Flower Power

Among my inability to focus in one project at a time, I’ve note got two big projects in the works.

This one is a blanket! I’ve always wanted a blanket, but never found granny squares appealing and crocheting long lines drives me crazy. 

After seeing these flowers and some cute pictures online, I’ve stated my own. So far this week I’ve made 50 flowers, which covers one of my feet 😅 

I’ve got a ways. Yet committing to a few a day makes things much easier. Had anyone else made one of these blankets? May my patience be in my favor 😆 

Pocket full of Pictures

“I’ve got a pocket full- a pocket full of sunshine~”

Ironic I have this song stuck in my head all day when I haven’t received the slightest glimpse of sunshine today. The sky is painted gray and dreary, but the plus side is the humidity is relatively low and I had a chance to get to the post office to say goodbye to Fritz.  Along the way I parked my bike multiple times to pull out my phone and snap a few pictures of things going by. Here’s some random pics:



The only flower left in our garden…how sad!

I made sure he had a snack for his trip home, bye-bye Fritz! 🙂

“Off with their heads!”

And right above is my 2 minutes DIY jewelry holder! Literally all I had to do was find an old picture frame, remove the glass and tie yarn extra tight around the back. Ta-Da!!!
Okay, so it’s not as glamorous as all the other ones I’ve seen. Mine is pretty small, and no, that is NOT all my jewelry! Basically this is good for my light/small earrings and necklaces that were all jumbled and tangled in a pouch I had. I like this though, I forgot I had these things and I still adore them.

That’s all folks ❤

Flower Baths, Blackberry Splats, Weed Attacks

Not able to use Calcifer this past week and a half is horrible! Calcifer (my camera) has been sitting on my shelf untouched due to his card reader breaking. Since he can only use compact flash cards, I have to search for one before I can transfer his pictures anywhere. I want to take pictures galore, but I can’t even do that since his memory is full and I cant store them on my laptop. Grr, technological issues blocking my photography quests.

Before the card reader crashed and burned (or more specifically had one of the prongs fall out) I took Calcifer in the garden again after giving our flowers a much needed bath. Where I live, the weather has been unbearably dry, borderline drought. Golden grass covers the lawns and sprinklers running all day trying to save any sort of floral life.

Here’s a few pictures I caught:

Vintage Photoshop Effect

This was such a camera shy ant 🙂 finally got him

Fallen Blackberries created this, I thought it looked like paint!

This weekend I was over my bff’s house and it was evening, we were just hanging out and she was walking me to the back yard to see her cherry blossom tree. On our way their, she noticed these uninvited plants: 5-7ish ft tall weeds. They were massive, I didn’t know weeds could get so big! They were all taller than me, and their stalks were so thick not even hedge-clippers could bring them down! So this is the not-so-pretty side to running a garden:

Almost as tall as the house!

I hope to get a card reader before the 4th of July, I want to try photographing fire works. More importantly, since my 6th crochet doll is finally done, its time to open shop and I really want nice pictures for all of them. My iPod and phone camera is nothing like my dSLR ❤