Stormy Sweater: DIY Tutorial


Lately I’ve been getting back into thrift/resale/bargain shopping. Not only do I get to save money and get great clothes, I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a sweater that I just want to use for a tutorial anyway. I saw this plain sequent-sleeve sweater and wanted to add my own spin. Heavily inspired by tutorials I’ve seen from Hapy Shoppe Friend’s blog, I wanted to try my own!

Trying to stray away from my cupcake themed obsession, I decided to take note of other objects that I have a fascination with- not sure why or how these came about but I love clouds, umbrellas, and little rain showers. I love clothing with umbrellas, and I think summer rain showers are so soothing. This tutorial took no time at all, and I think is super kawaii~

Materials: Plain sweater,  any colored felt or fabric, embroidery floss/thread, needle, scissors, hot glue gun (optional) and the Sweater_Template.

Step 1. After printing the Sweater Template, cut out all the pieces (easy peasy right?) Cut out as many hearts as you’d like (I did 8). The blush marks are optional and not on the template so if you want them don’t forget.

Step 2. Set the scene! Position the cloud, umbrella, and hearts. (I originally wanted the umbrella to be slanted and the cloud off center, but my sweater was too small…)

Step 3. Let’s start on the faces. There are two ways to go about this. First is to obviously sew the eyes and smile on the cloud and umbrella, with matching thread/embroidery floss. A felt stitch would look best. The second (quicker) option is to use a hot glue gun. The only downside to using hot glue is when you wash your sweater, do it by hand or wash on cold. DO NOT wash it in hot, or your faces will be lost in the wash! When their faces are on, pin them to the sweater.

Step 4. Felt stitch (or hot glue) all the pieces together to make your rain storm come to life. When doing the umbrella, make sure to sew the handle under the umbrella top. What do you know, you’re already done!

milliemouse stormy sweater

I feel proud even though the process was fairly simple. Also I managed not to make something cupcake related again!!-not that I won’t ever return to those sweet desserts but a break is nice 🙂 I must say, it feels SO GOOD to be crafting again lately! Over the past week I’ve had my notebook full of sketches, project notes, poem blurbs, oh how wonderful to be creatively alive 😀 *hurrah*

I’ve finished this sweater yesterday and I’m already rummaging through my clothes for the next project 🙂
I’ve been looking for a new job lately, which means filling out boring applications and going store to store which really stresses me out, but crafting everyday tends to lift my spirits. 😀

I’ve really taken a liking in upcycling sweater/clothing projects lately, does anyone else feel the same? Any suggested blogs or websites I should check out? I’d love some input. Other than that, thanks for stopping by~ I hope 2014 has been treating everyone well.

Onto the next project!
❤ Millie

Built-In Bow Hat

Built in Bow Hat millie on her world

Unlike the last few hats I’ve made, this one is completely intended for myself 🙂 I give you, the Built-in Bow hat!

After getting frustrated over the Honeycomb hat pattern I was trying to follow (it was more confusing than anticipated) I started looking for another hat pattern. Searching and searching, I discovered the Built-in Bow hat! Actually, the name of this hat had several names, so I don’t really know what it’s called, so I made one up heehee. I found a few patterns–but they were only in child’s sizes. However, I refused to give up! Determined to figure out how it could fit an adult I did some tweaking and managed to make a pattern. 😀 Very basic with a cute design, here’s what I did to make mine~

Materials: 5.00 mm Hook, Yarn needle, optional decorations, and any kind of size 4 yarn
St – Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet
Ch – Chain

Rnd 1: Dc 11 into a Magic Ring
Rnd 2: 2dc into each st (22)
Rnd 3: Dc, 2dc in next st (34)
Rnd 4: Dc 2, 2dc in next st (45)
Rnd 5: Dc 3, 2dc in next st (56)
Rnd 6: Dc 4, 2dc in next st (67)
Rnd 7-11: Dc 67
Rnd 12: Dc 12, Ch 12 (or desired length), Dc until end.
Rnd 13-16: Repeat Rnd 12

close up built in bow

Finishing: From the middle stitch, sew together to create the built in bow. If wanted, add some bling-bling~ (I know no one says that anymore…)

🙂 I like this hat. It’s not the warmest to wear outside (in -9 degrees like it is here today) but it is cozy enough to wear indoors or just in a warmed car xD I think I might make one in a lighter color to sport during spring.

