My Newest Little (Crochet) Girl

Crochet Mia by Millieonherworld


As usual, I have taken forever and a day and then a few more hours to update my blog. Better late than never right…yea…maybe? Okay crafty talk now~

This is Mia 😀
Finally I’ve acquired the courage to make a doll out of crochet thread, and integrate felting into my crochet projects.


crochet doll hair on mia by millieonherworld


Mia’s hair was all needle felted onto her head, and sticks extremely well, you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. She’s got two braided buns. She’s 10 inches tall, has a crochet removable dress and head band, and yup, I’m thrilled! I’ve already started on her sister, Nia:

crochet thread doll by millie on her world

Well, Nia still needs a few things, a body, an arm, maybe a pair of legs…but Mia watches over her.

While I adore everything about Mia’s outcome, the biggest thorn in my side is her dress. That simple white and purple dress took COUNTLESS times to make, Originally I wanted a fabric dress- that failure led me to a felt dress – then to a crochet tread dress – finally to this normal size 4  yarn outfit. Not the worst, but….I feel I can do better before I place her in my shop.

I’ve been looking for a doll dress maker, I really want Mia to shine! My goal is to have her as a doll little girls can play with and have different accessories/outfits for her to enjoy. I even tried Barbie doll dresses on Mia but they are too big. If yourself or you know someone who can make a doll dress for a 10 in doll, let me know, I will even do an official business deal with them, anything to make Mia a star! 😀

Lately Mia has been my most recent completed projects. As usual, I’ve got too many going on. Making a surprise gift for my sister (she reads my blog so I can’t even tell what it is here!), scarfs, hooded poncho, various doll prototypes, headbands, there are things everywhere!

Since my last post I’ve also got my hands on a new quirky camera

fisheye 2 camera yay

The Fisheye 2! This is my first film camera and as the name suggests, all the pictures have the awesome fisheye distortion. Pictures also come out in little circles! The controls are extremely simple, but surprisingly you are able to do a lot of abstract effects to your photos. Have I taken advantage of this? No -_- I’m so cautious with this camera and afraid to “mess up a shot” that I haven’t used it much. And due to me taking it out the box before reading the instructions, the first few pictures on this roll are just of the inside of my purse. My first roll also consists of my friend’s leg, a cat in a dryer, my foot, and my boyfriend’s selfie. I’ll share the decent ones if they aren’t too ridiculous 😛

Life the past few months, what to sayyyyy…

-For a month I worked two jobs. Had a horrible experience with awful management, then I quit. On the plus side, I may have a great opportunity opening up that involve my crochet toys! Wish me luck, lots of shiny sparkly LUCK!

– I have lost 2 people: My Aunt Angela “Ankie” passed away in her sleep last month. She had been struggling with diabetes for the past few years. It was very unreal to hear of her passing, especially since I’d seen her a few weeks before. I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for taking for granted the time you have with loved ones. When I last saw her, I went to take a picture of her but my camera died. I then told her “I’ll get you next time.” We never know when the last time we see someone will be, and sometimes I forget that. She was my uncle’s ex wife, but she continued to always be around, and would still even enjoy a drink with my uncle from time to time. Due to miscommunications, I wasn’t able to attend her funeral. I regret that also.

-A week later a “friend” passed away due to skin cancer. I say “friend” because he was more than an acquaintance, but I wasn’t as close to him as his other friends.  His name was William “Billy” Coney. He was my best friend’s friend, they grew up together, and I’ve known him as long as I’ve known her (11 yrs). Whenever he was around my friend’s house, we always had laughs, me and him even had some inside jokes that ran through the years. He was only 22. And going to his wake had to be one of the hardest things I’ve done this year. It took me all night to finally go to the casket to see him lying there. With the combination of his passing and my aunts, that whole week I was in a slump, trying to not allow myself to properly morn but eventually one day at work I had a mini break down. This month I’m doing better, trying to remember to tell those I love that I do love them.

– Happier note, I once again will be seeing my parents in Nevada! Since I actually work now I can only see them for a few days, but I am so excited. Just thinking that I will be able to hug my mom again is comforting. Or the fact that I still will crawl in her lap for a super idc-if-I’m-23-I’ll-still-hug-you-with-all-my-might hug. The sight always cracks my stepdad up. Last month my sister and I sent her a cute package that included  the crochet hats I made her and this gorgeous purple purse my sister finally gave up (my mom had wanted it for years!)

