Goody Giveaway!

I’ve been meaning to do this for days—my 100 Follower Giveaway! 🙂

Starting this blog has opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew existed! This blog has helped me so much, I find I can be as expressive as I want, not afraid to hold back (normally I am EXTREMELY shy, like I get nervous to say a simple “Hello” to a stranger). Millie on her World has been great for me, but what I love the most is reading your blogs, reading experiences of others is a blast! I love seeing your crafting projects, hearing your funny children’s stories, trying out your recipes, all the wonderful things you share. To thank my followers that take a peak into my life, I’m hosting my first giveaway!

Wondering what you’ll get? 🙂 ofcourse!

Chibi Cuties


Bun Buddy


I’ll be giving away one of my Chibi Cuties, one Bun Buddy, and one mystery prize! The Chibi Cuties are 3 inch soft plush toys, the Bun Buddies are less than 2 inch key chains (or I can leave it as a plush toy if you wish). Mystery prize? You’ll have to wait and see heeheehee 😉

Entering is easy-peasy, as long as you enter before September 10th.
To enter do this~~
1. You must be following my blog
2. Leave a comment saying which Chibi Cutie and Bun Buddy you’d like and why
Optional: Reblog and I will enter your name twice! I’m doing one of those old fashion “draw-names-outta-a-jar” to pick my winner.

Simple, right?
Let the giveaway officially begin!


Sailor Moon – Amigurumi Style

Champion of Love and Justice!

A gift to my bff’s 22nd birthday, and to 9 years of friendship. She is super obsessed with Sailor Moon and this doll matched her Sailor Moon Seatbelt-Buckle belt I found at Hot Topic. So Sharline, thanks for letting me share my life with you and you letting me into yours over these years of our ups and downs, love you! ❤

If you want to make your own Sailor Moon, check out the free pattern by Jen Vasseur found here.