And then there were BUNNIES.

Teeny Tiny Bunny

Teeny Tiny Bunny

Naturally, you make a bear you make a bunny, and then afterwards you start on your tiny baby dragons! Huh, that’s not the order? Oh well…how else does one spend their 25th birthday? With a crochet hook in hand of course!

Three  bears down, three bunnies down, and I have started on a trio of dragons to join the group. Not to mention I’m making patterns for their individual habitats. ^^ This pattern is proving to be super fun at the moment~

Had one tester for the little bear pattern, still would like two more and more names suggestions, although there are a few I find adorable. Thanks to all who participate, have a good evening everyone!

Yummy Ice Cream Bunny

😀 I feel EMPOWERED!!
My currently nameless ice cream bunny is finally done. >.< I’m so relieved….
I started this pattern yesterday morning, worked on her all day, all night, until 2:30 am, then started again at 8 and by 10 she was finally complete!

Ugh, her pattern was horrid…..I started over countless times.
The hardest part was the white ice cream on her head. Originally the white yarn and baby pink were supposed to alternate, but I couldn’t get the look right and decided to add a separate part. Her body was tricky, especially maintaining the head-body ratio I wanted to achieve….that part took a couple of hours.
Her inspiration came from a picture I found on Deviant art by SprinkleChick:

I LOVE it! Only proper to give my inspiration credit. 🙂
I’m 50-50 on
1. Selling this bunny in my shop, she takes up a ton of time with those sprinkles and switching colors!
2. Adding a smile or blush marks
3. Offering her in different colors (blue, purple, green, and yellow)
4. She still needs a name!
5. If I do sell her make her “Made to Order” so I don’t have to go through this process right away  >.>
What’s your opinion?

I meant to finish my bunny yesterday to enter Wool Hog’s Monthly Challenge, I think the deadline was today….maybe I can still enter! 😀  Gonna go enter Wool Hog’s  competition…wish me luck! —-*3 min later update* Awww the competition closed today *le sad face* 😥 so close! —-*10 min later update* They let me enter, YAY!!

I’m happy that I’ve had some wonderful entries for my Giveaway. Yet I have to remind a few that you must FOLLOW my BLOG as part of the rules 😉 Email following works too. Thanks for stopping by! ❤ have wonderful day.



Only 2 Dolls Away from Etsy, yay!

I’m REALLY excited to be opening an Etsy shop soon. Although, I haven’t even thought of a shop name…or pricing…dolls still have no names…still need to photoshop a banner and create a cute little business card….okay, so I still have a few things to do. Doesn’t mean I can’t be excited, right? It feels good to have something to work towards even though it’s summer.

I originally wanted to open shop when I had 5 dolls, but I’ve my heart can not bare to let go of my first doll, Pink Lolli Dolly. I’ve grown so attached to her! Besides, she’s the only doll without a smile, and I often use her as a reference while creating other dolls, and I like her simplicity compared to the other more colorful dolls I’ve been making.

I need to catch up on more hippos and patterns, but the past few days I’ve actually been having a social life ( shocker!)

Here are my latest dolls:

Bree Blue Wave

Pippy Plum

I’ll be selling more Bun Buddies too

haha, two jellies are still eyeless

Today was also Father’s Day! I hope everyone had a good one with their loving fathers.
*Upcoming blurb on my life*
I always get a little uneasy on Father’s Day. 13 years ago my parent’s  divorced due to my dad choosing his mistress. I’m not even bitter about that, the thing that hurts still is that before my mom even had any idea my dad was being unfaithful, my dad had already been taking me around his mistress for almost a year. I was naive and oblivious to what was really happening, so the day they sat me down to tell me what a “divorce” was, everything clicked and I realized I had been a part of it all along. Knowing my dad was using me as an excuse for why he’d been gone so much really left a scar.

The past four years we’ve finally been able to work on our relationship, and I still love him very much and now sure he too feels the same. Phew, I feel better now, onto more crochet stuff!

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to give him my first crochet  bear, and add a little fatherly spin to it:

He REALLY liked it, which made me feel unbelievably good.
How was your father’s day? Any have advice on keeping a good relationship with your father? 🙂
Hope all is well and thanks for reading.

Introducing Bun-Buddies and Happy Hippos

Bun Bunny Keychain

Charming, yes?

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m a manga/anime fan. I credit that as inspiration for my new series of mini animals I’m going to be doing. I call them Bun Bunnies!

I decided to make Bun Buddies be mainly key chains or cell phone charms, but the option to just have them as little round chibi cuties.

Annnnnnnnd here are my hippos! I feel that hippos don’t get enough love, so I made a pattern to tribute to their cuteness.

My first hippo 🙂

I’m excited to start making more Bun Buddies, but even more excited that I finally got beige, tan, and brown yarn to make dolls! 🙂 I’ve had a doll without a head and legs for the past week haha She can finally be completed.

As a side project today, in 15 minutes I made a DIY macro photo studio. It turned out, well….you be the judge:

I will say, as tacky, uneven, lopsided, small, and cramped, it works! I tool all those pictures above with so I can’t complain too much. A great tutorial is found here, where he actually used a box instead of a shoe box, shoe box lid, tissue paper, and a piece of foam board like I did.

Do you like my first Bun Buddy? Do you think that he looks better as a keychain or just a little pink bun? 🙂

My Jammin’ Jellyfish (and pattern!)

