Time for Food! 

Happy Hump day! 

Wow February sure went by fast. But this month has been a good one so far. I signed up for a seasonal craft show and I’m dying to know if I have been accepted or not! Got my first brand new SUV every and feel much more comfortable driving in this hectic Virginia area. My two year anniversary was very sweet and got to stuff my face with savory Brazilian food.

Speaking of food, I created a while new food set. The “Meal Set” was inspired by my friend Logan. I told her a few years back I made my nephew crochet plat food and he loved it so much. Her little one is almost two and she thought it’d be a great idea. 

Not only did I give her my 15 previous dessert/fruit/veggie patterns…I got fueled to make more! 

I’ve got to say the spaghetti bowl holds a special place in my heart ❤🍝 I actually had to stop myself from making more, she wanted the patterns before she moved. I’m happy with the turn out.  Makes me hopeful that one day I can have these for my own kiddies to play with 😄😊 I have a Made to Order set in my Etsy shop

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is having a good 2017! 

The House of Fan Art

Been a long time since my last blog lost, but I kind of miss it!

As of now I am 26, mother of a spoiled 16 lb healthy cat, and still completely devoted to the lovely craft of crochet (woohoo, longest running hobby EVER)! 

Yet here I am going through and internal battle of passion vs profit. Over the past two years my shop (*ahem* Millie’s Crochet House via Etsy) has been fantastic. I love fulfilling orders and creating new product. But alas, my shop has taken a dive into the world of fan art. 

I have always had a little bit of pop culture in my shop,mainly when the My Little Pony fan base ran ramped. One day I made a doll pattern I was satisfied with, and made the anime character OnePunch Man. From there I made a handful of other cartoon characters just for the fun of it. Listed them on Etsy just to get them out of my storage space. 

Then it happened. Before I knew it I was getting custom requests to make more and more dolls from fandom’s. At fitst, it was a lot of fun! The challenge of getting down characteristics via yarn. I really do enjoy making them…however once the fan art sales went up, my original design sales went down. And those original ideas are what made my love of amigurumi flourish, making those designs is a great passion.

I guess this is when I should establish more who exactly I want my target audience to be. Fan art is fun, making up and drawing new designs is fun. But juggling both in one shop seems to be more difficult than I thought, or I’m just doing it wrong ahaha! The next couple of days I’m working on my biggest original designs project ever, I hope to add that extra pep in my step while lost among the fandom dolls. 

Well there is my updates rant! Here are some pictures of some original and fan art dolls 🙂 

Bear Purse!

Bears, Bakeries, and Kittens

Blue Bear's Bakery is Open!

Blue Bear’s Bakery is Open!

For once I followed through and finished a project, woohoo! I completed a full pattern set for my little Blue Bear and his little baked goods. I’m so happy how he turned out ^_^

bakery crochet set amigurumi bear

I’m still on a roll with this pattern making kick – today I’m working a picnic set for more of my minis, that is when I can find time to work on them. We’ve had a new member added to our little family:

My crochet partner

My crochet partner

This is our baby kitty, Sora! We adopted him this past Saturday. He’s so tiny, only two pounds and just turned two months. He keeps me company and gives me plenty of entertainment with his bursts of energy, I could easily run around playing for an hour or so. Of course when I do try to crochet, he’s right next to me attacking my hands and hooks. He’s such a joy to have, so glad we could give him a home. After a little while, we will be searching for a perfect rescue dog to complete our family 🙂

Also before I go, big shout out to the lovely Jane of Rainbow Junkie, she did a phenomenal job of testing and critiquing my amigurumi bear pattern, and she set me the adorable results:

little bearCouldn’t have created a better pattern without your help 🙂 I’m waiting to hear back from another tester and I’d like to share her results as well. I’ve now got the patterns for the bears, baker set, and bunnies in my Etsy shop. Each pattern also comes with a special coupon code.

