Pocket full of Pictures

“I’ve got a pocket full- a pocket full of sunshine~”

Ironic I have this song stuck in my head all day when I haven’t received the slightest glimpse of sunshine today. The sky is painted gray and dreary, but the plus side is the humidity is relatively low and I had a chance to get to the post office to say goodbye to Fritz.  Along the way I parked my bike multiple times to pull out my phone and snap a few pictures of things going by. Here’s some random pics:



The only flower left in our garden…how sad!

I made sure he had a snack for his trip home, bye-bye Fritz! 🙂

“Off with their heads!”

And right above is my 2 minutes DIY jewelry holder! Literally all I had to do was find an old picture frame, remove the glass and tie yarn extra tight around the back. Ta-Da!!!
Okay, so it’s not as glamorous as all the other ones I’ve seen. Mine is pretty small, and no, that is NOT all my jewelry! Basically this is good for my light/small earrings and necklaces that were all jumbled and tangled in a pouch I had. I like this though, I forgot I had these things and I still adore them.

That’s all folks ❤

An Array of Awards

Since the opening I’ve my shop, I’ve finally been able to take a breather and put my crochet hook down (well, for a few minutes anyway…). About a week ago I received not 1, but 3 blog awards! How honored I feel! 😀

The Reader Appreciation Award was given to me by the very kind Clare of  Simplify2x. She has a very reflective, inspirational, and calming blog. A big thank you to her, and send her some love by checking her out!

The Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award was received from sweet Misty of Crochet Thoughts. Within her blog she shares crochet, knitting, and life in general in a lovely way. Don’t forget to visit her as well.
I thank both you lovely ladies very much! And as usual, here we go again with the Official Rules that go along with these awards:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Nominate other blogs
-Notify them of their nomination

7 More things about me:
1. I can barely swim, most of the time I just float around!
2. Belle, Mulan, and Pocahontas are my favorite Disney Princesses.
3. I’m only 5’2” and my friends constantly call me a “stick”
4.  I can’t crochet flowers if my life depended on it 😦
5. I dream of going to Louisiana to learn more about my Creole culture (especially the food!)
6. I love resale shops!!
7. I enjoy building things that require tools like hammers, screw drivers, power saws, ect.

Now the nomination part:
Honestly, I think a lot of people deserve to have these 3 awards. So, if you check out my “Awards” page (link up top) and you have been nominated by me before, consider yourself nominated for these 3 as well!
I would love to one by one send them nominations, but that would take a long, long, long, time ^^;;
Congrats to you guys! In addition, here are a few more blogs I want to add to my nomination list:

Oh Yes They Did!
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I wish I could say something other than “Thanks” or “Thank You”, but I hope it still gets the point across of how much I appreciate the mention for awards and to know that other’s enjoy my blog. Everyone else enjoy your awards and as usual, thanks for stopping by! May the rest of your day be lovely and fun!

Flower Baths, Blackberry Splats, Weed Attacks

Not able to use Calcifer this past week and a half is horrible! Calcifer (my camera) has been sitting on my shelf untouched due to his card reader breaking. Since he can only use compact flash cards, I have to search for one before I can transfer his pictures anywhere. I want to take pictures galore, but I can’t even do that since his memory is full and I cant store them on my laptop. Grr, technological issues blocking my photography quests.

Before the card reader crashed and burned (or more specifically had one of the prongs fall out) I took Calcifer in the garden again after giving our flowers a much needed bath. Where I live, the weather has been unbearably dry, borderline drought. Golden grass covers the lawns and sprinklers running all day trying to save any sort of floral life.

Here’s a few pictures I caught:

Vintage Photoshop Effect

This was such a camera shy ant 🙂 finally got him

Fallen Blackberries created this, I thought it looked like paint!

This weekend I was over my bff’s house and it was evening, we were just hanging out and she was walking me to the back yard to see her cherry blossom tree. On our way their, she noticed these uninvited plants: 5-7ish ft tall weeds. They were massive, I didn’t know weeds could get so big! They were all taller than me, and their stalks were so thick not even hedge-clippers could bring them down! So this is the not-so-pretty side to running a garden:

Almost as tall as the house!

I hope to get a card reader before the 4th of July, I want to try photographing fire works. More importantly, since my 6th crochet doll is finally done, its time to open shop and I really want nice pictures for all of them. My iPod and phone camera is nothing like my dSLR ❤


Expectation vs. Reality: DIY Fairy dust Project


Project: DIY Fairy Dust
Supplies: Fat glow stick(s), clear/white VERY sparkely glitter, jar, lots of towels
Results: A bit messy, dim lit jar, and a glowing carpet

Like many other projects I tend to do in the wee hours of the morning, I came across this on Pinterest (super addicting site by the way) and thought it was so cute! The idea of catching fairy dust in a jar? Too classic and makes me feel nostalgic about the days I wish I’d meet Tinkerbell and she’d whisk me away to Neverland. But instead, I’d settle for a knock-off version of pixie dust homemade by me, a non-fairy.

From the beginning, I wasn’t so sure I could pull this off, but I tried anyway, and got these:

In the light, looks even more boring, don’t it?

I was skeptical as soon as I tore the plastic off my glow stick. I thought I had one of those 12 inch fat in diameter glow sticks in a package—not being cheap and actually containing two very thin, short sticks (but that’s the dollar store for you…). That was FAIL 1.

Cutting the glow sticks = FAIL 2. Box cutter in hand, I firmly grasped this twiggy stick and tried to make a clean cut off the top. Instead, glow liquid shot across my room, creating a purple trail all the way to my door.

FAIL 3 was trying to pour the glowing contents into the jar. Since the directions were so vague, and maybe I’m just slow, but I couldn’t figure out to break the sticks before or after. I chose “before”, only to discover that the little bits of broken glass were slopping into the jar more than the glow liquid.

FAIL 4 occurred due to my choice in glitter, I chose regular sized gold. Upon further inspection and research, it seems the really large and pretty clear glitter works best.

Fail 5 had to be the purple glowing mess on my towels, carpet, fingers, and toes. As well as a few glass shards that liked to hide on my floor. Oh, and the lid to my jar was leaking so everytime I shook my jar, I had horrid smelling, glowing hands.

Oh what an experience this was. But all in all, the outcome of my small jar bought a smile on my face. I even added a little (badly drawn) fairy to brighten my pixie dust. If anyone wants to try this, I sugguest:

1. Large glow sticks
2. Clear sparkly glitter, you know the ones that look like little circles
3. Wear gloves
4. Use tons of towels
5. Beware of glass

All in all, another project tried, and some results I can learn from.
Anyone else out there willing to try this? I’d like to see how it went!

Introducing Bun-Buddies and Happy Hippos

Bun Bunny Keychain

Charming, yes?

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m a manga/anime fan. I credit that as inspiration for my new series of mini animals I’m going to be doing. I call them Bun Bunnies!

I decided to make Bun Buddies be mainly key chains or cell phone charms, but the option to just have them as little round chibi cuties.

Annnnnnnnd here are my hippos! I feel that hippos don’t get enough love, so I made a pattern to tribute to their cuteness.

My first hippo 🙂

I’m excited to start making more Bun Buddies, but even more excited that I finally got beige, tan, and brown yarn to make dolls! 🙂 I’ve had a doll without a head and legs for the past week haha She can finally be completed.

As a side project today, in 15 minutes I made a DIY macro photo studio. It turned out, well….you be the judge:

I will say, as tacky, uneven, lopsided, small, and cramped, it works! I tool all those pictures above with so I can’t complain too much. A great tutorial is found here, where he actually used a box instead of a shoe box, shoe box lid, tissue paper, and a piece of foam board like I did.

Do you like my first Bun Buddy? Do you think that he looks better as a keychain or just a little pink bun? 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award

Wow how cool is this? I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger award! I was nominated by the sweet Samantha of the giraffe’s hat  (be sure to check her out!). I feel so honored to receive this nomination, awards sure do help spread all the blogger love!

