First Craft Fair of 2017!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be doing craft shows this year! My first show was last Sunday in a  beautiful Sunday park. I couldn’t have been more scared to be honest, haha. But here was my little set up:



Lafayette Park in Norfolk was full of colorful tents and vendors from all over the area, each with some AMAZING displays! As I sat down at my table in the early morning I couldn’t believe I finally had the courage to sell out in public again, also among such talented artist! I was one of the few newbies to the season, and probably the most nervous as I kept rearranging and stressing just how to put my display together.

Selling in person is such a unique experience. The best part was seeing the children run to my tent with a giant grin on their faces. They were all so polite and sweet, I just wanted to give them a big hug! I even felt pretty bashful as they’d star at me wide eyed once I told them I made the little dolls they were clutching so tightly. I felt so great seeing their faces light up.

Unfortunately, as with selling anything there were some downsides. Mostly due to my oversensitiveness to be honest (lol). There was a slight feeling of defeat whenever customers would show great interest in products, then complain about the price being “too high” even though I just explained why the item is priced like that. I also got annoyed with people carelessly tossing products back on and off the table. Or not putting them back even in the same general area, that able wasn’t even that big!

After that day I realized I have to have a tougher skin and get better with conversing in general. My shyness dominated a little too much, with my husband really being my hype man. He had a good balance of conversing enough to get interest, yet not making the customer feel pressured to buy something. In general after saying “Hello, how are you doing?” my mind practically went blank. Ahhh, good ol’ social anxieties!

On the bright side, this was my largest vending event ever, and towards the afternoon I generated an amazing audience and made more sales than I expected. My husband was so impressed, he suggested I sign up for larger events, such as Anime or Comic Cons. In that regard, I’m elated and feel relieved the show turned out alright.

Anyone in the Southern Virginia area? The Riverview Village Days is twice a month on Sundays, and I will probably be showing up for more events. I’d love to give a discount to anyone who gives a shout out to my “Millie on her World” blog.

Hope everyone had a great Easter, I spent my day by the beautiful beach with freezing water hahaha. 😀 Bye for now!

Return of the Ice Painting


Ice painting just gets better and better! And did I mention that it lasts a while? I’m still using the same ice cubes I made last week. I love how easy it is, the cubes are always ready to go, just a trip to the freezer and ta-da, easy art!

Making more pictures is a new hobby that’s growing on me (as if I need another one!) A few nights ago I realized that it really is a great stress reliever.

*Warning: slightly dramatic story ahead* I was minding my own business, just watching a foreign movie on Netflix on my Wii when our power  cut off. 3 seconds later it pops back on – the TV, lights, fan, alarm clock- everything BUT the Wii. I press the power button and no luck, it wouldn’t even light up. I was so frustrated! The Wii is my only updated game system, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to replace it.  What did I do? I dug out paper, scribbled some drawings and furiously started ice painting. After two pictures I started feeling better. I felt so alive letting the ice roam free!

I love ice painting. Everyone should try 🙂


Ice Cube Painting: A Chilly DIY Project

Project: Ice Painting
Supplies: Food coloring, water, ice trays, small bowls, plastic spoons, paper, popsicle sticks or a good substitute
Results: An easy way to add color to work, especially on hot summer days.

Want to do something new and fun  on these hot summer days? I think this project would be great for anyone just wanting to try something new, quick, easy, and isn’t too messy. Also it’s a great substitute if you want to do a little cheap water coloring effect in your art work. I found the tutorial at Happy Houligans post.

As shown here the supplies are common kitchen items. The only thing I had to improvise on was cutting plastic knives in half since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks. I was suprised that we also had two different sets of food coloring, the regular   4 colors and the bright neon colors. I started by dropping 3 drops of red, blue, and yellow and let the mixing of colors begin!

In a few hours these babies were ready to paint! all the colors turned out pretty good. Well, except the red that turned out to be more pink than anything else.

I felt like a 3 year old again doing this

I have a think for hair coloring, don’t I?

The only down side for me was how fast the ice melted, and the food coloring that still has my fingers stained. On the other hand, when the ice started melting it was great for randomly splattering colors on the page. This is one of those times where I wish I was more artistic! Like those people in my school who are attached to their paint sets and will be seen painting anywhere on campus.

Yup, this is a quick and easy activity. I had fun scribbling, splattering, and swirling water colors!  If you want to try this, check out the tutorial, this would be fun for kids to do. Few quick tips:

1. Mixing colors is fun, but having a lot of food coloring helps
2. Any paper is good, unless you really want a good painting thicker paper is best so it won’t wrinkle. The top drawing was on Epson Matte photo paper and maintained its shape.
3. Best if this is done on a hard surface and towel!

