Shappo Arrives!: My First Craft Swap (and other things~)

Shappo the Bunny and his little friend

Shappo the Bunny and his little friend

For the past few months I was anticipating the day I’d complete my craft swap with fellow amigurumi creator Denea of  Ami Amore, so when I came home one day and saw a brown box sitting on the kitchen counter I instantly started squealing! The squealing continued throughout the living room, up two flight of stairs, and until the box was open and its contents finally in full view. Then I went back to squealing down the stairs, to my car, and to my boyfriend’s house so I could present my new goodies:



How adorable everything was (even the Skittles). For our craft swap we decided to do a San-X character of our choosing, plus and additional ami. The character I chose was Shappo, the ring leader of Sentimental Circus, and as a bonus she made me his little friend that he’s always pictured with (who actually doesn’t have a name). The second ami I requested was one of her ever popular tiny narwhals! I haven’t given him a name yet, I can’t think of anything cute enough -_- But he’s so cute and tiny, cuteness overload! Her craftmanship was very talented, and she even made Shappo super fuzzy!


Love at first sight?

I like all the little extras in the package too, the yarn she sent is super soft, like silk or something! I’m not quiet sure what to use it on yet, I want to use it for something special. The washi tape is polka-dotted, which I have a bit of a polka-dot obsession so I loved it instantly, along with the ribbon and threads. And she got my sweet tooth down perfectly, and even sent a sweet card 🙂 The craft swap and the months leading up to it were very fin, exciting, and rewarding. I loved receiving my package as much as I enjoyed making hers!

I have to say I absolutely adore Shappo. He sleeps in my bed and the next day after I got him I even took him with us on our trip to Mitsuwa. Yes I know, I’m such a child.


Shappo and I near the San-X section

Speaking of Mitsuwa, we hadn’t been there in a long time. I usually don’t buy much and just gorge myself on delicious ramen and baked goods, but I couldn’t pass up this amount of kawaiiness:

Minnie Couture

Minnie Couture

I didn’t know there was a Japanese version of Minnie Mouse, but oh my gosh she looks even cuter than usual!  A cute hand bag and Minnie key chain drew me in, but the magazine itself is pretty precious even if I can’t read a word of it! The story behind Minnie Couture is one day Minnie decided to make a stuff animal of herself and Daisy, so the magazine is dedicated to those dolls, and the many clothes and accessories you can purchase/make for them. Basically like American Girl dolls but you know, softer and cuter and have Disney themed costumes. I want one, do you think if I could translate the order form Japan would ship one to me?? I can hope (more like dream…).

The craft swap was a blast, it was great getting to know Denae over the past few months, she’s a sweetheart 🙂 I’m so pleased with the lovable dolls and things I got. Shappo is even with me now in Nevada haha. Which by the way, been in Reno, NV since the 29th and it is beautiful here! The sky is always blue, the city is surrounded by mountains, and yesterday we went on a hike over and around some of them. My photography craze is kicking in, and soon I will have wonderful images to share. Here’s one:

millie in nevada millie on her world

Even though I’ve been here a while, things seem surreal. Living in super flat Illinois all my life, being in this terrain is amazing, haven’t felt this way since my trips to Arizona when I was younger.

How is everyone doing? Finally June is here, summer seems to be staying and for some it means vacation time and no more school! 😉 Hope all is well for everybody and their loved ones. Plus, any June birthdays? Mine is this Saturday, eek 23 is coming up fast! I kind of wish I were home just to celebrate it with my friends, but I hope to when I get home.

🙂 Sending Sunny Smiles to all,
❤ Millie



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