Happy Birthday to MillieonHerWorld!


As I just got woken up by a little notification on my Ipod, its my blog Brithday, whooo I didnt even know! Happy birthday, she frew up so fast *tear & sniffle*

And as I am half asleep typing this, I wanna thank all my readers-(sounds like I’m accepting an award lol)-for helping me have such a wonderful blogging experience!

Lets see what more can go down this upcoming year! 🙂
I’ve been cooped up in my room like an antisocial hermit working hard on a new collection, can’t wait to show you all!

Here’s a peak at the first items I made:


I hope to finish today, but thats like 6 more things…it shall be done! 🙂

Until those Items are done, I will be sending my blog birthday cake pics and presents, or maybe I’ll crochet her one ;p

Bye for now!

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