Right now I’m gong to work on a DIY upcycle sweater tutorial. Hoping it all goes well and will look cute in the end that is. Wish me luck!

Stay warm out there all my midwest bloggers, and in general to everyone else, this winter is really fierce huh?

Sewing, sewing, sewing,
❤ Millie

I Return—with Cupcakes ofcourse! (Short tutorial included)

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

Because what would Millie be without cupcakes? Sugarless and sad, that’s what!
I apologize for my hiatus, just had to adjust to my new working lifestyle. But I’ll get to that in a few– I want to share sweet new addition to my wardrobe, a cupcake hat!

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

I told myself this cupcakeness had to stop, but I really wanted a new hat and I just got this Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker so my exposure to the mini sweet cakes has them on my brain. I particularly liked this hat because of the swirl pattern, looks just like frosting in my eyes. I added little white glass beads and a cherry to top it off. Someone, make one and have matching hats with me!

The pattern, super easy and brilliant was made by Sarah Beth, and she has a Youtube tutorial that takes you step by step right here: To the Video! The video is pretty long (like 40 min), here’s a short run down if you don’t want to keep skipping though.

  1. 5.00 mm hook, Color 1 for the cake, and Color 2 for the frosting.
  2. Start the Cake:
    Measure your melon! You need to know how long to make the cake band.
    Using Color 1, Chain 11 and turn.
    Row 1: Sc 12. Ch and turn.
    Row 2: Back Loop 12. Ch and turn.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row 2 until the band is long enough to comfortably go around your head. Leave a tail.
  3. Frosting:
    Grab Color 2 and Ch 26.
    Row 1: Starting in the 3rd st from the hook, do 2 Half Double Crochets in the same st. Do single HDC in the next 21 st. HDC 2tog (decrease) the last two st.
    Row 2: HDC 2tog, then sc 21 st, do 2 HDC in the last st.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row until this band is as long as the cake band made before. Leave a LONG tail.
  4. Cherry:
    Magic Ring 6.
    Sc, 2sc in next st.
    Sc 2, 2sc in next st.
    Sc around.
    Sc 2, 2tog.
    Sc 1, 2tog.
    2tog closed.
  5. Assembly: Sew the Frosting to the Cake with the tail left from the frosting band. Next, sew both sides together so it looks like a normal hat. Sew the top of the hat closed, its hard to describe how she did it in the tutorial, but at 34:10 in the video she does a good job. Top off the hat with the cherry and sprinkles. And viola- ze hat iz fresh out zee oven!

This tutorial is so easy, and with the video she literally goes step by step so it is impossible to get confused. I thank her a lot, I love the way it looks! The first night I wore it, I already got a compliment. I even wear it to work and have parents complimenting me (mainly because they want one for their little girls, but still makes me happy).

Oh yea, I’m a working gal now! I work at a sports center in a small town I used to live in. Its only part time, but this job is practically a work out!! My whole shifts I’m on my feet non-stop, there aren’t even chairs for us to sit it because there is always something to do. The biggest downside though is it is a 40 min drive. While I still hope to find a less hectic full time job, for now I am content with having a job and a steady paycheck. Feels great to finally be part of the workforce.

As for Etsy, unfortunately I have been showing Millie’s Crochet House a little less attention due to my new schedule. But I did manage to complete my goal of making a bunch of patterns from scratch. I have 15 play food patterns <-(picture in my last post)! They are divided by fruits, veggies, and desserts. I plan to make a few more that are meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, ect. I like/dislike the challenge of pattern making, so even if they don’t sell I’m pretty proud of myself!

