Use a canvas. Foam boards are alright, but at one point the hot glue that held the crayons to the board started melting, sending them sliding or crumbling away.
3. Be creative, try not to do the traditional rainbow arrangement (although its still pretty cool), or add some pizzaz to it, a piece of yourself.
4. Love what you make, and have fun!

Anyone else tried this kind of art? The best of luck to anyone who tries, if you do share with me I’d love to see it!
Whelllllllp, I’m leaving with a few pieces of work that I love and would have hanging in my room: