In Need of Pattern Testers!

Three baby bears

                                                                      Three baby bears

Hello fellow bloggers!

As usual, life keeps me busy. For the last three weeks I’ve been getting cozy in my new South Carolina home 🙂 For sure has been an adjustment, moving out of state for the first time, with only my husband, but I am loving it ❤

So lately I’m making our house a real home, and continue to pour all my efforts into my Etsy shop. Which leads me to this post~ I’ve made a new pattern, and would love to have a few testers 🙂

I would like one tester to do the pattern in spiral rounds, and the other to use the joined round method. Also I will give the pattern free to anyone who can come up with a name for these three! I can’t think of something cute and “Baby Bear Pattern” just sounds waaay to bland to me X_X

I’m looking for in-dept feedback from testers, specifically if certain parts are confusing/unclear. If you are interested, please email me at:
FIrst come first serve, thank you in advance! 🙂

12 thoughts on “In Need of Pattern Testers!

  1. “Jelly baby bears”? Haha 🙂 all the best! The bears are absolutely adorable and I wish I could be a pattern tester, but I just haven’t got the time :/ “tumbling toddler teddies” alliterates too though haha I’m too bored now I swear. “Teeny teddies”? “Bitty baby bears”? “Bumble bean bears”? Goodness I think I should stop now, haha :p

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