That’s all I really have to say, I tried this when I was half asleep and most of my paper was random nonsense, still worth trying again 🙂

Tea Time: DIY Paper Mache Cups

Cupcake, anyone?

Project: Paper Mache Tea Cups
Supplies: News paper (or other thin paper), thin cardboard (like a shoe box), glue, flour, water, paint brush, acrylic paint, and a fan is recommended.
Results: Personalized unusable but cute cardboard cups

Remember in art class they first introduced us to paper mache? I was in 7th grade and our teacher taught us how newspaper, flour and water wrapped around a balloon could be transformed into a Day of the Dead mask.  That was probably the last time I ever did paper mache. What tempted me to go back to this messy project?


Paper mache cups, how cute are these! I couldn’t resist, once again Pinterest challenged me to dare create something new. This time though, I googled for PROPER DIRECTIONS, and found a tutorial at Funkytime’s website.



Success and Failures:  On Funkytime’s website, she starts with the option of using her template for the basic cup pattern. I ignored this step due to wanting to try it myself, and the small fact that I have no ink in my printer. That’s explains why the yellow cup is slightly larger than the blue.


No matter how hard I tried, my circles were uneven. In Step 2 when I have to tape them together, it became tricky and took me a few tries. This is probably the most frustrating part of the whole project!

I Googled a mod podge recipe, but forgot to take into account that I didn’t need much for only two cups, I have almost a full jar just sitting on my desk at the moment. In her tutorial she used tissue paper over the mod podge, this is a good option if you want thinner, more delicate looking cups.

I made very long and fat strips for the paper mache which is a no-no. The strips would go too far and become wrinkled, making the cups very bumpy. Thin strips that stretch from the outside base to the inside bottom work best, and eventually make the cup look smoother.

The cups weren’t too hard to make, my only mistakes were making too much mod podge, not enough paper mache paste, and finding the perfect size for newspaper strips. Painting would have been enjoyable if I owned proper paint brushes. I managed only an OLD OLD OLD like before I was born small cooking brush. Yet the job got done.

In the End:

1. Research projects before you jump into them like I do!
2. Depending on cup size, try to make the right amount of mod podge/paste
3. Try the template for your first cups
4. Do this project near a sink!

I’m amazed how people think of cute projects like these, and I thank them for sharing so many fun projects. 🙂 Let me see your cups if you make one, we can have ourselves a tea party, heehee!

Expectation vs. Reality: DIY Fairy dust Project


Project: DIY Fairy Dust
Supplies: Fat glow stick(s), clear/white VERY sparkely glitter, jar, lots of towels
Results: A bit messy, dim lit jar, and a glowing carpet

Like many other projects I tend to do in the wee hours of the morning, I came across this on Pinterest (super addicting site by the way) and thought it was so cute! The idea of catching fairy dust in a jar? Too classic and makes me feel nostalgic about the days I wish I’d meet Tinkerbell and she’d whisk me away to Neverland. But instead, I’d settle for a knock-off version of pixie dust homemade by me, a non-fairy.

From the beginning, I wasn’t so sure I could pull this off, but I tried anyway, and got these:

In the light, looks even more boring, don’t it?

I was skeptical as soon as I tore the plastic off my glow stick. I thought I had one of those 12 inch fat in diameter glow sticks in a package—not being cheap and actually containing two very thin, short sticks (but that’s the dollar store for you…). That was FAIL 1.

Cutting the glow sticks = FAIL 2. Box cutter in hand, I firmly grasped this twiggy stick and tried to make a clean cut off the top. Instead, glow liquid shot across my room, creating a purple trail all the way to my door.

FAIL 3 was trying to pour the glowing contents into the jar. Since the directions were so vague, and maybe I’m just slow, but I couldn’t figure out to break the sticks before or after. I chose “before”, only to discover that the little bits of broken glass were slopping into the jar more than the glow liquid.

FAIL 4 occurred due to my choice in glitter, I chose regular sized gold. Upon further inspection and research, it seems the really large and pretty clear glitter works best.

Fail 5 had to be the purple glowing mess on my towels, carpet, fingers, and toes. As well as a few glass shards that liked to hide on my floor. Oh, and the lid to my jar was leaking so everytime I shook my jar, I had horrid smelling, glowing hands.

Oh what an experience this was. But all in all, the outcome of my small jar bought a smile on my face. I even added a little (badly drawn) fairy to brighten my pixie dust. If anyone wants to try this, I sugguest:

1. Large glow sticks
2. Clear sparkly glitter, you know the ones that look like little circles
3. Wear gloves
4. Use tons of towels
5. Beware of glass

All in all, another project tried, and some results I can learn from.
Anyone else out there willing to try this? I’d like to see how it went!