My Kawaii Day: Introducing the Kawaii Kollection

Kawaii Kollection by millie's crochet house

The Story: I had a kawaii (Japanese word for “cute”) day last week. It started when I woke up one morning, ready to pull the curtians back and be greeted by Sunny
amigurumi sun crochet mille crochet house,
but instead I saw Roary
crochet cloud stormy grumpy 

rumbling outside my window. I sighed, shaking my head at the grumpy little cloud. I retreated back to the comfort of comforters to watch some Teebee

crochet tv plush millie crochet house

 hoping to catch some mid-morning cartoons. But my animated fantasies were put on hold,
I had a blank Teebee with no Clicky.
amigurumi tv plush millie crochet house

“Oh geez,” I grumbled with a slight smile, searching high and low for this little remote, who took pride in being the Hide n’ Seek champion. After finding him giggling beneath the a sock, I turned on Teebee and felt ready to get out of bed. To help revive my senses that were stuffed with April sniffles, I walked to the kitchen, grabbing Vanilla and Jasmine.

crochet teup and tea bag millie crochet house

“Morning tea is what’s best for me!” I smile feeling the warmth snuggle over me. Feeling like a poetry hipster, I decided to write a poem about the way raindrops were walking across the grass. From my desk I grabbed Notes

amigurumi notebook crochet kawaii milliecrochethouseand Red

amigurumi kawaii notebook pencil set milliecrochethouse

to recored my poetic rhymes. On and on I went in a romantic rage, poetry flew out of me and before I knew it I was hungry. Hipsterness gone, sweet tooth engaged, to the fridge I grabbed Cubbie, Crunchy, Chips, and Crumbles. 

crochet milk and cookies amigurumi millie crochet house

(Sorry to say they were delicious desserts.) Before it was time to drop my recreational routine and start preparing for an average college day, I got a notification from WordPress: It was MillieonherWorld’s first birthday! Hip hip hurray! I made something special to celebrate, I got Sparks

kawaii crochet birthday cake amigurumi millie crochet house

and his friend Giddy

crochet amigurumi gift birthday millie crochet house

to give give my blog her first celebration! And here we are now, a whole year later and look how well she has grown, thanks everyone for enjoying MillieonherWorld! The End.

*Applause*Cheers*Flowers thrown on stage-preferably lilies*
And there is my cheesy little story introducing you to my newest amigurumis, the Kawaii Kollection~!
Basically I’m taking random things that I have or haven’t seen been crochet and crocheting them. It started with a notebook, one day in Linguistics I was doodling and drew a notebook (how clever huh?). From then I kept drawing sketches and soon the Kawaii Kollection was born. I’ve got more sketches of pairs that will be joining the series shortly. I don’t know why I find these so interesting, I mean, they aren’t anything special, just objects with blush marks and felt eyes…but I can’t stop drawing!

The Kawaii Kollection is at my Etsy shop, being sold in pairs. I can’t wait to add more, they are colorfully fun and I’m having a blast creating patterns from scratch that aren’t too complicated. I will eventually be releasing a pattern soon for….something! I’m not even sure what, but for once I’d like to enter-ok actually my bf wants me to- the super creative Woolhog’s Monthly Made It Challenge with something from my own pattern that I’d offer to others to do what they please with (yes, they will have permission to sell)(ahahaha, reference to my last post).

Also, I got nominated for the Liebster Award! Yay 😀 this was given to me by Winne at her blog Poke’mon Crochet Challenge. As the title implies, she is determined to crochet all original 151 Poke’mon! She takes you through her projects, even offering patterns and tutorials. She’s got 24 down and still on a roll. Soon I will follow the rules of the award and pass it on.

Tomorrow is my last full week of school, then one final and a final project and its adios!
I will probably miss my Linguistics professor most, such a short quirky little guy, always humoring us with his morbid sense of humor and awkwardly true facts of life, I hope I have him again. I’ve gone all day with three hours of sleep, time to put this Millie Mouse to bed. I’m going to snuggle with my bear (going on 23 and still sleep with her, I have no shame in this) and look at the gorgeous round moon that’s out tonight.

Fly me to the moon, let me swing among the stars~

Frank Sinatra fan for life,

16 thoughts on “My Kawaii Day: Introducing the Kawaii Kollection

  1. Not only am I super jealous of your crocheting abilities, but I am also jealous that you are currently studying Linguistics! Linguistics was my favorite. I only took two classes in it, but if I hadn’t discovered it in my final year in college, I would have had more.
    Keep on crocheting, lady! You are awesome!

    • I wish I would’ve taken Linguistics earlier too! I really like it and probably would’ve pursued it more. But at my college they only have 2 classes that are offered a year or two apart 😦
      And aww thank you 🙂 Crocheting is fun, you should try too sometimes~

      • I do crochet. 🙂 I just have no talent in making tiny things. They always look like my dog has been chewing on them. Hats I can do though! haha
        I haven’t updated this blog in forever, but is my crafting blog. You can see a few of the things I’ve crocheted. I just need to put my mind to it and get things done! My goal is to make a mobile for baby girl. 🙂
        Linguistics was, oddly enough, offered as a masters program, but not a bachelors at my school. If i had stayed in that area, and had thousands more dollars (yea, right) I would have tried for a masters. No clue what I would have done with a degree like that, but at least I would have been interested. 🙂

      • I love your little hats! The flower one will look so adorable on your little girl, and hope you finish the mobile. Wow I wish my school offered something that fun, but I don’t know what I would’ve done with a degree either. Maybe study languages on a remote island? 😀

  2. SO CUTE!!! (Yes, that needed three exclamation points. :D) It seems that you’ve been inspired lately, I’m looking forward to the next Kawaii Kollection pairs you make!

    And I love your new theme. What’s it called?

  3. Very Cute Millie! I love each one!! Creating your own patterns is so much fun and you’re off to a great start! I can’t wait to try one your your patterns! Oh, and I love your new blog theme!! It’s so adorable!!

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