Felted Hello Kitty Bow Headband Tutorial (and cool felting hack!)

hello kitty bow felted headband

Good afternoon everybody ❤ On this horribly windy Illinois day, I find myself cozy and content with the completion of my new mini project: a giant Hello Kitty bow, yay! I feel particularly accomplished because this was done so by needle felting, a craft I have only tried once and at that time really wasn’t feeling it…but after watching a few Youtube tutorials, I had been convinced enough to give felting another try. Glad I did!

I stopped needle felting after getting discouraged how hard it was to achieve the shapes you wanted. Maqaroon’s Youtube video showed me an easy way to get the exact shape I wanted in her cute felted cookies video. She made the cookie shapes by first carving them out on a black of cleaning material commonly known as “Magic Erasers” (think if Mr. Clean).  With a little practice, I made my first little spongey-felted creation, then I decided to make something larger. Thus, the headband was created! I’m so happy I found this easy way to start felting, so I’m here to pass out the process!

felting headband supplies

Supplies: Red wool roving (Artiste $1.59 Hobby Lobby), felting needle/block, Magic Eraser sponge (generic brand #3), Stanley Metal SnapOff Knife ($0.74 at Menards), scissors, marker/pen, paper, ruler, hot glue gun/super glue, headband.

felting bow 1Step 1: Holding the Magic Eraser, make a dash across the sides that measure 7mm wide. My eraser was 1 inch wide, so I had 3 even layers, and one slightly smaller one. Be sure to use a full layer for the bow tutorial. For best results, make lines all around. CAREFULLY, use the knife to cute the layers. I’ll admit, I destroyed the first sponge I tried this on, takes a very slow, steady hand for best results.

Step 2: On the piece of paper, sketch out a bow, and cut out the template. Make sure you use one of the 7mm pieces of sponge to trace the bow onto. I used a fine tip Sharpie. Again, slowly cut out the bow with the knife.


Step 3: Start felting. Starting at the center, I wrapped felt all the way around, and the relentless poking begins! Continue to wrap felt around the sides of the bow. You’ll want to make the felt flat and even on both sides.

red felted bow

Step 4: After a layer or so, the sponge should be completely covered. Now lets start adding definition. Decide which will be the front of the bow, then add a big ball and felt it to the middle, making the actual “tie” of the bow look more realistic. I did about five layers before I was satisfied.

hello kitty bow diy

Step 5: With the bow “tie” done, next make the edges pop. Add thin strips to the edges of the bow, I did about three strips on each side. Especially keep poking the inside to make the rounded edges as smooth as possible.

hello kitty bow diy 2

Step 6: When you feel your bow shape is appropriate, give your hand a break from all that poking! Make sure one last time there are no exposed sponge areas on the sides, and then put that needle down, no more poking for you!

Step 7: With your blank headband and glue in hand, carefully secure your bow. I played around a lot on how to position the bow, I think anyway looks cute. And now you’re done, admire your work!Hello Kitty Bow Headband, felted headband

I’m really pleased with this covering-sponge-with-felt thing. Makes felting seem not so scary, and even gave me the confident to try another felting video I found. I made an adorable little felted star found from Flying Mio. The little orange and bear were my two practice sponge-felts. I like the way they feel, they aren’t as stiff as the star I made.

felted star felted food felted bear millieonherworld

Overall, I now have a love of felting 😀 Not so scary anymore, practice makes perfect!
Thanks for visiting, ta ta for now!

❤ Happily felting Millie

I Return—with Cupcakes ofcourse! (Short tutorial included)

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

Because what would Millie be without cupcakes? Sugarless and sad, that’s what!
I apologize for my hiatus, just had to adjust to my new working lifestyle. But I’ll get to that in a few– I want to share sweet new addition to my wardrobe, a cupcake hat!

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

I told myself this cupcakeness had to stop, but I really wanted a new hat and I just got this Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker so my exposure to the mini sweet cakes has them on my brain. I particularly liked this hat because of the swirl pattern, looks just like frosting in my eyes. I added little white glass beads and a cherry to top it off. Someone, make one and have matching hats with me!

The pattern, super easy and brilliant was made by Sarah Beth, and she has a Youtube tutorial that takes you step by step right here: To the Video! The video is pretty long (like 40 min), here’s a short run down if you don’t want to keep skipping though.

