My Quirky Hats and Upcoming Crochet Job!


As I said, I’ve got more pictures of my hats! I haven’t made anymore this week, but I’m going to whip up one or two bases tonight. Thanks to my compact flash memory card crashing for my DLSR camera, I’m reduced to crummy pictures from my little Samsung camera. I worked over an hour taking beautiful pictures and then bam, “CARD IS CORRUPTED!”  >.< I’m happy I can still take some pictures but compared to the control I have with my larger camera, this point and shoot is seriously lacking! ^0^ Anyway, close up of each hat, and yes they all have names!

crochet cat mini top hat

Curious Kitty Kiki – a cute pet you can take with you, and you’ll always hear her little bell jingle.

The Magician's Hat

The Magician’s Hat – what’s a magician without his oldest partner? This bunny is always with you

Under the Sea

Under the Sea – *insert Disney Song here*

Push-Pop Critters

Push-Pop Critters – Push -pop inspired with a bunny ontop, a kitten in the middle, and a little bear

Candy Shop Sweetie

Candy Shop Sweetie – sparkles, candy, stars, and swirls, makes you sing “I Want Candy”

Queen of Hears

Queen of Hears – hopefully whoever wears this has the ability to control their temper!

I decided I’m going to try them out in my shop, and sell them as one of a kind. With exception for the Strawberry short cake and Black cherry ones, I’ll remake them if they sell because they are my original two. Other than those two, I will have a hard time selling the Magician’s Hat, the little bunny on top melts my heart ❤ Since they are fairly easy to make, I want to make them each from $12-$15.

And now for the highlight of my day/week/month/year: I GOT A JOB THAT IS somewhat CROCHET RELATED!
I found out I was accepted to work at the opening toy shop I mentioned a few posts ago!

My Initial Mature Reaction: bouncy_pinkie_pie_by_mrbeattyjr-d5t8wau

So I go on the interview and nervously present her 5 items of my work (2 dolls, a panda bun buddy keychain, a purple dinosaur, and a chibi bat). While I was stuttering unsure how to present my work while not sounding overconfident, she starts asking me where and how I wanted to display my dolls. I was flabbergasted! Not only did she praise my work, she opened up the possibility of me teaching crochet/amigurumi classes. What. Yes, please. 

The toy store sounds really unique, offering education toys, fun toys, collectables, classes, party areas, a whole combination of creative outlets! The owner of the toy shop is a young and new business owner. I hope to learn a lot from her, because owning I business would be a dream job. I know there are going to be some kinks along the way but I want to help contribute as much as I can to the success of this lively store. While I’m happy to be possibly selling my toys, I have no idea what actions need to be taken. She says we will discuss this later this week, but I don’t know what proper steps I need to take to sell my products in the shop. She asked if I needed a licence, I’m not sure because I don’t own an official company. Do I need to copyright my toys? Will we do wholesale or just cut percentages of what sells? If so what’s a decent amount to settle on? How will this effect the prices in my Etsy shop? So much to take in, so little time.  

As for if I can teach classes…that’d be so great. Getting paid for something I love to do and help others get into something I’m so passionate about? I can’t believe I have this opportunity. I’m so happy and thankful. This job will actually be enjoyable, even the starting pay is way higher than what I get paid now, and I feel like I will get much more knowledge from working here than at my current dead-end job. My financial situation would be significantly better. I know working two jobs again would make my social life a little scarce, but I have my good friends that always are willing to work things out for us to see each other. 🙂 All in all, I’m very happy to get this week going!

Other things have been peachy, Chris is out of school, and he’s spent the past few days with me which I greatly enjoy. He’s going to start work again and take a few summer classes. Once again our schedules will probably be as different as day and night, so I really value our time together. Our year & half anniversary is this month, so yipee 😀

To my readers, how goes it? Hopefully good. And for those of you in school, hope you survived your finals and passed with flying colors! I’m ready to get my summer on and sure a ton of you are too. Stay awesome, healthy, and happy! Oh yea, Happy Mother’s day! Thanks to all the mom’s who are strong enough to hold everything together in a family and all the sacrifices they make to make sure their children live happy lives. I’m so thankful I had my strong “Marmie” to help me through it all.

❤ Millie


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