Jamin Jellyfish

Yay I finally felt confident to create an amigurumi from scratch. And the results were this little purple jellyfish. Thanks to my recent obsession with the manga Kuragehime (aka Princess Jellyfish) I decided to make my own jellyfish. This guy was pretty simple to make, and so here is my pattern if anyone else wants to make him:

I used an E hook (3.50 mm) and purple cotton yarn. I used a light lavender color, but I think jellyfish look cute in any hue! Also you’ll need two 6mm eyes, a yarn needle, black thread, and stuffing.

Start with a Magic Loop (aka Adjustable Ring)
Rnd 1: 6sc in loop
Rnd 2:  2sc in each sc round (12)
Rnd 3: 1sc, 2 sc in next sc (18)
Rnd 4: 2sc, 2 sc in next sc (24)
Rnd 5: 3sc, 2 sc in next sc (30)
Rnd 6: 4 sc, 2 sc in next (36)
Rnd 7-11: Sc 36
Rnd 12: Working with Front Loops only, 5dc in sc, skip 2 sc, sc, skip 2 sc. Then fasten off

Start with a Magic Loop
Rnd 1: 6 sc in loop
Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc round (12)
Rnd 3: 1 sc, 2 sc in next sc (18)
Rnd 4: 2sc, 2 sc in next sc (24)
Rnd 5: 3sc, 2 sc in next sc (30)
Rnd 6:4sc, 2 sc in next (36) then fasten off (I left a very long tail so it can be used to attach the base to the body).

For the tentacles I made 6, but really you can do more or less. I started all the tentacles with chains. Two were Ch20, another two were Ch25, one was Ch30, another Ch23. So between Ch20-Ch30 is a good length for tentacles. After your chains, insert the hook in the second sc from the hook, and 2sc in each sc. When back at the top fasten off.

 After making all the pieces, placing the plastic eyes onto the jellyfish body. Afterward, use needle and thread to sew a smile. Now take the tentacles and sew them on the base of the jelly fish. Partially stuff the body of the jellyfish. Grab the tail of the base, thread it in your yarn needle and get ready to attach the base to the body. The easiest way to do this is to start sewing into the back loops from Rnd 8 of the jellyfish body. When about 3/4 of the base is attached, finish stuffing the jellyfish body. Now you’re done and I hope you’re happy with the results! But please, this is a pattern to be used for fun or gifts, NOT profit, thanks 😉

And here are some other amigurumi I’ve completed over the past few days, as well as links to where I found their free patterns.

 This is Pete the Turtle. I love turtles, and I had to make a turtle amigurumi for my pet turtle I had long ago. I always have a soft spot for them. His pattern is at Stephanie O.’s blog  Rockin4God found here.

Mr. Bigfooted Bear

The bear  is from Sharon O.’s Little Bigfoot amigurumi series. She has six different critters, starting with a cute pink piggy. Her patterns are at her blog the Homemade Obsession found here.

Last is this bunny with a remarkably big head, but face that makes you want to hug him. He is a Spring Bunny created from Stephane L.’s pattern that is here.

My brown & blue Bunny

Crocheting is sure addictive. I’ve already lined up more projects! In my future I will complete a cookie jar with 20 cookies, each with numbers and different colored sprinkles on them. That will be a present for my nephews 3rd birthday. I’m making a graduation bear keychain for my sister who just got her GED, using her school colors. A baby security blanket for a friend’s new baby girl, and my ultimate goal is to start making wearable crochet, I REALLY want a cute headband with flowers! Well I am off to enjoy the beautiful summer day, hope everyone has a good day!

Crochet Madness (I’m Now Questioning my Sanity)

Bunny Purse by millieonherworld

Lace on the side

Who pulled an all-nighter to complete yet another crochet project? This little lady right here (who has yet to go to bed)! I got home at midnight, still caffeinated from the SPIKE energy drink I split with my friend, I figured I’d crochet myself to sleep. WRONG, a soothing hobby turned into a determined, caffeine fueled mission that wasn’t completed until 7 this morning! And I couldn’t be happier with my results. Well, except the tiny fact that this little bunny handbag was originally supposed to be this:

All About Ami’s Cell Phone Tutorial (click to view page)

Whaley takin a swim (haha)

Apparently, I had a different vision in mind. If it weren’t for this tutorial, I wouldn’t have the purse I have now. I found this tutorial, and a handful of other adorable crochet and amigurumi patterns at All About Ami’s tumblr page. Her site is amazingly cute and creative, from toys to hats to her latest: how to make pairs of crochet slippers! I’ll keep my eye on that one for sure.

A shorter project that didn’t make me sleep deprived was this little whale I made in only a few hours, currently I just call him “Whaley” since I am horrible at names, and wondering if I should even be still naming my stuff toys…or the fact that yes, I have glow-in-the-dark sea critters on my bedroom wall. Oh boy, in the wise words of Blink 182: “What’s my age again?” Here is a link to the free whale pattern, he’s supposed to have a cute hat and lifesaver too, too bad I don’t have white yarn!

As much as I’m lovin’ this new crochet, I feel a tad off balanced. I haven’t written a poem, baked, drawn a picture, or taken some new pictures since. So far my summer has been Flu-crochet-crochet-crochet-see friends-crochet-see friends-crochet while seeing friends-crochet. I need a J-O-B inserted in there, along with maybe a SEEING-MY-BUSY-BOYFRIEND thrown in the mix. But ahh, the summer is still young, tis’ only May 20th (my 5 month anniversary actually)(yes I celebrate it monthly)(my bf actually keeps up with it better than me sometimes). Before I follow through my idea to start a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crochet pony for my friend who is dieing for one, I think I’ll go play a video game, another hobby I haven’t engaged in for a while. Here I come Banjo-Kazooie!