Lots of Pink for my Lil Cuz

hello kitty amigurumi crochet doll

I’m decent at keeping up orders for my Etsy shop. Place an order in person? Geez, I’ll forget the next day. -_-
Thanks to that brilliant mind set of mine, I am about a month late on making something for my little cousin Lexi. At first I had trouble thinking what to make her, she’s in 4th grade and I felt making her one of my larger dolls would go to waste. Instead, I focused on the two things she likes most: Pink and Hello Kitty.

Originally I was going to make a Hello Kitty plushie, but I stumbled across this Google Result:

hello kitty gloves by amy kleinpeter

HOW ADORABLE! I LOVE Hello Kitty too, and these were just to die for, I WANTED THEM!—-but, I had to remember this was a gift for my cousin. These gloves are a PDF pattern by Amy K. that is found on her Etsy shop (she even has a matching hat and wallet). I didn’t purchase her pattern though (feel partially bad for it since I made my own from her picture….) instead I wanted the challenge of trying to figure this out by myself.

Crochet Hello Kitty Fingerless Gloves

I am very happy with the results. The hardest part is making gloves for someone and not knowing the exact size of their hands or wrists. I had to estimate, making them snug on me since my hands are pretty small and she’s 10 and almost as tall as me! (Well, I’m only 5’2”…)

Next I decided to make her a mini doll, but I switched up the pattern from my original dolls.

amigurumi mini dolls by millieonherworld

With this little nameless girl in the pink sun dress, I made her with joined rounds instead of continuous. The results were very nice when switching from red to brown yarn for her head, looks sooooo much neater! Next that pink dress-yes! I was afraid it’d come off looking bad but oh gosh, I am happy to be wrong. I prefer her dress over the cloth dresses at the moment. The downside is it did add extra time making the crochet dress versus the fabric. Either way, I had fun experimenting with the pattern and making improvements. I might convert all my patterns to using joined rounds, they are SO CONVEINIENT and the even rounds look great.

I hope to see my cousin this Saturday and give them to her in person–as long as she has a happy reaction that is. I’m debating to make a pair of mitts for myself. I have Hello Kitty and other Sanrio/San-X characters on a ton of other things in my life, a pair of gloves could only enhance my collection right? Right!

I’ve been on a crafting spree lately. Hmm, what to make next? 🙂

❤ Millie

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