Life has its normal ups and downs and stresses, but I keep believing things will work out and I’ll somehow pull through. I can’t believe this time last year I didn’t know how to drive, was jobless, and fully dependent on my parents. I’ve done a complete 180 and accomplished all those things. Not to mention it helps to have a boyfriend who is actually supportive and treats me well 🙂


He hates pictures but somehow I keep getting him to take some ;D

My goal is for there to be more crafting once again! Or atleast more blogging, I miss it here and I have a ton of other blogs to catch up on! >.<  Halloween is this month! I am really excited to experience two things for the first time: carve a pumpkin and go in a corn maze!! Simple things that the majority of the population has done since childhood, but I missed those traditions and like I really want to do them. Anyone dressing up? You’re never to old in my book. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to play my 3ds, lucky me is playing 4 games at once @_@

Thanks for still checking in even though I was M.I.A!
❤ Millie

The Cat’s Meow: DIY Kitty Face Top

Just swingin' along~

Mew :3

Hello everyone! Geez, it’s been exactly a month since my last blog post?? Sorry for the silence, a little thing called “life” had me wrapped up in things but don’t worry, I return with a fun tutorial! 😀

A few blog post ago I did a felt plushie camera from a site called Hapy Friends Shoppe. Yet again, I found an amazingly simple and irresistible tutorial from them, a cute kitty top! The full tutorial is here but I’m going to give you a quick run down.


– A plain sweater/shirt/hoodie
– Felt
– Fabric
– Needle/thread
– Printer/scissors
– Lace (optional)
– Safety pin (optional)

1. Print the template for the kitty face then cut it out. TIP: You may need to resize the template before printing because it prints fairly large.

2. Cut out the kitty face on felt pieces. Then assemble them on your shirt.

3. Time to sew! Bring your shirt to life 🙂

4. Let’s make the bow. First cut a rectangular piece of fabric. Fold the edges and sew around to make them round. Pinch the center so it has a bow shape and sew the middle together. Cut another thin strip of fabric to wrap around the middle of the bow. Afterwards, sew the bow to the shirt. Or as another option, glue the safety-pin to the back so it can be attachable.

5. This last step is optional, it is just adding lace around the collar of the shirt. I think it adds a cute touch. And that’s it!

Me being a dork

Me being a dork

This project took a little over an hour, the longest part was sewing on the cat face and making sure each side was even. I like this tutorial because it was quick, easy, and gave a sweater I’ve never even worn a fresh new look. Also, I really appreciate hand sewn projects since I currently don’t have a sewing machine anymore.

I’ve been checking out DIY clothing projects lately, so I hope to find something new and share with you all. I’m also working on crocheting a sweater without a pattern. Which will probably be done….in a long time! >_< Here are a few other crochet works I’ve done recently:



Donald and Daisy

Donald and Daisy

Bon Bon and Lyra

Bon Bon and Lyra



Among these projects was a horribly mishaped Dora the Explorer doll for my little cousin, but she loved it to death and I couldn’t have been happier to see her glowing face. The Saber doll is from an anime called Fate/Stay Night, and was a birthday gift for my boyfriend since it is his favorite anime character. Also the plushie frogs were for him. He has been getting spoiled. It needs to stop! (He’s not so great. He complained I didn’t explain the dolls were for him so now here I am editing it for his convenience. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.)

Summer is almost over, and lately I’ve been a bit on the sad side with Chris going to full-time school, so we wont be seeing eachother everyday anymore. Also I’ve started working and have to take a year off of school, which also makes me bummed. But this is just life at the moment, I’m know things will be alright! 😀

Hope everyone else has had a great summer and is doing well! I’ll try to keep updating regularly again. 🙂 Bye for now!

Millie ❤

Crazy Colored Cozies: DIY Mittens w/Pattern

millie's mittens

How would you like theses little rainbows on your wrists? This is just what anyone needs during this time of the year (well, if you’re in the midwest) when the skies are dreary and contemplating whether to snow or rain and there is still a chill in the air. But there is hope, combat those grey and damp hues outside with these soft and colorful cozies!

While I wish I was the mastermind who created these, I am not. I was on Facebook when I saw a post from the blog Cherry Heart , a charming blog with beautiful tutorials of all kinds. I saw these mittens and knew, this was screaming my name, I HAD to make them (which is the case with almost everything I make hahaha!) The picture filled step by step tutorial is found here on her blog.

millies rainbow crochet mittens


Here’s a quick lil run down of me using her pattern:

1. Hardest step of this pattern? What colors to choose, and in which order?? I took a week of working on and off on these gloves because I would get about 5 rows in and not like the way the colors flowed!