  1. 5.00 mm hook, Color 1 for the cake, and Color 2 for the frosting.
  2. Start the Cake:
    Measure your melon! You need to know how long to make the cake band.
    Using Color 1, Chain 11 and turn.
    Row 1: Sc 12. Ch and turn.
    Row 2: Back Loop 12. Ch and turn.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row 2 until the band is long enough to comfortably go around your head. Leave a tail.
  3. Frosting:
    Grab Color 2 and Ch 26.
    Row 1: Starting in the 3rd st from the hook, do 2 Half Double Crochets in the same st. Do single HDC in the next 21 st. HDC 2tog (decrease) the last two st.
    Row 2: HDC 2tog, then sc 21 st, do 2 HDC in the last st.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row until this band is as long as the cake band made before. Leave a LONG tail.
  4. Cherry:
    Magic Ring 6.
    Sc, 2sc in next st.
    Sc 2, 2sc in next st.
    Sc around.
    Sc 2, 2tog.
    Sc 1, 2tog.
    2tog closed.
  5. Assembly: Sew the Frosting to the Cake with the tail left from the frosting band. Next, sew both sides together so it looks like a normal hat. Sew the top of the hat closed, its hard to describe how she did it in the tutorial, but at 34:10 in the video she does a good job. Top off the hat with the cherry and sprinkles. And viola- ze hat iz fresh out zee oven!

This tutorial is so easy, and with the video she literally goes step by step so it is impossible to get confused. I thank her a lot, I love the way it looks! The first night I wore it, I already got a compliment. I even wear it to work and have parents complimenting me (mainly because they want one for their little girls, but still makes me happy).

Oh yea, I’m a working gal now! I work at a sports center in a small town I used to live in. Its only part time, but this job is practically a work out!! My whole shifts I’m on my feet non-stop, there aren’t even chairs for us to sit it because there is always something to do. The biggest downside though is it is a 40 min drive. While I still hope to find a less hectic full time job, for now I am content with having a job and a steady paycheck. Feels great to finally be part of the workforce.

As for Etsy, unfortunately I have been showing Millie’s Crochet House a little less attention due to my new schedule. But I did manage to complete my goal of making a bunch of patterns from scratch. I have 15 play food patterns <-(picture in my last post)! They are divided by fruits, veggies, and desserts. I plan to make a few more that are meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, ect. I like/dislike the challenge of pattern making, so even if they don’t sell I’m pretty proud of myself!

Life has its normal ups and downs and stresses, but I keep believing things will work out and I’ll somehow pull through. I can’t believe this time last year I didn’t know how to drive, was jobless, and fully dependent on my parents. I’ve done a complete 180 and accomplished all those things. Not to mention it helps to have a boyfriend who is actually supportive and treats me well 🙂


He hates pictures but somehow I keep getting him to take some ;D

My goal is for there to be more crafting once again! Or atleast more blogging, I miss it here and I have a ton of other blogs to catch up on! >.<  Halloween is this month! I am really excited to experience two things for the first time: carve a pumpkin and go in a corn maze!! Simple things that the majority of the population has done since childhood, but I missed those traditions and like I really want to do them. Anyone dressing up? You’re never to old in my book. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to play my 3ds, lucky me is playing 4 games at once @_@

Thanks for still checking in even though I was M.I.A!
❤ Millie

The Cat’s Meow: DIY Kitty Face Top

Just swingin' along~

Mew :3

Hello everyone! Geez, it’s been exactly a month since my last blog post?? Sorry for the silence, a little thing called “life” had me wrapped up in things but don’t worry, I return with a fun tutorial! 😀

A few blog post ago I did a felt plushie camera from a site called Hapy Friends Shoppe. Yet again, I found an amazingly simple and irresistible tutorial from them, a cute kitty top! The full tutorial is here but I’m going to give you a quick run down.


– A plain sweater/shirt/hoodie
– Felt
– Fabric
– Needle/thread
– Printer/scissors
– Lace (optional)
– Safety pin (optional)

1. Print the template for the kitty face then cut it out. TIP: You may need to resize the template before printing because it prints fairly large.

2. Cut out the kitty face on felt pieces. Then assemble them on your shirt.

3. Time to sew! Bring your shirt to life 🙂

4. Let’s make the bow. First cut a rectangular piece of fabric. Fold the edges and sew around to make them round. Pinch the center so it has a bow shape and sew the middle together. Cut another thin strip of fabric to wrap around the middle of the bow. Afterwards, sew the bow to the shirt. Or as another option, glue the safety-pin to the back so it can be attachable.

5. This last step is optional, it is just adding lace around the collar of the shirt. I think it adds a cute touch. And that’s it!

Me being a dork

Me being a dork

This project took a little over an hour, the longest part was sewing on the cat face and making sure each side was even. I like this tutorial because it was quick, easy, and gave a sweater I’ve never even worn a fresh new look. Also, I really appreciate hand sewn projects since I currently don’t have a sewing machine anymore.

