Cupcake on the Go: DIY Felt Pouch

Cupcake Felt Pouch by MillieonherWorld

So if you haven’t noticed, Millie is obsessed with all things colorful and sweet, and as of late has been inspired by her favorite dessert, cupcakes. That does not however mean that my joy in making cupcake themed things is an obsession, right….right?

Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I have cranked out another cupcake inspired craft, this time a felt cupcake pouch to go with my cupcake dress! Actually, I didn’t intend to make it for the dress, I just wanted to make something with felt and conveiniently had the right colors for a cupcake and why would I use the nice expensive printed felt on a pouch I totally made up and didn’t know how it would turn out—I’m trying really hard to defend myself

Moving on, I decided to make an easy tutorial for anyone else who wants a little pouch, (and no, you don’t have to make yours a cupcake). I like this pouch for times when I don’t want to lug around my huge purse, just need my wallet, car keys, and I can be out the door.

This only took me about an hour, but I’m sure its because I had no idea where I was going. Should be less than that 🙂

To start off, the supplies:
3 Different felt colors
1 Button
Zipper or Velcro
Hot Glue Gun
Be sure to print the template that can be found here: Pouch_Template

Let’s start!

  1. Using the template, cute out 3 Squares of the outside color, 2 squares of the inside color, and 2 pocket colors. If you want rounded edges to your pouch, stack and trim the corners.


  2. Felt stitch 1 of the outside frosting pockets to an outside color square


  3. Take one of the outside color squares and cute about 1/4th inch off the top to create a pocket. Sew it onto the third outside color to finish


  4. Sew across the top of the frosting pocket. Next sew on the button the the outside of the pocket. Cut a button hole on the frosting flap, then stitch around to make the edges smoother.


  5. Grabbing one of the inside felt squares, sew on the ribbon for a colorful strap


  6. Looking at my awesome Photoshopped picture, use your hot glue gun glue the outside and inside colors together. Be sure not to glue too close to the edges since we will be sewing them later on


  7. Do a trim around the inside color if it shows from behind the outside color


  8. Glue on the zipper or Velcro


  9. Blanket stitch through all felt layers, but make sure NOT to sew down the sides of the pocket flap!


Pretty simple right?

Felt Pouch on the Go by millieonherworld

While my wallet is pretty small, this is also a great size for a coin pouch so change isn’t loudly clacking in my bigger purse. Eventually I want to make one that is a little bigger and has a nice design on it. Now that I know how to make a simple pouch, I guess I can try making a MATURE designed one, get Chris off my case ;P

As of now, I only have  1 more cupcake inspired thing that will be featured 🙂 again made of felt. Felt is so much fun. I hope to finish this project soon. Hope everyone has fun weekends!

Now turned felting addict,
Millie ❤

Almost there!


Millie’s Minis (has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?) are taking longer than anticipated (probably because my devotion to them has been sparatic). I’m happy that I’m almost done, just two more dresses, and then I have to figure out what kind of hair styles to put on their bald little heads!

I want each doll to have different hair styles, but I’m so uncreative at this time I can’t figure out what I want them to look like, I really need to finish though, I kinda wanted them to be Valentine’s Day themed! And Feburary first is today, yikes time crunch!

I am getting a little less sloppy on their fabric dresses. I have to admit: I WISH I COULD DO MORE! I’d love for them to have little shirts and pants sometimes. I only have 2 main sources of fabric and a few scraps that are about 6×9 inches. Perhaps I will invest in more fabric? A yard of fabric would probably last a nice length of time 🙂

I tried crocheting a little dress for one of them, and turned out disastorous! Super frustrating I had a cute design that was poorly executed. Ever had one of those moments? Terribly frustrating for a crafter!

Well I have got to get up early for class and should probably study for my Lingsuistics test.



” I’m….I’m Fluttershy…..”

Success, one My Little Pony costume, complete! Last night for my friend’s costume party/garage band show I flaunted my new outfit of my favorite pony of all time: the timid and heartfelt Fluttershy.

I’m proud of myself, my costume didn’t break my wallet and required very little time to complete:


-XXXL Sweater : $4.50. Found at my local resale shop. In 1 hour I managed to cut the sweater and resew it to make a slender sweater dress. This is the first time I ever tried to upcycle a piece of clothing. I managed to do it, but I wish I didn’t have to rush. The right sleeve is sewed lower than the left, while the left sleeve is longer than the right. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have rushed and taken the time to correctly do measurements. Overall, I’m happy the things stayed together, I was worried it would fall apart at the slightest movement.
-Sheets of  Baby Pink / Ocean Blue Felt: $0.85 thanks to Jo Ann Fabrics.
-Pair of Pink Tights: $5.00. Thank you Super Target for your rainbow colored tights!
-Pink Wig: $7.00 at another resale shop. The price made me smile, yet the downside of a used wig is how poofy and tangled the wig was. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to comb it! If I was going to dress up more, I probably would’ve gotten a brand new wig.
-The sloppy ear headband was made from extra fabric from the sweater. I quickly sewed them together and during the car ride I crocheted the headband. By the time we arrived at the party, I had my fake eyelashes and gold eyeshadow on.

Total: $17.35
Being able to dress as a pink and yellow pony: Priceless.

The only prop I’m missing are her pegasus wings. I did buy some yellow butterfly wings, but they were so humongous I ended up looking like a butterfly instead of Fluttershy (haha). I had a great time at the party, even if I kept dancing to fight off the 42 degree chill. The best part had to be meeting my friend who I hadn’t seen since I was 15. A great mini reunion for me, my friend in the band, and the long lost friend we hadn’t seen since high school was great, things felt so nostalgic. We laughed and talked and exchanged numbers. We plan on hanging out this weekend, funny how people change yet somehow manage to stay the same.

I’ve had many sleepless days this week, I’m checking in early.
Night night ❤