2. Her pattern called for a 3.50 mm hook. Instead I used a 4.50 mm hook because I had to do less stitches and the fit seemed much looser.

3. I noticed her pattern termanology was slightly different. She uses the term “double crochet” (dc) when she really means “single crochet” (sc). I noticed when doing the final row of the mittens. If you want a looser fit at the top, then okies, but don’t do double crochet on the button part like I did, I had to start over.

Left: Correct Single CrochetRight: Incorrect Double Crochet

Left: Correct Single Crochet
Right: Incorrect Double Crochet

4. I used a combination of Simply Soft and Red Heart: Baby Steps yarn because they are both very vibrant brands that of course are very soft and warm.

I wore these to school today and got some really nice compliments 🙂 They are so eye catching and unique, way better than any store bought fingerless gloves! A fairly short blog post, but I had to share and encourage someone to make their  own pair, you won’t regret it~ ❤


Hats n’ Snaps

Crochet HatsWe’ve all been there, those days where our hair is determined to be our worse enemy, and no amount of combing, flat ironing, or hair product can tame it. You have to accept it: you’re going to have a bad hair day. Well, I’m not gonna take that anymore! Those mornings when I don’t want an elaborate battle with my hair (usually when its curly) I claim victory with a hat! I’ve started liking hats so much this winter, that I decided to make not one, but two, and I LOVE THEM!



I love crocheting amigurumi, but there is always a thrill in trying to learn new crochet stitches and techniques, plus I really feel like I’m lacking so many cute crochet accessories. The first hat I mad was the red-salmon colored slouch hat. I discovered this cute hat on All About Ami’s blog, where she had made the same hat Vicki Howell’s pattern. The puffiness of the puff pattern is so cute, and puffy! Gives the hat a nice soft and fluffy feel and is super light on my head. I used Simply Soft yarn for both parts, took a few hours but well worth it! Originally this hat was to be two shades of purple, but my boyfriend forbid me from making anything else that color. I don’t know why, just because 90% of the things I buy are purple doesn’t mean I can’t indulge myself with a purple hat, right? 😛 Hahaha….he was right (I guess), the color combo is gorgeous.

Looks like tiny flowers

Looks like tiny flowers

My second hat was super fun to make–once I figured out how the heck to read the complicated pattern and master the cluster stitch (or is it just called “cluster”?) This pattern is on the Red Heart Yarn website, named the Charleston Cloche hat.  I used Red Heart’s Love yarn which is softer and thicker for this hat. The blue is very pretty, will look great with a lot of outfits! The pattern has you make one large flower to finish the hat, which I liked, but wondered: what if I want a different flower color, or style? Then
*DINGDINGDING!* an idea popped in my head– I’ll make more than one flower and make them  interchangeable!


crochet hat with snpas

Oh snap!


I came up with the idea, but my boyfriend yet again put the icing on the cake. I was going to make flowers, crochet chains from the back of them, and weave them inbetween the stitches of the hat. I told my boyfriend the idea, and he suggested I just buy buttons and snaps (that genius!) Off to the craft store we went, and later that night I found great flower patterns form this blog. This was the first time I’ve worked with snaps before, and I have a love/hate outlook. The look is great, but putting the snaps and buttons together was irritating. Especially since the brand I chose had their proportions wrong and we went through all 7 buttons when we only needed 3! If it weren’t for my boyfriend saving the day again and figuring out how to get all those pieces to work, and banging them together mercilessly with a hammer, I wouldn’t have this crocheted awesomeness. My only complaint is I put the snap a little too low on the hat than intended, but it still looks good. Overall, I love the option of wearing this hat with a flower, rose, or bright red bow on the side 🙂  What do you think, would you like a hat with changing flowers? I would be happy if someone else tried this!

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

Was this day special for you? Mine started right around midnight, when I ate a fresh baked marble cake and I got my adorable gift:

the worlds cutest cat!

the worlds cutest cat!

I don’t claim to have any real “obsessions” except one — Hello Kitty. If I could have a house and everything be Hello Kitty related I would! 🙂 So this duct (I always say “duck” haha) wallet made to perfection fits my theme. I like that I got  gift that was not only Hello Kitty but something that was handmade by my Valentine, that sweetie! ❤

Whelp, I’m going to look for a third hat pattern. I have one red, one blue, I’m thinking pink next, maybe with a big pom-pom on it like they have on little kids’ ones  (there shouldn’t be an age limit on those!). Check ya’ later!


