Felt Friends: Mini Millie and Chibi Chris

felt dolls millie and chris millieonherworld


Taking felt plushies to a new level, I have managed to make mini versions of Chris and I and

Looking at a lot of felt dolls online inspired me to try and make my own. Lacking the ability to draw up a suitable original character, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey, why not me?” Before you know it, two dolls were born 😀

Mini Millie is flaunting a felt version of my cupcake dress, she ties it together with a cupcake cat hat. Her shoes are simple slip ons with cute bows on top. Chibi Chris is wearing his mellow tiger hat, with a regular green polo and shorts. And finally his favorite pair of sneakers. Their outfits are 99% inspired by real outfits their human versions have! (the 1% is Millie’s shoes being red when mine are really black….close enough.) I wanted their outfits to be perfect, even added small details like the bottom of Chris’ shoes being red, the side pocket on his shorts, and using the same ribbon on the cupcake dress as the original.

❤ These two were made for each other—literally. Originally I made my Millie doll for myself. But after seeing her sit all alone on my bed with a sad face I knew she was missing her someone special! I asked Chris what he thought, and ofcourse he said he didn’t want a doll and ofcourse by then I had already started sketching up designs. Shortly after he started pitching in his two cents and agreed that if he HAD TO be a doll, a tiger hat would be acceptable.

Mini Millie and Chibi Chris are quite the cuties. Feeling the need to be like his human version, Chibi Chris gave his girlfriend a special gift:

"This is for you!"

Her copper & black bracelet! Now both Millie’s can wear it every day.

In addition to the challenge of all the felt details, I made them bendable! I can twist and turn their limbs in different directions and they will (mostly) stay. The experiment was to play with how wire would work in a doll body, and hopefully I can transfer what I learned with these dolls to an amigurumi doll. For an X-ray of their skeleton, please look below:

How revealing!

How revealing!

For not wanting a doll, Chris was eager to make the skeleton for his mini companion. Not to mention he willingly made the mini bracelet, securely fastened it to her wrist, and fixed the bow on her dress. He’s a great crafting assistant, even though he denied even wanting a doll the whole time. I even convinced him to be super-ultra-mega-unbelievably-undeniably cheesy with me and take a picture of us with our dolls:


Millieonherworld mini felt dolls and human versions

I had to draw and crumble and redraw a bunch of patterns before finally getting one with the correct proportions. After  having to cut out and sew on every small detail, I think other felt dolls I see for sale are severely underpriced. And I must credit Etsy seller Noia Land, since my dolls are heavily influenced by the way her work. I don’t think I would’ve ever thought to make them with cute cat hats if it weren’t for her!

Felt dolls are fun, but certianly not a project I can finish within a day. I could see making a doll for a close friend or family member in the future, since this is purely for fun and plus they won’t yell at me if I take forever to make it 😛

I have had a long day and my AC feels glorious after being outside in the humidity most of the day (don’t visit Illinois in July!!). Tonight I should finish my craft swap items…I will probably just go to bed early 😀 I’m totally enjoying this very relaxing Saturday night, and I have Mini Mimi and Chibi Chris to watch tv with me (hardyharhar).

🙂 Smiley Face,
❤ Millie

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