Lonely Little Dragonite: My First Embroidery Hoop

dragonite embroidery hoop by millieonherworld

The little Dragonite fluttered through the wispy clouds, content that he had found a delicious, plump, afternoon snack to munch on.

Crafting addiction? Hah, I have no such thing. Rushing to the closest craft store at 9 in the morning to impulsively pick up supplies to instantly start a new craft that you have a vague idea on how to start does not constitute as evidence of my previous statement either. Perhaps a little…

What did I rush to try this time? Embroidery Hoops ofcourse. Where I got the idea? From a wonderful WordPress post! I woke up Wednesday morning to see a blog post by Crafty Xtine. She made a totally awesome hoop featuring everyone’s favorite wild Muppet, Animal. Her hoop was so awesome, go see, she did an amazing job for her first try and turned out rockin’.

I admire her for being creative enough to come up with her design on her own. I on the other hand, was in the store standing before the felt aisle realizing I had no idea what I wanted to make. I pulled out my iPod for inspiration, and found it:

So cute!!!

Dragonite by Pluffers on DA

I will always be a Poke’mon fan (of the original 151 atleast) and this adorable Dragonite picture is by Pluffers  on Deviant Art. I thought this would be a good starting point since it required few colors. Since I’m not a good drawer, I decided to trace the picture and make a template.


What did I think with this experience?

Uhhhhhm, things were interesting. I had no problem cutting out the felt pieces, although the claws, feet, belly, and green of his wing were smaller than I anticipated. I am extremely unhappy with the background. I went to three different craft stores and couldn’t find a blue pattern that went well with the picture, so I went with plain blue. I would’ve died for polka-dots or stars, clouds, swirls—anything but there wasn’t anything that fit. I tried to add little clouds but eh, they are alright. His mouth was the hardest part (still not saticfied with it). I like the quickness of this, within two days of on and off work I finished. I bought a smaller hoop and plan to make it with Fluttershy sleeping, but afterwords I’m not sure if I will make more right away. I ADORE my hoop and the imperfections, but I have nothing to do with it! My slanted walls in my room prevent me from hanging things up, and its time consuming comparing felt colors to embroidery floss to fabric patterns. I probably will make more for embroidery practice.

Anyone else embroider? Got advice?
I would like to think with this mini project I have improved and learned a few good techniques, maybe I can apply this to my amigurumi? Speaking of which, I have to create a Hello Kitty pattern for my little cousin. And a purse for my other cousin. And my friend wants two dolls. And I have to babysit tomorrow morning arghhhhasdfljljkldhs I’m such a whiner.

Time for Miss Grump-a-Lump Millie to get some shut eye.

Goodnight ❤





6 thoughts on “Lonely Little Dragonite: My First Embroidery Hoop

  1. !! wow, you are so sweet to mention my post like you did. Also, I had the exact same reaction when I saw somebody ELSE’s embroidery hoop and just had to go out and try it right away–so glad I could pass it on. Yours is SO cute, and amazing, especially for a first try (way better than mine)… it actually gives me some ideas (Pokemon!) once I finish my current muppet trend… I think Swedish Chef is next for me!

  2. So adorable! Dragonites are one of my favorite Pokemon, they look so tough and yet so–dare I say it–cute at the same time. And I think that the little clouds fit very well with the scene. . . though I can see how you would have preferred a patterned fabric instead.

    • Thbks 🙂 Dragonites are so cool! I may be too old to say this but if Pokemon were real I’d own one of these hahaha. I’ve held off on my second hoop because i’m looking for a patterned background to make it more lively.

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