Japan Inspired: DIY Tsumami Kanzashi

私は日本を愛しているよ! 日本人の私はもう話すことはできません….でも Google翻訳は手間を省きます!
I love Japan! I can’t speak Japanese anymore….but Google Translate saves the day!

College opened up a huge array of classes I thought I could never take. One of those being Japanese. I absolutely love the  fun pop culture of Japan, and I thought learning the language would be equally fun. It was! For a while. Until you try to memorize all 3 alphabets, sentence structure, and how mispronouncing on syllable could lead to major miscommunications! After realizing I had 5 additional classes until I “officially” would learn the language, I decided to save that for another time.

Enough of that, the focus of this post is to have a quick tutorial on how to make tsumami kanashi! What the heck is that? Those two flowers pictured above made of fabric and (supposed) to be attached to hair pins. Wika def: ”hana (flower) kanzashi are created from squares of silk by a technique known as tsumami (pinching)”. These ornaments and pins are absolutely GORGEOUS, worn by beautiful geishas. And expensive, made of vibrant colors, very elaborate, and traditionally large in size. Can’t get my hands on one anytime soon, so I decided to make my own extremely simple knock-off versions.

Supplies: Cloth (I used old scraps, non stretchy material works best), scissors, needle, thick thread, ruler, paper, buttons, ribbon, other items for decorating, hot glue gun, felt, hair pin/clip
Results: Fabric flowers! What’s not to love about that??
Let’s do the pink flower first:

1.  Grab a Pencil!
Start by taking your  paper (thicker the better) and making a square template. I did 2.5″ the larger the square the easier to fold.

2. Snip-snip-snip
The minimum I used was 6, but later had 7. There is no maximum!

3. Up and Away
Take a square, and fold the bottom corner to the top, creating a triangle.

4. Double time
Take both bottom corners of the triangle and fold them to the top corner.

5. Fall Back
Ugh forgive this photo…As I tried to show in the little white box, take left and right corners of the now diamond and fold them back. When you fold them back, they should be holding them together to create the petal like shape on the right.

7. Sew desu ne?
This is a tricky step indeed! Sew all the petals together. I placed my needle about two-fourths from the bottom, they stayed together pretty well. I connected the final petal to the first petal with a backstitch. After they were all connected, I sewed again to make sure they were all secure.

8. Gooey Glue Gun
Add whatever decoration you please to the center, securing it with hot glue. ON the back, cut out a piece of felt. Take your pin, glue it to the top of the felt, then glue the felt to the back of your flower.

Ta-da! This version of the flower is complete!

My Results: I used stretchy material, didn’t work too well in my favor but I still liked my little flower, I don’t really have sparkly decorative items, instead added two buttons that complimented the pinks and peaches. I made a big error though:

The petals in the back become a bit bulky, I had scissors, temptation too strong, went snip happy. I cut too much of the back off, and the shape was thrown off. Caution if you decide to cut the backs of the petals!

The red flower is SOOO MUCH EASIER!

1. Round it Out
Make a minimum of 5 circles. I used a diameter of 2” yet you choose how big you want yours to be.

2. Sew and Tug
Thread your needle with matching thread. Fold one of the circles in half. Take your needle and thread around the rounded half of the circle. For my circle halves, 12 stitches worked perfect. When the stitches are done, tug the rest of your thread through and the petal shape will instantly form.

3. Decorate!
Once again you can put whatever you wish in the center, then attach the felt and clip/pin to the back. Since I didn’t have a button the color I wanted, I wrapped one in yellow ribbon. Annnnd that’s all you have to do!~

Now you have two different flowers 🙂
Here are some links for the indepth tutorials:
Quick & Easy Fabric Flowers

Final Thoughts:
1. Stretchy material works, if you have extra patience.
2. Caution when trimming the back of the petals!
3. Consider the size of your pins when creating your petal sizes. The red one is waaaayyy too big for the tiny pins I had.
4. There are countless tsumami kanzashi flowers, try some more out!

ありがとう, おやすみ!
Thank you, goodnight!