Minis: Lola and Lulu

Lola and Lulu  in tutus

Lola and Lulu in tutus

Happy Holidays and New Years Eve!
I managed to complete one final project before the end of 2012. Lola and Lulu are my prototypes for new doll pattern.

Lola twirling around~

Lola twirling around~

Lulu posing for the camera

These two were a blast to make. I especially love that they are both only 5 inches tall, they fit so snug in my hand! New techniques and details kept me entertained but led me the results I desired.

Their hair was fun, making it attached and unattached to their heads. I’m not 100% sure I would always use this technique, but it does cut down time and use of colored yarn (or at least I think so). Months ago I said I wanted to use fabric to make dresses, and I attempted to do so with them. Waaaay more complicated than first imagined, but satisfactory enough for me. How do people make tiny doll clothing? I got frustrated making a sloppy little dress! Of course I forgot something that always messes my patterns up: different yarn brands. Lola’s Red Heart design came out perfect as I used it to create the pattern. After switching to Vanna’s Choice for Lulu, her head turned out about an inch too small, she looked like an alien! After modifications I ended up with two patterns to get the same sized doll.

I’m debating on modifying these two or creating a new-new doll pattern. Pros: they are small, fun hair styles, easy pattern, quick to make, simplistic. Cons: easy pattern, fabric clothing, super simplistic. I like them, but I want a challenge, but not too challenging like the whole Linguine Doll experience! With the fast paced pattern I may easily put a few more together and putt them in my shop, see if any one fancies their small demeanor like me 🙂 Making new patterns will have to be pushed back again, but this gives me a chance to look around and research, woohoo!

How were your holidays? Christmas Eve at my bf’s house was pretty interesting, I was shocked when his grandma and mom had little gifts for me, I didn’t expect any of that and actually felt kind of embarrassed! Embarrassed as I was trying to discretely open my gifts, I was very thankful, that was so thoughtful of them since I entered their lives such a short while ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Eve than spending time with my bf, a great day. Not to mention the pretty key necklace he got me, I have always adored key necklaces!

Yesterday we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse in down town Chicago that had food to DIE FOR! The service was spectacular, the food out of this world, so fantastical phenomenal make you want to have a foodgasm that now everything else I eat seems to be extremely lacking. Yet every bite of that delicious food was worth it! So next is New Years Eve, which is practically here. Instead of outrageous parties and drinks all around, I plan on being cozy at home, catch up on a few anime shows and dress like a bum all day, sounds like a good night to me.

Hope you all had wonderful a Christmas day, and bring in 2013 with a bang! 😀
2012 has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. What can 2013 possibly throw my way? I’m not sure, I’m okay with whatever comes. This blog has been a fun experience, wonder what new things I’ll have to share.

2012 Millie, signing off.

You’ll hear from me next year- hahaha! 🙂

If You’re a 90’s Kid, You’ll Understand


Who started all that “You’re a 90’s Kid if you remember…” “Only real 90’s kids had this…” stuff on the internet anyway? Who doesn’t think their generation had the best childhood, toys, and experiences? But me being a TRUE 90’s kid (I was born in 1990, how much more 90’s could I get?) recreated one of my most prized possessions back in the day, my Nintendo Gameboy Color.

I got the idea for this the other day when I found my old purple Gameboy shoved under my bed. I remembered how I’d spend hours playing my Poke’mon games and spend an equal amount of money on the hundreds of AA batteries I used. These things were tha’ bomb, even when the Gameboy Advance came out I stuck with my GB Color. I used this project as a challenge to work with sewing and the use of a zipper. For a first try, the fabric on the inside is alright, I forgot to fold in the edges so they would be smooth. ^^ oh well, a few loose ends on the fabric isn’t all that bad. I made two identical clutches that are new to my Etsy 🙂 I’m looking for the right purple yarn so I can recreate my Gameboy I have, I want one for myself!

I’m off to a late start this morning, I have to get working on a  few new patterns, I really really really want to make a crochet dinosaur, I don’t know why! Since winter is approaching, I’m brainstorming ways to incorperate that into my shop, but without using Christmas or green/red colors into everything. Well not like my crochet hooks are magically going to make toys on their own, (as amazing as that would be.) I need to stop lolligaging >.<

Take care everyone ❤

Knitting Knots and other Projects

Hello ev’ry oneeeee!
I’ve had my hands full with a few easy projects. Welcome the newbies!


