Having Fun with Custom Creations

I don’t know about the vast majority of the population, but I have always loved handmade one of a kind items. I love knowing that this necklace I purchased from that craft fair years ago is the only one around and I like that the other person sitting next to me won’t have one (how snobby that sounds!). I especially love getting one of a kind fan art from shows or bands I like that don’t always haver merchandise for sale. When my friend asked me a long time ago to make him doll from his favorite band, I finally got around to it and here are the results, a pair of Raveonette dolls!

Rave On!

Rave On!

Modeled after the band’s members Sune and Sharin.

Why did it take me so long to make these? I don’t know. Well, yea I do. I was working on a new doll pattern, trying out new yarns, sizes, and all that stuff. I love the results and I had fun making these two! My favorite part had to be Sune’s hair, its curly, wavy, and straight all at the same time. I got to get some great ami-hair practice. Making dolls after existing people was such a fun challenge. I decided to put the option of customizable dolls at my shop, and to have examples I’ve made 2 more dolls so far:



My all time favorite Vocaloid! Vocaloids are voice synthesizers that allow users to create there own songs. There are a ton and very popular in Japan. Each voice is from an actual person and given an animated avatar. The most popular is Miku Hatsune, but to me she is overrated and Gumi sounds way better! Before I go into a full on lecture, here is a song I really like from Gumi: off to YouTube!



The lovable young witch of Studio Ghibli’s film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. This was the first Japanese animated film I saw as a kid and this movie always stuck with me for some reason. I made Kiki so far, but I plan on making Tombo, the boy she falls for and her cat companion Jiji.

While I love this doll pattern, I don’t think I’ll make any of my own with it. I still like the design of my original dolls, but I don’t know, I wanna keep trying new things. There is always something new to learn about what you love most ❤ Looks like this summer I’ll have plenty of time to craft, my job search is still turning up empty. I was super excited to have an interview this last Tuesday to this tea shop I really want to work at, but I called yesterday and they say they still need to talk to the manager to decided if they need me. Trying to stay hopeful, fingers crossed!

Other Crafty Things—
Working on creating kawaii versions of ordinary objects, so far I’ve started on one and its taking longer than expected, even though its only like 4ish inches tall. Gotten in some felting practice, eventually I will make those keychains I ordered 🙂

Better return my brain to Linguistics class. The whole class just silenced from some feirce howling wind outside and reminded me I should be paying attention haha! The class is a pain but teacher is hillarious, he’s now telling us his jealousy that his nephew favors his boyfriend because he gives the nephew better presents. Oh I love quirky teachers!

Ill stop commentating 🙂
Bye bye! Ill post a WIP pic later, have a good dayyyy!

P.S. Qoute that made my day by my professor: “I love the way babies learn language, they’re like tiny little vampire monsters!”

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