This Month is a Sad Face, but atleast I have My Purse

Ugh where to begin…

In my last post I ranted raved and cheered about how excited and thankful I was to not only land a second job but to have it be crochet related, I thought it was an unbelievable opportunity. Well, turns out it was too good to be true…

The job started off kind of rocky, after a week of the brand new shop being open I hadn’t heard from my boss. I went in and she instantly looked at my toys and set them up around the shop, and told me to start working a few days later. That was over a month ago, and since then I’ve gotten only 2 more shifts. I have asked her frequently if I will ever have the amount of hours she says she will give me, and if there is anything in my performance that I could improve. She would sing my damn praises! She’d tell me I was a great worker, she loved my crochet toys, and that she’d get me on the schedule asap. With that type of reaction, you’d feel like you were doing a good job right?

Last week I didn’t have a single shift. This past Monday, I confronted her with a serious tone, asking her to let me know at that moment if she felt I was a good fit for the shop, and that this second job was needed because I fully support myself, and that I really loved working there. The few shifts I did get were amazing, I was floating on the clouds. I loved the products, the customers, and of course the many curious children that would venture in checking out all the unique products. My boss instantly scheduled me for a long shift this Saturday. I was relieved, feeling that this attempt had been successful.

Unfortunately, I just got an update from our schedule that I have been taken off that shift. No explanation or nothing. I am so hurt and confused. I don’t know what to believe. Why tell me I’m a good employee and an asset to the shop, but never schedule me and take away my shifts? It’s a slap in the face. This has happened about three times and now I’m done. I’m not sure if I even want to talk to her or inform her that I don’t give a f*** about it anymore. It breaks my heart to lose the first job I truly enjoyed. I felt so proud feeling like my crochet had taken me to an amazing place. Now this has taken a hard blow to my confidence.

I know I’m not the only person who has felt like this or had to leave a job they enjoyed, probably happens everyday with the current world we live in. I’ll bounce back probably, but I’m now constantly doubting my abilities….I had planned on making some new crochet purses, bags, toys, and baby outfits and attempt to get them in other local boutiques. *sigh* now it feels pointless. I’m in a rough place right now, so I will probably do some crochet to make me feel better. I’ve looked into getting my  crochet teaching certificate since this is really the only thing that comforts and keeps me sane lately. Not sure….

In crochet news I did make a new purse, here’s a preview:

flower purse


I’ll do a full post after I finish the second one, this one was just a prototype I made in one day. I adore this purse, the inspiration came from a pictures I found on Pinterest:


Very vague, but I fell in love. I made a pattern for it to be way bigger, it holds all my basic purse needs and then some. Plus I lined the inside with not only fabric, but strong craft board that keeps the sides sturdy. I feel accomplished to make my purse and that after a week of normal usage it hasn’t fallen apart.

I’m a mopey Millie right now but these things happen, I keep reminding myself that life goes on and I could be worse off than I am now.

I hope everyone has a good night, until my purse post, ttfn!

❤ Millie

11 thoughts on “This Month is a Sad Face, but atleast I have My Purse

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your job troubles, Millie. It’s definitely not good management tactics to sing an employee’s praises and then take them off the schedule. I hear you about it being a hit to your confidence, but the problem here is with the owner, NOT with you. So relax if you can, and keep on crocheting awesome stuff. 🙂 And you should definitely dump that shop and search for some other ones, any decent owner would recognize your value and would deal with you honestly.

    There are crochet teaching certificates? I must look into this. How exactly does one get a crochet teaching certificate?

    The purse is super cute! My favorite part is actually the little charm–is it a zipper pull? Can’t wait to read the next post!

    • Thank you River ❤
      I know that it's not my fault and I need to let this go, but it's so hard to not get an explanation, accepting what happened is hard! This is apparently what you should obtain if you want to officially teach in stores or to children. I've read up on it and it really helps to have this when applying for a job. Plus seems like fun 🙂

      I call the charm my "Baby Star" who wasn't originally supposed to be there. The zipper kept getting stuck so I put him on and I think he completes the purse, he's so cute~

      • You’re welcome ❤
        I hear you. I'm glad, though, that you're not letting this get in the way of your having fun crocheting. And I hope that you find a better boutique to sell them in soon.

        Thanks for the link! I know some other people who'll be interested in it too. I liked the Ten Tips on the page, really helpful for any situation where you're teaching kids. And it does seem like fun 🙂

        I agree, Baby Star does complete the purse! I notice that you've posted the pattern, I'm going to have to make a couple~

      • 🙂 I hope you do the Baby Star pattern, I would love to see!

        Glad the link could help you, I agree it had some very good pointers, I would love to teach kids but I would have to see how to make it super exciting but keep them on track, the kids I see now adays seem like they wouldn’t be able to sit still hah!

  2. Some people really have no business to employ people. What a stupid boss. Don´t let it get to you too much, even though it is not easy. This sort of things does hurt one even if you know it is not your fault or anything. Maybe you should still focus on getting your stuff to other shops, you are very skilled and talented! And you never know, there might be an open position somewhere else.
    The purse is so adorb 🙂

    • Thank’s so much, for all your nice comments! 🙂
      I have decided to continue trying my best to keep making merchandise to put in other shops, almost done with an ombre crocodile stitch purse that I partially don’t want to give up heehee~

  3. Millie, your crochet WILL take you to a wonderful place one day, and with someone far better than that zombie shopkeeper. She’s lost a golden opportunity with you. Keep going, keep your chin up. Not many people can visualise, design and make the sort of things you do.

    • Always great to hear from you Jill! I hope for the sake of the other employees my “boss” learns better skills. I’ve heard a few other employees have had the same problems with her. But life goes on, I am going to keep crocheting new things until my fingers cramp again lol. My goal is to have some good product samples before mid July 🙂 Thanks for the support.

  4. Hi Millie, I love the little star charm, it’s what drew me in to read your post. Sorry to hear about your work troubles. Good on you for trying to get a straight answer out of the employer too! It’s on them now, you tried your best. I hope it gets better soon!

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