For Mandy with Love


All I can think about is worse case senario as I sit here in the empty hospital room. My big sis, Mandy (even though no one calls her that loyally but me) was admitted last night for painful lumps appearing in her neck. I got here this afternoon, failing to arrive before her biopsy (however you spell it) and now I’m just in this room waiting for her to come back.

While waiting I took the oppurtunity to finish her gift, this lil hooded Feel Better Bunny with a balloon. It actually gave me great comfort to be crocheting in this situation. Hospitals scare me, this whole not knowing what exactly is wrong with my sister scares me, not to mention my mom calling and telling me that once before this has happened; a cousin had the same symptoms, but didnt seek immediate care or treatment and passed away. Geez, thanks for the optomism mom! Right now I’m worried that it is cancer, but staying positive because if it is there are treatments and it is very early. I will probably feel calmer once I actually see her.

I am releived about this hooded bunny though. I started last night but was so stressed I coildn’t even crochrt right! It took me about 8 attempts to get to this final outcome. I love the result, my only complaint is I forgot a few small details and left some yarn colors at home. I forgot a tail, drawstrings for the hood, and the polka-dot fabric I had for the ears. The ballloon turned out FANTASTIC! Thanks to some black wire I had purchsed a few weeks ago.

I said I’d make a pattern right? Well after some fine tuning I will share the bunny pattern 🙂 I’ll be sure to add lots of pics, and maybe do a pdf? Working on it, well my sis just rolled in.

By for now, staying positive!

16 thoughts on “For Mandy with Love

  1. I feel for you and am sending you loving vibes and am sending your sister healing vibes. My dear sweet Millicent had Lymphoma, which often starts out as lumps in the neck. Thing is, it IS treatable. It’s actually quite rare for somebody to die from it. So, if it is worst case scenario, and lymphoma, keep in mind, it can be treated and will go away. But, I really do hope that it is nothing. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey Millie, I’m so sorry your sister is in the hospital! This has to be very scary and stressful for everyone. I’m praying for her and you! I love the bunny, she’s very sweet! I’m sure everything will work out well~

  3. I wish all the best for you and your sister and pray that you receive good news and quickly! As for the bunny I think its absolutely perfect even without the details. You did a great job and I know your sister loved it.

  4. I just saw this post….thank you everyone for your prayers and support. As of right now there is no cancer, and I am ok. To my sister ……words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you being by my side.. that week was one of the most painful and scariest of my life and you were there for me. Love you sister! Mandy

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