Cupcakes & Camping

Sweet enough to eat <3

Sweet enough to eat ❤

I have converted one of my favorite snacks into a wearable delicious dessert! Yesterday I finally finished my Cupcake Dress that I have been working on for the past week, with the sprinkles and cherry to top it all off!

The Idea:
The idea for a sweet treat dress came to me when I was on my Nevada trip (will share pics in another post). I was extremely frustrated that my Ebay package had been lost/stolen/misdelivered and all week I’d been arguing with my seller, the post office, mail carrier and the apartment complex’s office about where the heck it was and that I was losing patience because they were all rude and didn’t offer any help and no one wanted to admit they were wrong-but that’s a whole other story. I woke up  after 4 days of that drama feeling completely drained and defeated. I sat up, digging my yarn bundles out of my suit case, and grabbed a hook. My thought process: I need to relax ->I’ll crochet -> I should crochet something cute -> I’m going to crochet a dress -> I have enough pink and white yarn -> Cupcake Dress! And a week later I finished.

The Process:
I couldn’t find a simple dress pattern, so I improvised the whole thing. I started with the white top, or the frosting of the cupcake (hahaheehee). This part was easy to do by simply measuring my bust and increasing as I went on. I used a 6 mm hook, and only single crochet rows. After making sure it fit, I sewed the ends in the back. The pink skirt is done in half double crochet stitches. Initially, I started making the skirt in long rows, imagining the skirt to favor the pencil skirt shape. After hours of crocheting the rows, I realized it had become too small, and the fabric too stiff, so I had to unravel the whole thing! For my second skirt I still did htr, but joined the ends to work in a circle. And since I really liked the lines that were left from chaining and turning the htr rows, I continued to chain and turn after each round.

Cherry or Strawberry?

Cherry or Strawberry?

Finishing Touches:
Apparently I can’t crochet a cherry too well, so my cherry/strawberry/red berry thingy is shaped funny. I sewed it to a little dab of yarn whipped cream but couldn’t decide if I liked it permanently attached to the dress. So for now the back ties to the dress strap so I can decide when to sport it. The sprinkles are from tiny pink glass beads that are each individually sewn on which took a good portion of time. I had one row of double treble crochet stitches so I could weave pink ribbon around the waist. I can’t believe I had the patience to crochet an entire dress! I can’t wait to wear this out in public!

Typical bathroom mirror pic >.>

Typical bathroom mirror pic >.>

This month has been full of new experiences and fun. My trip with my parents and sister in Nevada was amazing. The scenery in Reno is beautiful, and we went to visit Lake Tahoe in CA a few times. I took tons of pictures that I’ll have to post soon. In addition to my trip, my birthday passed while I was there. I had a day of everyone calling me a 23-year-old granny while I sipped my tea and had my crochet hooks in hand all day. I’ll admit though it was kind of boring since my parents don’t celebrate birthdays and I couldn’t be with my friends. But my boyfriend made up for it, by taking me on a surprise camping  night!

camping with millieonherworld

I always wanted to go camping, but never had the opportunity to go, so I was excited when we pulled into a campsite Saturday evening! We got there a little late, so there was a little rush to put our tent together. That probably would’ve gone smoother if we actually had directions and not just a pile of poles haha! Thankfully, a few campsites down there was this nice couple who helped us put it together —they  were camping pros for 35 years and could  totally spot us newbies! I told them it was my first time camping ever and I guess the wife really wanted me to enjoy it because they came over offering kindle, lanterns, and flashlights throughout the rest of the evening. I found it so humorous and sweet at the same time, but they helped a lot! My boyfriend kept apologizing for being unprepared (he’d planned the trip in less than a day) but I was honestly just happy to be out there experiencing a taste of camping!

We have fire!

We have fire!

After we got the fire going and our hobo dinners cooked, the night was great being outside in fold out chairs around a fire pit with him. The actual sleep part was a little troublesome, there was a small storm that had winds so strong it sounded like ocean waves were going to crash over our tent! Plus we were unknowingly positions under a very tall blackberry bush, so they were falling on the tent side like little bombs all night and kept waking me up. The next day we had a delicious burger for breakfast and I got to watch my boyfriend use his bow and arrows on a 3D shoot site. He’s pretty good 😛  The camping trip was short, but I can’t wait for us to do it again, and next time I hope to go fishing by the near by lake, and hopefully the night will be clear enough to get a good look at some stars.

My summer has started off fantastic, seeing my parents in Nevada, in addition my sister, going camping, got myself a Nintendo 3DS for my favorite game that came out on my birthday, yea things are going quite pleasant. In a few weekends I might be going to Six Flags for my best friend’s birthday, I love roller coasters 🙂  And my friend who has been on hiatus the past year has been talking to me again (the one who gave Mille her nickname!) which makes me really happy to catch up with him and see how our friendship will go from here.

For now I’m home and will be catching up on crochet plans for my shop, and still playing with the possibility of selling/creating patterns. Hope everyone has been doing great, and thank you my readers! Millie on her World almost has 200 Followers, WOW! :O  You guys are awesome 🙂

❤ Thanks for following my life,


19 thoughts on “Cupcakes & Camping

  1. Very cute!! 🙂 New follower! Looking forward to seeing your posts! I’m new to wordpress (just today, actually! lol) In the process of moving my business over here. Blessings!

  2. Very cute! I wouldn’t have that kind of patience! It turned out great!

    Sounds like you had the full camping experience! I’m glad your tent did collapse during the storm! That would have been awful! I hope you guys get to go again and try out fishing for the first time! It’s a lot of fun! I hope the rest of your summer is as good as it’s beginning!

    • Thanks Denae! I really look forward to going camping again. The only reason we didn’t go fishing is because my boyfriend thought I didn’t like it…even though I LOVE fishing 😉 I hope your summer is going good too!

    • I kind of like improvising patterns because I have a lot of freedom, but sometimes if I can’t figure out what exactly to do it’d be nice to just check on an already made written pattern. Improvising is a little more rewarding though in my opinion 🙂

      • Most of the time, I read written patterns and then make up an entirely different way to crochet and end up with a very nice-looking final product. There is a lot of frogging, though… 😉

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