To kick it off, here are 7 things about me:

1. Millie is actually a nickname of mine, that only one person ever used. This person was very important to me, but now our friendship is on hiatus. “Millie” still reminds me of our time we spent together.
2. My real name is Melissa (blah, so plain).
3. Red velvet cupcakes, mochi, and deep fried Oreos please my sweet tooth the most.
4. I’m a dressaholic. Sun dresses, lolita sweet/goth, Korean/Japanese dresses, bubble skirt, and rockabilly dresses are my favorite.
5.  I only like one of a kind or hand made jewelry.
6. I can be very impatient! Yet I have tons of patience to crochet for hours on end…?
7. For years I’ve been wanting to own a hedgehog! But my two cats will do for now.

The fun part, 15 blogs I nominate:

1. You & Mie 

2. geekgirlcrochet

3.  Lollipops and Rainbows

4. Pillows alamode

5. Woolhogs

6. the thing about joan

7. Sugar and Cloth

8. Ooobop

9. One of a Kindness

10. Small Creations 

11. Love and Stories

12. Craft Schmaft

13. The Sydney Life

14. Sweet Fancy Design

15. Lyndamichele

Here are the rules, so all you nominations know what to do when I link you  here 🙂

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Nominate 15 other Blogs
3. Share 7 things about yourself

Thanks to all my readers, followers, and anyone else who takes the time to just click on my blog. Special thanks to Samantha for the nomination 🙂
Have fun exploring and as usual, enjoy this summer day!

The Day I Chalked my Hair

Today’s Project: Hair Chalking
Requirements: Hair, Water, Chalk (I used sidewalk chalk, although soft-pastel chalk is recommended), Blow Dryer, Hair Spray, possibly water and if you have really curly hair, some no-frizz-hold-curl Hair Gel.
Results: Colored curls, a dream come true, and a freaked out mother

I’ll be the first to admit that as a 22 year old woman, I hardly have any desire to follow the latest trends in terms of fashion and style. Very rarely will I see commercials on TV and go “OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-THAT-NEW-EYE-LINER-DRESS-SHOES” unlike the rest of the normal women in my family. But every once in a while, something will peak my interest.

Today, it was the trend of chalking your hair. Cruising through blogs again (I swear that’s not all I do) I came across Pink & Black Magazine’s tutorial about this colorful project that’s been passed from Lauren Conrad to other popular stars. With my fingers a little sore from creating new crochet patterns all night (will post results later) I wanted a new project to tackle. How perfect was this one!

Since I was 13 I always wanted color in my hair– you know, the blue highlights, purple streaks, or pink bangs. My mother, a woman who strictly believes hair should only be natural tones wasn’t going to let my fantasy’s come true. I thought today I could see what it would be like to not be stuck with normal dark brown hair.

I was shocked that this actually worked! I was partially convinced my hair was too dark, like other home-made/generic techniques I used in the past to add color to my hair. Feeling giddy I had new hues to my curls, I showed my mom. Didn’t expect her to freak out as much as she did, but basically she says I’m not allowed out of the house -_- sheesh, in my household, 22 still has its restrictions. (Besides, I don’t plan on leaving this in my hair for too long).

A Quick Tip: If your hair is blonde, you don’t need to use water, you can just start chalking your hair and see vibrant results. If your hair is darker or almost black like mine, you’ll need to use a decent amount of water. What I found easiest was to add a small amount of water only to the ends of my hair that I wanted the color to show — do NOT wet all you hair. As you are chalking keep adding a little more water until the color shows strong and stays.

In other news, since I’m temporarily out of beige yarn (*screams at sky* Nooooo!) I’m creating other patterns and merchandise I can sell, since I officially plan on opening an Etsy shop before the end of this month. My goal is to have 5 dolls, with 5 more planned out before I start. I’m going to act like a spiteful little kid and flaunt my pink/blue/green hair around the house before I start working on more patterns. If you’re looking for something easy, fun, and colorful to do, try this out with your hair 🙂

Oh this is the first time you see the Millie of Millie on her World in person, so hi everyone and have a lovely day!