New blog! :) Millie in her World is Ending.

Hello everyone!

I guess I’m finally going to admit it out loud: 

I keep trying so hard to keep up this blog but honestly, I feel it isn’t quiet “me” anymore. This blog was to let me share my different crafts, Pinterest fails, testing other’s crochet patterns, ect. 

Now, I find myself with less time and interest in other crafts- I’m pretty much crochet only as of the last year. I have really grabbed the reigns on Millie’s Crochet House and been crazy focused on actually building my shop into something more. The craft fairs have bought new opportunities, and I’ve been convinced more than ever that I want my love of crochet to reach everyone everywhere!!

Well, of course I am exaggerating a bit. Overall, I dont feel a strong connection to this blog anymore, I’ve gotten a little bit older and want a different tone to my blogging. I will be keeping everything up here though, so the patterns/tutorials will remain for those to enjoy. 

I have created a new blog: Millie’s Crochet House that is still on WordPress. I want to share more of my own patterns for free, as well as personal crochet works, and shop WIPs. 

Millie on her World was a super fun and useful outlet for me 5 years ago. This blog will always hold a special place in my heart, yet time to move on. Hope to see some of my awesome followers on my other page. Thanks for being so supportive ❤❤❤

See you later! 

Donut Worry, Be Happy (Patterns)

Good Morning!

Today is a beautiful and breezy spring day. All the windows are open and my cat couldn’t be happier lounging in front of the patio door. Me on the other hand, am covered under a blanket and sipping tea because my allergies have given me a nice sore throat. But I don’t want this to ruin the day! Accompanied with my tea are some nice Krispy Kreme donuts, and I figured I hadn’t published a pattern in FOREVER. So here are two very easy donut patterns 🙂

There are two different sizes, the smaller donuts were made with Simply Soft yarn and the larger with Red Heart yarn. I worked in joined rounds but working in spirals works too, they just may look slightly different form the pictures above.


  • Yarn size 4 (ex: Red Heart, Bernate, Simply Soft, ect)
  • 2.75 mm and 3.5 mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing


  • Sc = Single Crochet/Single Stitch
  • St = Stitch
  • Sl St = Slip Stitch
  • Ch = Chain
  • Hdc = Half Double Crochet
  • Dc = Double Crochet

Tiny Donut Pattern

Donut bottom:

1.    MR 8 (don’t close too tight)
2.    2sc each st (16)
3.    Sc, 2sc in next st (24)
4-6. Sc 24
7.    Sc, 2tog

1.   MR 10
2.   2sc in each St (20)
3.   Sc, 2sc in eact St (25)
4.   Sc, Hdc, Dc, Hdc, Sc, repeat to end.

Assembly for these are pretty easy, stuff and sew the middle of the donut bottom. Then sew the frosting to the top, that’s about it!

Larger Donut Patten:
*This pattern is for the donut bottom and frosting.

Ch 15 and join
1.      Sc 22 around the Ch
2.      Sc, 2sc in next St (33)
3-5.   Sc 33. Leave a long tail.


The easiest way to assemble these is to take both donut pieces, and turning the bottom inside out. Place the frosting side on top and sew the middles together. Once they are secure, sew the outer rim stuffing as you go. Top it off with some sprinkles and you’ve got yourself a snack!

My love of these sweets has extended into more of my work, like these donut coasters:


They are up at my Etsy shop with a few other coasters that I made. Also who doesn’t love the colorfulness of donuts? They just make you feel good. Thanks donuts, crochet and edible ones, you brighten my day!

First Craft Fair of 2017!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be doing craft shows this year! My first show was last Sunday in a  beautiful Sunday park. I couldn’t have been more scared to be honest, haha. But here was my little set up:



Lafayette Park in Norfolk was full of colorful tents and vendors from all over the area, each with some AMAZING displays! As I sat down at my table in the early morning I couldn’t believe I finally had the courage to sell out in public again, also among such talented artist! I was one of the few newbies to the season, and probably the most nervous as I kept rearranging and stressing just how to put my display together.

Selling in person is such a unique experience. The best part was seeing the children run to my tent with a giant grin on their faces. They were all so polite and sweet, I just wanted to give them a big hug! I even felt pretty bashful as they’d star at me wide eyed once I told them I made the little dolls they were clutching so tightly. I felt so great seeing their faces light up.

Unfortunately, as with selling anything there were some downsides. Mostly due to my oversensitiveness to be honest (lol). There was a slight feeling of defeat whenever customers would show great interest in products, then complain about the price being “too high” even though I just explained why the item is priced like that. I also got annoyed with people carelessly tossing products back on and off the table. Or not putting them back even in the same general area, that able wasn’t even that big!

