Crazy Colored Cozies: DIY Mittens w/Pattern

millie's mittens

How would you like theses little rainbows on your wrists? This is just what anyone needs during this time of the year (well, if you’re in the midwest) when the skies are dreary and contemplating whether to snow or rain and there is still a chill in the air. But there is hope, combat those grey and damp hues outside with these soft and colorful cozies!

While I wish I was the mastermind who created these, I am not. I was on Facebook when I saw a post from the blog Cherry Heart , a charming blog with beautiful tutorials of all kinds. I saw these mittens and knew, this was screaming my name, I HAD to make them (which is the case with almost everything I make hahaha!) The picture filled step by step tutorial is found here on her blog.

millies rainbow crochet mittens


Here’s a quick lil run down of me using her pattern:

1. Hardest step of this pattern? What colors to choose, and in which order?? I took a week of working on and off on these gloves because I would get about 5 rows in and not like the way the colors flowed!

2. Her pattern called for a 3.50 mm hook. Instead I used a 4.50 mm hook because I had to do less stitches and the fit seemed much looser.

3. I noticed her pattern termanology was slightly different. She uses the term “double crochet” (dc) when she really means “single crochet” (sc). I noticed when doing the final row of the mittens. If you want a looser fit at the top, then okies, but don’t do double crochet on the button part like I did, I had to start over.

Left: Correct Single CrochetRight: Incorrect Double Crochet

Left: Correct Single Crochet
Right: Incorrect Double Crochet

4. I used a combination of Simply Soft and Red Heart: Baby Steps yarn because they are both very vibrant brands that of course are very soft and warm.

I wore these to school today and got some really nice compliments 🙂 They are so eye catching and unique, way better than any store bought fingerless gloves! A fairly short blog post, but I had to share and encourage someone to make their  own pair, you won’t regret it~ ❤


10 thoughts on “Crazy Colored Cozies: DIY Mittens w/Pattern

  1. You just reminded me that I have some yarn that just screams to be made into fingerless gloves. It’s solid though, so I want to choose or create a really pretty pattern that I can show off.

    Good review of the pattern; it’s sure to help if I decide to use it.

  2. Not sure how much use I would have for them but I would love to make a pair. Your colours do flow beautifully. And the many coloured buttons are so lovely. Must be a UK pattern if she uses dcs where you would use scs!

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