I’ve been checking out DIY clothing projects lately, so I hope to find something new and share with you all. I’m also working on crocheting a sweater without a pattern. Which will probably be done….in a long time! >_< Here are a few other crochet works I’ve done recently:



Donald and Daisy

Donald and Daisy

Bon Bon and Lyra

Bon Bon and Lyra



Among these projects was a horribly mishaped Dora the Explorer doll for my little cousin, but she loved it to death and I couldn’t have been happier to see her glowing face. The Saber doll is from an anime called Fate/Stay Night, and was a birthday gift for my boyfriend since it is his favorite anime character. Also the plushie frogs were for him. He has been getting spoiled. It needs to stop! (He’s not so great. He complained I didn’t explain the dolls were for him so now here I am editing it for his convenience. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.)

Summer is almost over, and lately I’ve been a bit on the sad side with Chris going to full-time school, so we wont be seeing eachother everyday anymore. Also I’ve started working and have to take a year off of school, which also makes me bummed. But this is just life at the moment, I’m know things will be alright! 😀

Hope everyone else has had a great summer and is doing well! I’ll try to keep updating regularly again. 🙂 Bye for now!

Millie ❤

Felt Friends: Mini Millie and Chibi Chris

felt dolls millie and chris millieonherworld


Taking felt plushies to a new level, I have managed to make mini versions of Chris and I and

Looking at a lot of felt dolls online inspired me to try and make my own. Lacking the ability to draw up a suitable original character, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey, why not me?” Before you know it, two dolls were born 😀

Mini Millie is flaunting a felt version of my cupcake dress, she ties it together with a cupcake cat hat. Her shoes are simple slip ons with cute bows on top. Chibi Chris is wearing his mellow tiger hat, with a regular green polo and shorts. And finally his favorite pair of sneakers. Their outfits are 99% inspired by real outfits their human versions have! (the 1% is Millie’s shoes being red when mine are really black….close enough.) I wanted their outfits to be perfect, even added small details like the bottom of Chris’ shoes being red, the side pocket on his shorts, and using the same ribbon on the cupcake dress as the original.

❤ These two were made for each other—literally. Originally I made my Millie doll for myself. But after seeing her sit all alone on my bed with a sad face I knew she was missing her someone special! I asked Chris what he thought, and ofcourse he said he didn’t want a doll and ofcourse by then I had already started sketching up designs. Shortly after he started pitching in his two cents and agreed that if he HAD TO be a doll, a tiger hat would be acceptable.

Mini Millie and Chibi Chris are quite the cuties. Feeling the need to be like his human version, Chibi Chris gave his girlfriend a special gift:

"This is for you!"

Her copper & black bracelet! Now both Millie’s can wear it every day.

In addition to the challenge of all the felt details, I made them bendable! I can twist and turn their limbs in different directions and they will (mostly) stay. The experiment was to play with how wire would work in a doll body, and hopefully I can transfer what I learned with these dolls to an amigurumi doll. For an X-ray of their skeleton, please look below:

How revealing!

How revealing!

For not wanting a doll, Chris was eager to make the skeleton for his mini companion. Not to mention he willingly made the mini bracelet, securely fastened it to her wrist, and fixed the bow on her dress. He’s a great crafting assistant, even though he denied even wanting a doll the whole time. I even convinced him to be super-ultra-mega-unbelievably-undeniably cheesy with me and take a picture of us with our dolls:


Millieonherworld mini felt dolls and human versions

I had to draw and crumble and redraw a bunch of patterns before finally getting one with the correct proportions. After  having to cut out and sew on every small detail, I think other felt dolls I see for sale are severely underpriced. And I must credit Etsy seller Noia Land, since my dolls are heavily influenced by the way her work. I don’t think I would’ve ever thought to make them with cute cat hats if it weren’t for her!

Felt dolls are fun, but certianly not a project I can finish within a day. I could see making a doll for a close friend or family member in the future, since this is purely for fun and plus they won’t yell at me if I take forever to make it 😛

I have had a long day and my AC feels glorious after being outside in the humidity most of the day (don’t visit Illinois in July!!). Tonight I should finish my craft swap items…I will probably just go to bed early 😀 I’m totally enjoying this very relaxing Saturday night, and I have Mini Mimi and Chibi Chris to watch tv with me (hardyharhar).

🙂 Smiley Face,
❤ Millie

Cupcake on the Go: DIY Felt Pouch

Cupcake Felt Pouch by MillieonherWorld

So if you haven’t noticed, Millie is obsessed with all things colorful and sweet, and as of late has been inspired by her favorite dessert, cupcakes. That does not however mean that my joy in making cupcake themed things is an obsession, right….right?

Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I have cranked out another cupcake inspired craft, this time a felt cupcake pouch to go with my cupcake dress! Actually, I didn’t intend to make it for the dress, I just wanted to make something with felt and conveiniently had the right colors for a cupcake and why would I use the nice expensive printed felt on a pouch I totally made up and didn’t know how it would turn out—I’m trying really hard to defend myself

Moving on, I decided to make an easy tutorial for anyone else who wants a little pouch, (and no, you don’t have to make yours a cupcake). I like this pouch for times when I don’t want to lug around my huge purse, just need my wallet, car keys, and I can be out the door.