After that day I realized I have to have a tougher skin and get better with conversing in general. My shyness dominated a little too much, with my husband really being my hype man. He had a good balance of conversing enough to get interest, yet not making the customer feel pressured to buy something. In general after saying “Hello, how are you doing?” my mind practically went blank. Ahhh, good ol’ social anxieties!

On the bright side, this was my largest vending event ever, and towards the afternoon I generated an amazing audience and made more sales than I expected. My husband was so impressed, he suggested I sign up for larger events, such as Anime or Comic Cons. In that regard, I’m elated and feel relieved the show turned out alright.

Anyone in the Southern Virginia area? The Riverview Village Days is twice a month on Sundays, and I will probably be showing up for more events. I’d love to give a discount to anyone who gives a shout out to my “Millie on her World” blog.

Hope everyone had a great Easter, I spent my day by the beautiful beach with freezing water hahaha. 😀 Bye for now!

New Year’s Eve already?!

Can’t really believe 2016 is almost done, where did time go? I should be excited but really it feels like a normal Saturday morning: cat cuddles, cup of tea, and already searching for my crochet hook. 

I recently moved to Virginia, and the area I’m is new but not exciting at all. I kind of hate going out lol. But maybe I can venture out to get a sweet dessert for tonights countdown 🙂 

Reflecting back on this year, I am extremely pleased I still have a passion for crochet and amigurumi! My current project aims to put a bunch of patterns into some kind of book format. I’d love to publish a bunch of hard copies but I’ve just begun researching. Whether its a hard copy or just a PDF, thinking of all these ideas is super engaging! Here’s a pic at one book idea based off this character:

On the other hand, I do miss doing other DIY projects like when I started blogging. I haven’t found many that really interest me, plus I spend significantly less time on the computer to find them. 
Outside the crafting realm I hope to keep pushing and discovering who I am and where I want to be. I want to keep getting out of my comfort zone on the work place. In SC I took my first food service job-while the job itself could be extremely frustrating, I had the best batch of coworkers anyone could ask for. But this time I hope to push myself for a higher position and to get some new experience under my belt. 

Everyone have a wonderful New Year’s eve, and let’s hope 2017 has some amazing things to happen! ❤

The House of Fan Art

Been a long time since my last blog lost, but I kind of miss it!

As of now I am 26, mother of a spoiled 16 lb healthy cat, and still completely devoted to the lovely craft of crochet (woohoo, longest running hobby EVER)! 

Yet here I am going through and internal battle of passion vs profit. Over the past two years my shop (*ahem* Millie’s Crochet House via Etsy) has been fantastic. I love fulfilling orders and creating new product. But alas, my shop has taken a dive into the world of fan art. 

I have always had a little bit of pop culture in my shop,mainly when the My Little Pony fan base ran ramped. One day I made a doll pattern I was satisfied with, and made the anime character OnePunch Man. From there I made a handful of other cartoon characters just for the fun of it. Listed them on Etsy just to get them out of my storage space. 

Then it happened. Before I knew it I was getting custom requests to make more and more dolls from fandom’s. At fitst, it was a lot of fun! The challenge of getting down characteristics via yarn. I really do enjoy making them…however once the fan art sales went up, my original design sales went down. And those original ideas are what made my love of amigurumi flourish, making those designs is a great passion.

I guess this is when I should establish more who exactly I want my target audience to be. Fan art is fun, making up and drawing new designs is fun. But juggling both in one shop seems to be more difficult than I thought, or I’m just doing it wrong ahaha! The next couple of days I’m working on my biggest original designs project ever, I hope to add that extra pep in my step while lost among the fandom dolls. 

Well there is my updates rant! Here are some pictures of some original and fan art dolls 🙂 

Bear Purse!

Not so bad Living with a Critic

Green vs Red

Good morning everyone!

Since my body likes depriving me of sleep, thought it was the perfect time to post. Took longer than I thought, but here are my baby dragons.

The final pattern will be based off the green dragon, after an encounter with my “dear” husband: Here I was sitting at my dinner table turned craft table finishing up on the red dragon. Filled with glee, I dash over to Chris who was enthralled in TV.

“Ta-da, I’m done,” I presented my creation with a beaming smile.

“… What is it?” He asked confused.

“The baby dragon I’ve been working on! What does it look like?”

“Oh, I thought it was a demon, or looks like an evil pug with wings.” He started laughing while simultaneously apologizing (doesn’t really seem sincere!). I slumped away, for since that moment no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t un-see my red dragon as an evil pig.

Thankfully, he was right and a few easy adjustments to the snout and horns gave me a much more recognizable baby dragon. After a few more pictures his pdf pattern will be done, and I already know what theme the dragons will have 😆

The bunny picnic set is also 90% complete, I have to say these pattern sets are super fun to make! Not sure what animal comes after dragons… mice? Hedgehogs? Foxes? Who knows.

Everyone have a good day, and for my US readers, have a safe 4th of July weekend!

– ❤ Millie