2014 is the Time for Hats!

crochet hats


Happy 2014!! Honestly it does not even seem like it, I know I’m not the only one out there who keeps writing 2013 on my papers right? 🙂 I’ve been quiet lately but I plan to stay, or try to stay, and make sure I stay because in actuality, I miss this place 😥  One can easily forget their personal need to engage in the hobbies they love. I’ll ramble later- right now check out these funky hats~

The past month I have been making hats, which were meant to be sent off to my mother last month but…oops they are still on my shelf. I admit, I have worn them once or twice. Two of these are patterns I’ve revisited, and learned to perfect.

Divine Hat

Divine Hat

Unbelievable how simple and elegant I think this hat is! I found this pattern scrolling about Rheatheylia’s website. This took no time at all to make, and doesn’t even use a lot of yarn. I was worried that due to the shell stitches, it wouldn’t be very wrong. I was happily wrong. A very snug cap that looks cute indoors and outdoors.

Charleston Cloche

Charleston Cloche

An old favorite that always is a challenge, Red Heart’s cloche pattern. The first time I made this hat I had no idea what was going on. Revisiting the pattern months later, I still had no idea what was going on! This pattern takes a LOT of concentration, but eventually things start making sense. I used a slimmer, softer yarn (Caron’s Simple Soft) to have a less bulky effect for this one and I think the results are fantastic 🙂

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

A recreation of the first hat I ever made, Vickie Howell’s Slouchy hat.  Be prepared to use a ton of yarn, those puff stitches look cute but you will be amazed how fast your yarn bundle diminishes. This casual dress up or dress down hat is great with any look in my opinion. OUt of all the hats this did take me the longest though, but well worth it. This hat I like especially for spring and fall seasons, because it’s pretty breezy.

I’ve started work on another hat (for myself that is) called the Honeycomb Beanie by Sarah M. The awesome pattern as you probably guessed, look like little honeycombs~ I can’t wait to finish.

Unfortunately that’s all I have to show from my 3 month hiatus -_- I did do a ton of custom orders and side projects for friends but didn’t take a single picture! I did however take pictures of my New Year’s eve (off topic but whatever) :

2014 here we are!

2014 here we are!

I bought in ’14 with these dorks, Brian, Chris, and William. They always make me the one that’s getting left behind, pranked, or the butt of the joke, but I wouldn’t take them any other way. This is probably the first picture we’ve ever taken together, and I loved that it turned out kinda weird, it kinda fits our personalities 🙂

Mew :3

2am, ready for bed!

And here’s a picture of me…I just wanna show off my outfit 🙂 I LOVE this dress, it has a vintage feel to it and those stockings with the kitty faces! I found them on Storenvy, they are great quality, they even have little kitty tail and paws on them, so adorable!

A little rewind to my last months in 2013:
Pumpkin Carving a success/fail – First ever gigantic corn maze – Thanksgiving dinner with the family (bust out the old boardgames that became super competitive) – 1 year anniversary with boyfriend ❤ going ice skating! – Skiing! – Christmas! – Nonstop movie going – Illinois’ deep freeze (reaching -43) – working on holidays – New Year’s eve playing Mario Kart Wii~ that’s about all that’s gone down 😛

Anyone have resolutions? I don’t really do them, each year I just hope to be happy, healthy, and the same for those I love. In general, I’ve kicked into writing mode and want to increase my poetry and crochet creativity. 🙂 Hope everyone had a good end to 2013, and an even better start to 2014!

Creativity returning, ❤ Millie.

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