Soot Sprites

Arelea is Alvarie’s little sister, who is slightly smaller in size and super clumsy. Nonetheless, I think she’s a doll (literally)! The Soot Sprites are characters from the amazing Studio Ghibli films SpiritedAway and My Neighbor Totoro. The Soot Sprites were super fun to make because they were so quick (each only 1.5 inches tall) and I got to brush them to my heart’s content. Also I had a fun time making the little drawstring star pouch, it was the first time I made anything like that. They are chilin’ at my Etsy shop if you want to visit them: Say hi!

As if I need another craft in my life, last week I was introduced to a hobby that scared me the most: knitting. I find this ironic because I hear all the time how similar crochet and knitting are. Last week my friend Lynn and I decided to have a craft day! She’d teach me knitting, and I’d teach her crochet. Sad to say, the results for both of us were bad!

This is me on the knitting loom, about to restart for the 4th time while my friend is already on her 6th row. After miserably failing to use the knitting needles, she thought the loom would be just up my alley. Boy did I prove her wrong! She struggled just as much with the crochet hooks, but I give her credit for working hard on crocheting 1/3 of a ball. I had such a fun time being able to share and learn a craft with her. I can’t say there will be a lot more of these days, after two hours of trying we were both pretty frustrated! 🙂

After that I vowed to never touch those pesky needles again!—until yesterday when I bought needles of my own.

So far I got the Slipknot down…thats about it!

Starting knitting has been a joyous nightmare. I checked a book at the library to help me on this new “adventure” but already I can tell this is gonna get knotty!

Everyone have a good day, thanks for checking in!

By the way, any advice for this new knitter? 🙂

Miwa and Sachi: Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

So fluffy!!

Actually, more “peach fuzz” than “fluff” but I’m completely happy. I managed to get a hold of a dog slicker brush, the magical item that made this fuzzy possible. I guess I could’ve just bought yarn that already has extra fluff to it, but I wanted to try the brush method instead. I like it already!

When I got the brush I knew exactly what I wanted to try and make — fuzzy bears! I worked on the pattern and in a few short hours I had Miwa. She’s inspired by an old picture I had on computer of the first amigurumi I’d ever seen:

I discovered this was made by Pepika, and she has a website of multiple extremely adorable amigurumi toys. She has the pattern for this bear and 3 additional ones too at her Etsy store.

Miwa and Sachi however were made from a pattern I completely winged.

The hardest part was getting that head size! I restarted about 5 times trying to make it not so big and not so small. I still think their heads are a smidge on the large end, but its growing on me!

I love brushed amigurumi, I look forward to making tons of big-headed-peach-fuzzed critters!

Cheers!: DIY Glass Bottle Cutting

Project: Bottle Cutting
Supplies: Glass bottles (wine, alcohol, pop, lemonade, ect), nail polish remover, yarn, matches, large sink, ice cubes (I had 3 trays), sandpaper
Results: Cool glasses and the feeling that you are totally awesome

Am I the only person that thought cutting glass was for highly trained individuals that needed to use super fancy equipment and a completely safe environment? (maybe a bit extreme?) Now those thoughts can be put to rest, because now anyone can cut glass. Why would anyone cut glass? To transform glass bottles into spiffy glass cups of course!

I stumbled across this idea from a website called 366 Days of Pinterest. Each day the author, Kristen, tries a Pinterest idea and shares her experiences. A really cool place to check out, I love her site! She made Corona Glasses during her bottle cutting project that turned out really neat, her tutorial was very easy to follow. I decided to try it out for myself, since the idea of cutting glass sounded so out of my reach.

As shown the supplies are easily attainable, the only thing I actually had to hunt down were bottles to cut. I found both Coke bottles at the resale shop for $1 each and was ready to go! Steps are fairly easy to follow:

1. In a large sink or bucket fill it with plenty of ice and cold water
2. Measure the yarn strands long enough to tie around each bottle 3 times OR braid yarn strands together
3. Saturate the yarn  in nail polish remover (soak it good!)
4. Tie tightly around the bottle where you wish to cut it, then place the mouth of the bottle in one hand over the water, and carefully set the yarn on fire
5. With both hands rotate the bottle for about a minute, DONT LET THE FIRE DIE!
6. Submerge bottle in water and it should break
7. Sand paper the edges until smooth

Successes and Failures:
Everything was going well until I was ready to light my nail polish soaked yarn on fire. I have a love/fear of fire, so I became a bit jittery before actually setting the yarn on fire, and I made sure to whip the bottle of excess nail polish remover, I words “Highly Flammable” kept flashing in my mind. Not to mention, my cats kept begging at my feet. After putting my mind at ease, I finally did it and watched the thin flame wrap around the bottle. I was mystified–for about 10 seconds.

