Monthly Mitsuwa Visit

amigurumi book

That’s where I found this adorable mini amigurumi book! How can anyone resist these tiny critters!

ami book 2

Actually, I didn’t even find this book, so credit rightfully goes to my boyfriend’s mom. He really wanted to take her to our Japanese wonderland store (aka Mitsuwa) since he and I have been going there every month since our first visit. So it was me, his mom, her boyfriend, and our mutual best friend. We went to the book store and minutes later his mom came up to me with this book, exclaiming how cute the little lamb was. My personal fav is this cute flamingo!

amigurumi flemmingo


Now that I have this and I look longingly at the pages of mini ice cream cones, baby caterpillars, and miniature suns, I have to ask myself, what now?? As insanely cute these designs are, problem is I don’t have any type of yarn that is nearly this small size, nor do I have the plastic eyes, and books patterns are done by diagrams that similar like this:



I can probably figure out these patterns eventually, but I wanna start them NOW.

Actually, I’d rather be sleeping now. Spring Break is officially, regrettably, tragically over for me, and is Monday morning with an hour of precious sleep lost and I am sleepless this morning. Oh, the horrors of college life!

(If its humanly possible) have a perky Monday morning! ❤

7 thoughts on “Monthly Mitsuwa Visit

  1. I’m jealous, Millie!! I love Japanese craft books and I drool over the ones on Etsy. Did the place where you got your have many more? If they are cheaper than what’s sold on Etsy, I might have you pick one up for me 😉 Mitsuwa sounds like a great place to visit!

    • The place has a ton of crafting books! Almost the whole back wall is dedicated to the various books. I don’t really understand how they do their pricing though. There was another small book like the one I got that was $25 when mine was only $13, prices vary but you have a good selection and you can flip through the pages verses buying online 🙂 I would totally pick you up a cute one!

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