– Hair cut! Four inches gone 🙂

millie mouse








Man I’ve got to stop mixing crafty creative happy posts with my emotional rant posts lol. But then again I don’t blog for anything specific really, guess its just everything me 😛

How have the few months been for all you out there? I know I’m not the only person from the midwest who almost shed a tear seeing snow Tuesday morning, how depressing was that?! This year has certainly been weird, but at this point we might as well just roll with it 🙂 Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing the best they can in life.

I should be heading to bed, but I think I’m going to finish Forest Gump. My first time watching it as an adult and omg, even more depressing than previous thought!

Just keep swimming,
❤ Millie

Having Fun with Custom Creations

I don’t know about the vast majority of the population, but I have always loved handmade one of a kind items. I love knowing that this necklace I purchased from that craft fair years ago is the only one around and I like that the other person sitting next to me won’t have one (how snobby that sounds!). I especially love getting one of a kind fan art from shows or bands I like that don’t always haver merchandise for sale. When my friend asked me a long time ago to make him doll from his favorite band, I finally got around to it and here are the results, a pair of Raveonette dolls!

Rave On!

Rave On!

Modeled after the band’s members Sune and Sharin.

Why did it take me so long to make these? I don’t know. Well, yea I do. I was working on a new doll pattern, trying out new yarns, sizes, and all that stuff. I love the results and I had fun making these two! My favorite part had to be Sune’s hair, its curly, wavy, and straight all at the same time. I got to get some great ami-hair practice. Making dolls after existing people was such a fun challenge. I decided to put the option of customizable dolls at my shop, and to have examples I’ve made 2 more dolls so far:



My all time favorite Vocaloid! Vocaloids are voice synthesizers that allow users to create there own songs. There are a ton and very popular in Japan. Each voice is from an actual person and given an animated avatar. The most popular is Miku Hatsune, but to me she is overrated and Gumi sounds way better! Before I go into a full on lecture, here is a song I really like from Gumi: off to YouTube!



The lovable young witch of Studio Ghibli’s film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. This was the first Japanese animated film I saw as a kid and this movie always stuck with me for some reason. I made Kiki so far, but I plan on making Tombo, the boy she falls for and her cat companion Jiji.

While I love this doll pattern, I don’t think I’ll make any of my own with it. I still like the design of my original dolls, but I don’t know, I wanna keep trying new things. There is always something new to learn about what you love most ❤ Looks like this summer I’ll have plenty of time to craft, my job search is still turning up empty. I was super excited to have an interview this last Tuesday to this tea shop I really want to work at, but I called yesterday and they say they still need to talk to the manager to decided if they need me. Trying to stay hopeful, fingers crossed!

Other Crafty Things—
Working on creating kawaii versions of ordinary objects, so far I’ve started on one and its taking longer than expected, even though its only like 4ish inches tall. Gotten in some felting practice, eventually I will make those keychains I ordered 🙂

Better return my brain to Linguistics class. The whole class just silenced from some feirce howling wind outside and reminded me I should be paying attention haha! The class is a pain but teacher is hillarious, he’s now telling us his jealousy that his nephew favors his boyfriend because he gives the nephew better presents. Oh I love quirky teachers!

Ill stop commentating 🙂
Bye bye! Ill post a WIP pic later, have a good dayyyy!

P.S. Qoute that made my day by my professor: “I love the way babies learn language, they’re like tiny little vampire monsters!”

Lots of Pink for my Lil Cuz

hello kitty amigurumi crochet doll

I’m decent at keeping up orders for my Etsy shop. Place an order in person? Geez, I’ll forget the next day. -_-
Thanks to that brilliant mind set of mine, I am about a month late on making something for my little cousin Lexi. At first I had trouble thinking what to make her, she’s in 4th grade and I felt making her one of my larger dolls would go to waste. Instead, I focused on the two things she likes most: Pink and Hello Kitty.

Originally I was going to make a Hello Kitty plushie, but I stumbled across this Google Result:

hello kitty gloves by amy kleinpeter

HOW ADORABLE! I LOVE Hello Kitty too, and these were just to die for, I WANTED THEM!—-but, I had to remember this was a gift for my cousin. These gloves are a PDF pattern by Amy K. that is found on her Etsy shop (she even has a matching hat and wallet). I didn’t purchase her pattern though (feel partially bad for it since I made my own from her picture….) instead I wanted the challenge of trying to figure this out by myself.

