The Warrior and the Superhero: Happy Mother’s Day!

A fearsome Viking and the Man of Steel, Superman

A fearsome Viking and the Man of Steel, Superman

As I scroll along posts of WordPress, I notice the large amount of posts about Mother’s day, and pictures of very pink, floral, and heart-shaped crafts that were made as tributes to the wonderful ladies who they appreciate on this day. So I know a picture of a shaggy viking and a chibi Superman are going to seem a tad out of place. Nor are these gifts even for my mom, honestly this is just my way of combining two posts into one, the ultimate lazy >.<

What’s with the Random Characters?:
I wanted to share with you my first attempt at making characters with the same pattern I used to make my ponies. I never thought of it before, and probably would’ve. It wasn’t until I got a custom order that I had to approach this idea. I told the customer no problem, I could handle this. Eeek, as tiny as these two are, I had a challenge making them–especially that viking! Working with a small body trying to add all the details (that you can’t really see because of the angle…) like the tunic, belt, cape, hair, and that beard drove me mad! In the end I had to sew the beard on which took several attempts but finally got it to look somewhat normal. Superman’s body was pretty simple, but again his hair was troublesome. I solved that with a hot glue gun which gave his hair a slicked back look, just like his character. I wish the iconic “S” symbol would’ve come out a little cleaner, my embroidery skills are about Level Zero, and it was too small to cut out with felt. I like the end result, but I secretly hope no one else wants me to make characters this small again!

Happy Mommy’s day!:
Because of my parent’s religious practices, they actually don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, so I didn’t make anything for my mommy. Even though SHE doesn’t celebrate it, I feel like today I can at least mention it on my blog. I got wondering could a viking and Superman really be a bad gift if I was going to make her something? Probably. Well, maybe Superman could work, she’s like Superman. My mom has always be a strong woman. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life, and even in the harshest of conditions and struggles she has always been able to work through it with a strong and loving determination. I owe my mother so much, especially when it was just me and her trying to make ends meet all those years. As much as I miss her, I know she has been blessed to have a new loving husband, and to be in a place that truly makes her happy. The 28th of this month I get to see her for two weeks, I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks mom for doing all that you do, and you know, giving me life and stuff! 🙂

The Thank You to my Readers ❤ :
My last post was about my sister being in the hospital, and I was incredibly touched by the large amount of positive feedback! They were honestly very comforting, and helped a lot during the whole process, I was with her in the hospital for 3 days until her release. Following up on her condition, the biopsy came back negative for lymphoma, but they are concerned why she had all the symptoms. They are sending it off for second opinions and going to be checking on her monthly. For now we are all feeling somewhat relieved, and she is doing much better, almost back to normal other than minor aches from her surgical scar on her neck. I’m glad for Mandy!


As promised, I’ve been critiquing the pattern of the pink-hooded-yellow-balloon-holding Bunny. I decided I’m going to make a panda and one more animal to be added to the tutorial. Maybe make a fuzzy hooded animal? Hmm the possibilities~

Shameless Promotion:
I started up a Facebook Fanpage for Millie’s Crochet House! You should totally Like Me! 
Or not, I’m just pointing out that its there heeeheee ^-^

Signing Off:
About time I get moving and preparing for today! Its almost noon and I’m still in bed partially crocheting, watching TV, and blogging. I’ll be spending this evening with my bf and his family enjoying some great food, yummmm.
Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mother’s out there!

Thinking of my awesome Mommy,



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