I’ve become quite a hermit lately here in South Carolina. I find myself ready to find a job yet a tad more paranoid of venturing out the house. I don’t like the super busy four lane roads, the area is void of any open space, nothing in our area is unique or leisure. I really miss the suburban feel that I’ve always been around. But, I don’t allow myself to dote on this too much for my husband’s sake. This is the life we have and I decided to be a Navy wife, but this week has been my mope week lol. Next week it’s “buckle down and be a big 25 year old” week! I’ll find the silver lining and keep searching for my gem and job in this urban jungle.

Anywho, it’s time to get crocheting while the little kitten is asleep, have a great day everyone!
❤ Millie

I Return—with Cupcakes ofcourse! (Short tutorial included)

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

Because what would Millie be without cupcakes? Sugarless and sad, that’s what!
I apologize for my hiatus, just had to adjust to my new working lifestyle. But I’ll get to that in a few– I want to share sweet new addition to my wardrobe, a cupcake hat!

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

I told myself this cupcakeness had to stop, but I really wanted a new hat and I just got this Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker so my exposure to the mini sweet cakes has them on my brain. I particularly liked this hat because of the swirl pattern, looks just like frosting in my eyes. I added little white glass beads and a cherry to top it off. Someone, make one and have matching hats with me!

The pattern, super easy and brilliant was made by Sarah Beth, and she has a Youtube tutorial that takes you step by step right here: To the Video! The video is pretty long (like 40 min), here’s a short run down if you don’t want to keep skipping though.

  1. 5.00 mm hook, Color 1 for the cake, and Color 2 for the frosting.
  2. Start the Cake:
    Measure your melon! You need to know how long to make the cake band.
    Using Color 1, Chain 11 and turn.
    Row 1: Sc 12. Ch and turn.
    Row 2: Back Loop 12. Ch and turn.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row 2 until the band is long enough to comfortably go around your head. Leave a tail.
  3. Frosting:
    Grab Color 2 and Ch 26.
    Row 1: Starting in the 3rd st from the hook, do 2 Half Double Crochets in the same st. Do single HDC in the next 21 st. HDC 2tog (decrease) the last two st.
    Row 2: HDC 2tog, then sc 21 st, do 2 HDC in the last st.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row until this band is as long as the cake band made before. Leave a LONG tail.
  4. Cherry:
    Magic Ring 6.
    Sc, 2sc in next st.
    Sc 2, 2sc in next st.
    Sc around.
    Sc 2, 2tog.
    Sc 1, 2tog.
    2tog closed.
  5. Assembly: Sew the Frosting to the Cake with the tail left from the frosting band. Next, sew both sides together so it looks like a normal hat. Sew the top of the hat closed, its hard to describe how she did it in the tutorial, but at 34:10 in the video she does a good job. Top off the hat with the cherry and sprinkles. And viola- ze hat iz fresh out zee oven!

This tutorial is so easy, and with the video she literally goes step by step so it is impossible to get confused. I thank her a lot, I love the way it looks! The first night I wore it, I already got a compliment. I even wear it to work and have parents complimenting me (mainly because they want one for their little girls, but still makes me happy).

Oh yea, I’m a working gal now! I work at a sports center in a small town I used to live in. Its only part time, but this job is practically a work out!! My whole shifts I’m on my feet non-stop, there aren’t even chairs for us to sit it because there is always something to do. The biggest downside though is it is a 40 min drive. While I still hope to find a less hectic full time job, for now I am content with having a job and a steady paycheck. Feels great to finally be part of the workforce.

As for Etsy, unfortunately I have been showing Millie’s Crochet House a little less attention due to my new schedule. But I did manage to complete my goal of making a bunch of patterns from scratch. I have 15 play food patterns <-(picture in my last post)! They are divided by fruits, veggies, and desserts. I plan to make a few more that are meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, ect. I like/dislike the challenge of pattern making, so even if they don’t sell I’m pretty proud of myself!