This only took me about an hour, but I’m sure its because I had no idea where I was going. Should be less than that 🙂

To start off, the supplies:
3 Different felt colors
1 Button
Zipper or Velcro
Hot Glue Gun
Be sure to print the template that can be found here: Pouch_Template

Let’s start!

  1. Using the template, cute out 3 Squares of the outside color, 2 squares of the inside color, and 2 pocket colors. If you want rounded edges to your pouch, stack and trim the corners.


  2. Felt stitch 1 of the outside frosting pockets to an outside color square


  3. Take one of the outside color squares and cute about 1/4th inch off the top to create a pocket. Sew it onto the third outside color to finish


  4. Sew across the top of the frosting pocket. Next sew on the button the the outside of the pocket. Cut a button hole on the frosting flap, then stitch around to make the edges smoother.


  5. Grabbing one of the inside felt squares, sew on the ribbon for a colorful strap


  6. Looking at my awesome Photoshopped picture, use your hot glue gun glue the outside and inside colors together. Be sure not to glue too close to the edges since we will be sewing them later on


  7. Do a trim around the inside color if it shows from behind the outside color


  8. Glue on the zipper or Velcro


  9. Blanket stitch through all felt layers, but make sure NOT to sew down the sides of the pocket flap!


Pretty simple right?

Felt Pouch on the Go by millieonherworld

While my wallet is pretty small, this is also a great size for a coin pouch so change isn’t loudly clacking in my bigger purse. Eventually I want to make one that is a little bigger and has a nice design on it. Now that I know how to make a simple pouch, I guess I can try making a MATURE designed one, get Chris off my case ;P

As of now, I only have  1 more cupcake inspired thing that will be featured 🙂 again made of felt. Felt is so much fun. I hope to finish this project soon. Hope everyone has fun weekends!

Now turned felting addict,
Millie ❤

Quick Kawaii Craft Day

kawaii craft day millie on her world

This summer I have been furiously fighting off boredom with my crafting addictions. With crochet hooks and needles as little swords and felt as my shield, I’ve been non-stop creating. I’ve signed up for four different craft swaps, working on my new doll pattern and the two dolls I want to share, and in between trying out new things. For a while I’ve admired the look of felt plushies, so finally last night I completed my first one, a little camera!

I found this gorgeously adorable YouTube page called Hapy Friends Shoppe, hosted by the clever and big-hearted Aiko. She has tons of videos using felt for fashion and plushies. I saw the camera and fell in love! Before the tutorial was even over I started printing the template. She does easy and fast tutorials, even basic sewing stitches. I can’t believe it took me this long to make a felt plushie, especially since I thought the hardest thing to learn would be the blanket stitches, which are actually easy as pie! The full blog post with video and template included can be found here. Take a look around her other blog posts too, she has an amazing story about why she crafts so passionately.

As cute as my camera is, it doesn’t take pictures too well…

millie on her world kawaii felt camera plush

To accompany my camera, I made a blushing blank Polaroid.

He's so embarrassed >.<

He’s so embarrassed >.<

The camera was intended to be a note holder or something, but for now it just keeps my picture snuggy. I think if anyone makes this it could be cute to hang on the wall or door handle, anywhere really! In the end my first felt plushies are extremely pleasing, now I know how quick and easy it is to make them. The only mistakes I really made were the heart on the lens is off center, and some of my stitches aren’t the same sizes, but practice makes perfect 🙂

D'aaaaaw <3

D’aaaaaw ❤

The original Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have randomly joined my amigurumi collection. I miss the really old cartoons that I used to watch as a kid, the ones with various adventures of Mickey and his friends, I get really irritated when I see the classic Disney characters now adays all computerized and bulky- I want the original!!!

But that’s beside the point ^-^

So after working on my camera I chibi-fied the duo and I must say they look pretty darn cute! Ofcourse they will be in my shop, but I think I’m going to make a pair for myself 🙂

I wanted to share my new doll, but have to wait until the other doll that goes with her is finished (85% done)! This is a doll I’ve made before last year, but she’s been updated and given a slimmer figure. I’m not going to reveal who she is yet, but a clue: she is the Champion of Love and Justice! I hope to finish the doll tonight and will blog again later this week.

4th of July is tomorrow, anyone have plans? I think I might be heading to the Chi to see my family. I haven’t seen some of them in a while, and usually when we get together I get to gorge myself on delicious food P: yummmmmmm. Plus I hope the icky weather outside wont stop me from seeing some fire works, thats the second best part! Hope everyone has a fun-filled say tomorrow 😀

What to do now? I’m torn between making a plushie or finish this doll…I wish I had 4 arms instead of 2 😦
❤ Ttfn, Millie out for now.