Crochet Hello Kitty Fingerless Gloves

I am very happy with the results. The hardest part is making gloves for someone and not knowing the exact size of their hands or wrists. I had to estimate, making them snug on me since my hands are pretty small and she’s 10 and almost as tall as me! (Well, I’m only 5’2”…)

Next I decided to make her a mini doll, but I switched up the pattern from my original dolls.

amigurumi mini dolls by millieonherworld

With this little nameless girl in the pink sun dress, I made her with joined rounds instead of continuous. The results were very nice when switching from red to brown yarn for her head, looks sooooo much neater! Next that pink dress-yes! I was afraid it’d come off looking bad but oh gosh, I am happy to be wrong. I prefer her dress over the cloth dresses at the moment. The downside is it did add extra time making the crochet dress versus the fabric. Either way, I had fun experimenting with the pattern and making improvements. I might convert all my patterns to using joined rounds, they are SO CONVEINIENT and the even rounds look great.

I hope to see my cousin this Saturday and give them to her in person–as long as she has a happy reaction that is. I’m debating to make a pair of mitts for myself. I have Hello Kitty and other Sanrio/San-X characters on a ton of other things in my life, a pair of gloves could only enhance my collection right? Right!

I’ve been on a crafting spree lately. Hmm, what to make next? 🙂

❤ Millie

Millie’s Minis :)

(left to right) Molly, Tia, Tiffany, Minnie

(left to right) Molly, Tia, Tiffany, Minnie

*Phew* Feels good to finally have some of these minis done and in my shop! Really, why did it take so long just to do their hair, I sat down to finish them this afternoon and in 5 minutes I knew what styles I wanted for them. Thank you creativity for returning, even if you’re late. Originally I wanted these out waaaaay before Valentine’s day, but pink is always a popular color, they can be for Easter or Spring or whatever holiday is next!

I still have 2 unfinished bodies to do, and now when I go to craft stores I’m on the look out for colorful fabric and lace.  Although, I have no idea where I’m going to put it all! My yarn bundles have escaped my yarn bin, now decorating my already jam packed shelf and even a giant shoe box on my floor. Fabric is creeping from scrap bag, now residing in another overflowing shoe box or better yet, somehow keeps ending up wrapped in my covers. Not to mention all the felt, felt is EVERYWHERE. Pillows, clothes, carpet, I have actually found fabric scraps on my staircase and through the house!  Crafting is taking over–but its not big enough for all this!

So yuuup, these four dolls are back at my shop, yay! Now to random musings of the day:

Life is peachy. School is great, although I’m starting to notice a lot of my class mates are a little quirky. But that’s what makes them interesting I guess. I don’t really talk to anyone, besides my previous group presentation partner who is also in my poetry class. I don’t really make an effort to reach out, there goes my hermit-keeptomyself-idon’treallyknowhowtotalktoyou side kicking in.

Poetry is quickly becoming my least favorite class not only because of the teacher, or his teaching style, but the poetry workshops. Each week a group has to share their poem to the class and we critic them. They should not allow me to critic poetry — I AM RUTHLESS! After working as a volunteer editor for a literary magazine, I had to learn to be very blunt in criticing the poetry submissions. The slightest things would be debated over with the other editors, like “Why is this period there?” “This word is out of place” “That line ruins the whole poem!” I can’t shake these blunt feelings when I’m not recreationally reading poems. I try so hard to soften the tone for my peers, I’m not sure how my criticism is received..personally, I wish my peers would be blunt when they did my poem, I WANT to know what they thought was 100% BAD or what I can do to improve, I guess everyone isn’t like me in that regard.

What new things can I crochet? More Minis that don’t take almost a month to make (I hope).  OH! The lovely MeepingKoala from the blog Lollipops and Rainbow nominated me for The Reader Appreciation Award, THANK YOU *insert BIG HUG here!* She also gave me my last award, please check her out she is so whimsical 🙂  For now I’m gong to enjoy looking out my window– we finally have snow that illuminates the ground at night, so pretty to stare at!

🙂 Hope everyone is having a great Feb, and anticipating a lovely Valentine’s Day. TTFN, Ta ta for now~!