Life has its normal ups and downs and stresses, but I keep believing things will work out and I’ll somehow pull through. I can’t believe this time last year I didn’t know how to drive, was jobless, and fully dependent on my parents. I’ve done a complete 180 and accomplished all those things. Not to mention it helps to have a boyfriend who is actually supportive and treats me well 🙂


He hates pictures but somehow I keep getting him to take some ;D

My goal is for there to be more crafting once again! Or atleast more blogging, I miss it here and I have a ton of other blogs to catch up on! >.<  Halloween is this month! I am really excited to experience two things for the first time: carve a pumpkin and go in a corn maze!! Simple things that the majority of the population has done since childhood, but I missed those traditions and like I really want to do them. Anyone dressing up? You’re never to old in my book. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to play my 3ds, lucky me is playing 4 games at once @_@

Thanks for still checking in even though I was M.I.A!
❤ Millie

My Kawaii Day: Introducing the Kawaii Kollection

Kawaii Kollection by millie's crochet house

The Story: I had a kawaii (Japanese word for “cute”) day last week. It started when I woke up one morning, ready to pull the curtians back and be greeted by Sunny
amigurumi sun crochet mille crochet house,
but instead I saw Roary
crochet cloud stormy grumpy 

rumbling outside my window. I sighed, shaking my head at the grumpy little cloud. I retreated back to the comfort of comforters to watch some Teebee

crochet tv plush millie crochet house

 hoping to catch some mid-morning cartoons. But my animated fantasies were put on hold,
I had a blank Teebee with no Clicky.
amigurumi tv plush millie crochet house

“Oh geez,” I grumbled with a slight smile, searching high and low for this little remote, who took pride in being the Hide n’ Seek champion. After finding him giggling beneath the a sock, I turned on Teebee and felt ready to get out of bed. To help revive my senses that were stuffed with April sniffles, I walked to the kitchen, grabbing Vanilla and Jasmine.

crochet teup and tea bag millie crochet house

“Morning tea is what’s best for me!” I smile feeling the warmth snuggle over me. Feeling like a poetry hipster, I decided to write a poem about the way raindrops were walking across the grass. From my desk I grabbed Notes

amigurumi notebook crochet kawaii milliecrochethouseand Red

amigurumi kawaii notebook pencil set milliecrochethouse

to recored my poetic rhymes. On and on I went in a romantic rage, poetry flew out of me and before I knew it I was hungry. Hipsterness gone, sweet tooth engaged, to the fridge I grabbed Cubbie, Crunchy, Chips, and Crumbles. 

crochet milk and cookies amigurumi millie crochet house

(Sorry to say they were delicious desserts.) Before it was time to drop my recreational routine and start preparing for an average college day, I got a notification from WordPress: It was MillieonherWorld’s first birthday! Hip hip hurray! I made something special to celebrate, I got Sparks

kawaii crochet birthday cake amigurumi millie crochet house

and his friend Giddy

crochet amigurumi gift birthday millie crochet house

to give give my blog her first celebration! And here we are now, a whole year later and look how well she has grown, thanks everyone for enjoying MillieonherWorld! The End.

*Applause*Cheers*Flowers thrown on stage-preferably lilies*
And there is my cheesy little story introducing you to my newest amigurumis, the Kawaii Kollection~!
Basically I’m taking random things that I have or haven’t seen been crochet and crocheting them. It started with a notebook, one day in Linguistics I was doodling and drew a notebook (how clever huh?). From then I kept drawing sketches and soon the Kawaii Kollection was born. I’ve got more sketches of pairs that will be joining the series shortly. I don’t know why I find these so interesting, I mean, they aren’t anything special, just objects with blush marks and felt eyes…but I can’t stop drawing!

