#Rant: Hmm this Looks Familiar!

So I hate to do this (partially, not really, a little, I’m not sure!) but, ITS BUGGING ME!

Yesterday I was browsing online looking at random amigurumi pies (some are really cute!) And I stumbled first upon my My Little Pony Pinkie Pie plush, and directly below it was a very similar Pinkie Pie plush….out of curiosity I went to the website and found a shop that has some interesting looking Pony Plushies:


Okay, mmhmm, yea, so, they look exactly like mine…..gaaah! >.<
They even sell for the same price, are the same size, the felt Cutie Marks are even the same.
I don’t know to be pleasantly surprised or annoyed or what. I told some of my friends and they think I should confront the shop owner about this. But I don’t know, I don’t really like confrontation.

I know in the craft world this kind of thing happens quite a lot. I remember reading someone’s blog where she actually went to a craft fair and saw her work and logo copied! I have had people on Deviant Art approach me and ask if they could use my design as inspiration for other mediums like polymer clay and felt plush animals, which I was very happy about and they give me credit in on their sites, majority of the time they weren’t selling them either.

Maybe I’m being stingy or a hypocrite. I did make Hello Kitty gloves from looking at a picture. But I wouldn’t have the nerve to sell them, and I gave credit and notify/asked the creator. Same with the Dragonite hoop art.  BUT, does that still make it okay? There is such a fine line between preserving our own designs, when does it go to far to use other’s work for inspiration, do we have the right to sell those works? If I want to get SUPER technical, do I have the right to sell My Little Pony plushies that are part of a trade marked company? Although I added disclaimers to their descriptions that I only own the designs not the characters?

x_x ack. Too much.

Ah. I feel better. #end rant

I probably won’t approach the shop owner. I don’t want to be rude and in the end, I doubt they’d remove their items anyway, or if I’d even be mean enough to ask them to. Plus it’s not another shop on Etsy so…I guess I have to let it go. I mean, its somewhat flattering that I could inspire another, but somewhat irritating because of all the above I just ranted about lol.

Any advice? Has this happened to anyone else? I’d love to know how you handled this and your feelings. Please, if my feelings are wrong and I’m being a snob I’d like to know xD I can take criticism, I prefer it to broaden my viewpoints.

Thanks for reading this rant, off to British Lit class to watch an episode of Dr. Who!

❤ A rantless Millie.

***UPDATE:  So, I gave in and sent a message -_-
I called my mom about it and she said I should be proud of my work, especially since I take it seriously and wouldn’t do that to anyone else. She thinks I should put the shop owner on blast and warn “THIS SHOP STEALS DESIGNS!!!”-but I don’t think I’ll go that far. I sent a polite message to the shop owner, and going to leave it at that. I decided to look at it like I hope me confronting them about it will discourage any future attempts to copy other’s works. If they continue what if they run into a person who is super furious about it and causes a huge fuss? That’d be a mess. I hope they take my message as I’m not being mean, just concerned and acknowledging that I noticed the heavy similarity. And that’s that, the end!

Adios for real 🙂

10 thoughts on “#Rant: Hmm this Looks Familiar!

  1. You get to watch Doctor Who in British Lit?! Ugh, my British Lit class was never that much fun. *whine whine*
    I would say that you don’t have to worry about confronting the shop owner because she/he is probably following your blog. In order to copy all your ponies, she/he would have had to find them somewhere…. so she/he might be reading your blog??
    I find it sad when people copy and try to sell things that they haven’t created. I had a blog that I LOVED with crochet patterns on it, and the owner ended up taking the blog down because someone was using all of her patterns to sell and make a profit. The owner of the blog had specifically expressed that the patterns were free for anyone to use to make gifts, but not to make and sell. That was a sad day.
    I hope all your creations stay YOURS from now on! I’d hate to see your blog disappear! 🙂

    • Hi Evelynn!
      My British Lit is 1945-Modern so we get to watch a lot of great up to date media, makes the class really fun 😀
      And that is really sad about that blog that was taken down, it’s such a shame that sharing something you make takes a risk of being used/sold by others for profit. I doubt I’ll take my blog down, I love blogging to much!
      I ended up sending the shop owner a message anyway, but I was very polite and just told them I hope they don’t continue and try to create their own things. I feel super better now 🙂

  2. That’s really frustrating! If it makes you feel any better though, I think that your pony plushies look better than the copycat’s. If they are the same price, ppl would probably buy yours because they look nicer.

    • Why thank you Rebecca 🙂
      It is pretty irriatating, thats why I decided to message them. I hope they don’t try to copy other’s work and can make their own designs, its way more rewarding that way!

  3. Unfortunately, in the fiber world it is very difficult to copy right your items. The best you can do is exactly what you did – send a message. Names can be copyrighted, logos can be copyrighted, but finished items are much more difficult. Technically, you shouldn’t be calling your items “my little pony” anything, but something more unique to yourself, but you are lucky that you aren’t big enough to attract their attention.

    There are convoluted rules about copy-righting that you might want to look into. Not just for this case, but for future issues as well (and as much as I hate to say it – there will be other issues).

    If you do searches on other crafting blogs, you will see people have encountered similar situations.

    Sorry that this has happened!!

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂
      I looked into some copyright things and while it may be a little pricey, it is something I will continue to think about in the future. I am positive this will probably happen again and I want to be a little more informed about what I can do. The whole “my little pony” thing is something i’m also going to look more into, I don’t know where the “fan art” and “copy right” law kicks in!

  4. Oh no how awful! I know that there are a lot of projects in crafts that look very similar but these are obviously just blatant copies (and not as good may I add!) It is such a shame when this happens. I hope you manage to get the issue resolved without any problems!

    • Thanks Hannah! So far I sent the message and have not heard a thing back from the shop owner (and I’ll admit I checked back a few times awaiting a reply) but haven’t heard a word back. I think the owner took it offensively because now the ponies are smacked on the front page of the shop to be more noticeable…according to the website I could file a complaint but I’m not going to go that far. They know what they did and I hope they quit copying other’s work before its too late!

  5. Why not offer a licence for your patterns for people who might want to produce them commercially? You could charge a fee and specify that anyone using them should credit you as the designer. Whilst there will always be people who use your design anyway, this way you would make it clear that they were not free for commercial use and ethical crafters would be happy to pay you.

    • This is something I have considered in the past, and think it would be a great way to give back to the crochet community. But then again I hesitate because there are sooo many crafters that disobey the non commercial use part of the pattern and sell them anyway. I wish all crafter’s could just follow the rules!

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