Here we reach The Problem: there was no mention on what speed you should  rotate the bottle. At first I was moving at a snail’s pace. The fire quickly died, and for kicks I placed it in the water anyway. Naturally, not a crack was in sight. I tried bottle 2, increasing the rate of my rotation. I found a steady fast speed worked better, made the fires last longer, and I counted 30 seconds like the tutorial said. Dropping the bottle into the bone chilling ice water, nothing happened.

Basically I struggled with the right amount of time to rotate the bottle and what correct speed. I had to try 3 times for each bottle until I finally managed to break them.  The first time I used yarn braids for each bottle, but after getting frustrated after Round 2, (I only had thin crack lines), I wrapped yarn around 3 times and let it burn. It did the finishing touches beautifully. The biggest pain had to be having my hands in ice cold water 6 times, by the time I was done I wanted to sit infront of a heater! Oh, positioning the yarn evenly on the bottle is a slight hassle, especially when I had to repeat the process 2 extra times.

My bottle glasses may be lopsided at the top, but the sandpaper helped make things appear smoother. Sand papering took a while, the constant *scrape*scrape*scrape* eventually gave me results.

I wonder what language this is?

Now I can feel like a Glass Cutting Master! Okay so I’m far from a “Master” since it took me multiple tries to figure this out, but I liked it. I have the urge to cut more, but really I don’t know what I’d do with them. I hope I can find more projects that explore possibilities of glass cutting. I’ll be using these one summer day I’m on my front porch soakin’ up the sun. Last but not least, tips if you try this:

1. Be safe, don’t do this around a lot of people or if you have annoying cats who like to lay on your feet
2. Rotate fast and steady
3. Make sure the bottle is completely submerged in water
4. Be sure the water stays cold, I kept adding ice after each 2 tries.
5. Larger bottles will probably make cuter glasses (although I still love mine)

That’s all folks, have a great day!

Etsy Grand Opening – Millie Mouse Crochet House

I did it! Finally my Etsy shop is up and running! Whoohoo! 🙂

I feel super accomplished right now. And giddy. And happy.
Yup yup. Feel free to check it out, although basically all the items are things I’ve been posting in my blog.

Anywho, I feel ecstatic at this moment 😀

My shop: Millie Crochet House.

And I’m going to go stalk my shop page a little longer and bask in the light of  my finished goal!

Fritz the Fruit Bat

I always thought bats were cute–you know, when they aren’t swarming around you or chasing you when they have rabies. Hahaha, I kid! Anywhoo, I do think bats are pretty cool animals, so I made a fruit bat of my own. I meant to give him little feet, later on I’ll get it right. After tweaking his pattern, I’ll add his replicas to my upcoming Etsy shop.

**I’ve decided on a Shop name!! From here on out it shall be known as:
Millie Mouse Crochet House
Whoooo and the crowd goes wild! *insert applause, obnoxious cheering, and a bit happy Millie right here*

To speed up the shop progress I’m working on the doll names, pricing, and creating the banner. I think I’ll miss my goal of having the shop running by the end of June, but my new target is no later than the first week of July. I am probably getting a little OCD about this, but I really want everything to be perfect. Not to mention that I really want my customers to be saticfied with what they receive, as I am whenever I order adorable items from Etsy. I really do appreciate the effort they put into adding little thank you cards, coupons, or even the act of wrapping a bow around my item, I simply love it!

A Life Snap Shot: I am super excited because today I applied to Aurora University! I want to transfer and get my English major, since at my community college I’ve pretty much taken every writing course there is. Even though this year will be tough, I’ll be living with my big sister and trying to support myself, I am very determined to get my B.A. and finish my photography degree. I hope everything transfers well and I get accepted, I guess this year I’m trying to get out of all my comfort zones, included my cozy community college that I have grown to love over the years. But sayonara, bye bye,  its time to move on.

And its time for me to tackle another easy DIY project and the 50 million other projects I  keep doing, no wonder I don’t get sleep at night. What can I say,this is the life of a girl who has discovered the endless DIY projects on the internet and feels the need to try them all 🙂