The Kawaii Kollection is at my Etsy shop, being sold in pairs. I can’t wait to add more, they are colorfully fun and I’m having a blast creating patterns from scratch that aren’t too complicated. I will eventually be releasing a pattern soon for….something! I’m not even sure what, but for once I’d like to enter-ok actually my bf wants me to- the super creative Woolhog’s Monthly Made It Challenge with something from my own pattern that I’d offer to others to do what they please with (yes, they will have permission to sell)(ahahaha, reference to my last post).

Also, I got nominated for the Liebster Award! Yay 😀 this was given to me by Winne at her blog Poke’mon Crochet Challenge. As the title implies, she is determined to crochet all original 151 Poke’mon! She takes you through her projects, even offering patterns and tutorials. She’s got 24 down and still on a roll. Soon I will follow the rules of the award and pass it on.

Tomorrow is my last full week of school, then one final and a final project and its adios!
I will probably miss my Linguistics professor most, such a short quirky little guy, always humoring us with his morbid sense of humor and awkwardly true facts of life, I hope I have him again. I’ve gone all day with three hours of sleep, time to put this Millie Mouse to bed. I’m going to snuggle with my bear (going on 23 and still sleep with her, I have no shame in this) and look at the gorgeous round moon that’s out tonight.

Fly me to the moon, let me swing among the stars~

Frank Sinatra fan for life,

Having Fun with Custom Creations

I don’t know about the vast majority of the population, but I have always loved handmade one of a kind items. I love knowing that this necklace I purchased from that craft fair years ago is the only one around and I like that the other person sitting next to me won’t have one (how snobby that sounds!). I especially love getting one of a kind fan art from shows or bands I like that don’t always haver merchandise for sale. When my friend asked me a long time ago to make him doll from his favorite band, I finally got around to it and here are the results, a pair of Raveonette dolls!

Rave On!

Rave On!

Modeled after the band’s members Sune and Sharin.

Why did it take me so long to make these? I don’t know. Well, yea I do. I was working on a new doll pattern, trying out new yarns, sizes, and all that stuff. I love the results and I had fun making these two! My favorite part had to be Sune’s hair, its curly, wavy, and straight all at the same time. I got to get some great ami-hair practice. Making dolls after existing people was such a fun challenge. I decided to put the option of customizable dolls at my shop, and to have examples I’ve made 2 more dolls so far:



My all time favorite Vocaloid! Vocaloids are voice synthesizers that allow users to create there own songs. There are a ton and very popular in Japan. Each voice is from an actual person and given an animated avatar. The most popular is Miku Hatsune, but to me she is overrated and Gumi sounds way better! Before I go into a full on lecture, here is a song I really like from Gumi: off to YouTube!



The lovable young witch of Studio Ghibli’s film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. This was the first Japanese animated film I saw as a kid and this movie always stuck with me for some reason. I made Kiki so far, but I plan on making Tombo, the boy she falls for and her cat companion Jiji.

While I love this doll pattern, I don’t think I’ll make any of my own with it. I still like the design of my original dolls, but I don’t know, I wanna keep trying new things. There is always something new to learn about what you love most ❤ Looks like this summer I’ll have plenty of time to craft, my job search is still turning up empty. I was super excited to have an interview this last Tuesday to this tea shop I really want to work at, but I called yesterday and they say they still need to talk to the manager to decided if they need me. Trying to stay hopeful, fingers crossed!

Other Crafty Things—
Working on creating kawaii versions of ordinary objects, so far I’ve started on one and its taking longer than expected, even though its only like 4ish inches tall. Gotten in some felting practice, eventually I will make those keychains I ordered 🙂

Better return my brain to Linguistics class. The whole class just silenced from some feirce howling wind outside and reminded me I should be paying attention haha! The class is a pain but teacher is hillarious, he’s now telling us his jealousy that his nephew favors his boyfriend because he gives the nephew better presents. Oh I love quirky teachers!

Ill stop commentating 🙂
Bye bye! Ill post a WIP pic later, have a good dayyyy!

P.S. Qoute that made my day by my professor: “I love the way babies learn language, they’re like tiny little vampire monsters!”