Hey Millie, What’cha Doin?

Oh, just makin’ things and being super motivated once again to somehow get everything I want 🙂
Which is probably why I only made one blog post last month, my time management has been stretched from job searching, intern searching, school work, crafts, writing, and the occasional sled ride on a hill with a 90 degree angle drop that my boyfriend did not tell me was there so I was sent flying and screaming my head off and fell off the sled! Although, sledding was hilariously fun, I’m happy we got over 6 inches of snow in the Chicagoland area 😀

I’ve got some new things to share with you guys! First my newest Minis:

Bunny and Bonnie

Bunny and Bonnie

Just in time for Easter, right, right? I don’t know, I saw other shops putting up Easter and St. Patty’s Day things already so I made hats for these two for the heck of it. I’m really terrible at consistently making holiday themed items for my shop, this probably is the only holiday theme I’ll have this year.

Also, I am very happy that I have finally started a new craft I’ve been eyeing for a long time: FELTING!

My first felted piece!

My first felted piece!

Felting is interesting, I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as it looks when I see people do it in YouTube videos. I have to work on making things the correct shape. The heart turned out decent, after a lot of tiny frantic poking o make i not look like a lopsided oval. I’m confident that more practice will make me better. Besides, I am working to make these two keychains I ordered from Etsy.


I saw them and had to buy them asap! The cow and lion keychain are so adorable, I almost wish I didn’t have to put them together and just have them hanging from my cell phone and purse! On the other hand, when I do make them myself, it will be extremely satisfying. I got the cheapest starter set for only $3 for practice. I doubt felting will be anything more than a hobby for me. I see amazing felting work on Etsy everyday, and I really respect them! I understand why I’ll see little felt toys for like $60.I’m pretty fascinated how felting works, even though I joined two halves of the heart together, they won’t come apart, they don’t even budge. So far I’ve only made the felted heart and an unintentionally creepy looking cat:

Those eyes.....so creepy!

Those eyes…..so creepy!

Even though this cat isn’t the cutest, I still keep him around and got to practice shaping and realized that black felted eyes look kind of weird, I think I’ll use plastic eyes like most other people do.

My next craft I want to show isn’t really mine, but my boyfriend who is showing more and more of his own crafting flare the last couple of weeks:


I was totally shocked when he called me to come over one day and he handed me this! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I really like he copper and the black, it looks really nice with my skin. I had no idea he was able to make jewelry out of chain male. Actually, it was just another thing he decided to try out and nailed it like he does with a lot of new things he tries, he’s a quick learner (lucky duck)(slightly jealous). Since I’ve been flaunting this to everyone I know, he’s gotten requests from not only his family members, but mine too! My mom instantly “placed her order” once I showed her, same for my sister. I get compliments whoever sees it, so often that I told my boyfriend he should consider opening an Etsy shop if he likes making them so much. Although, I’m pretty sure I’d have to help him run it, especially the promoting part…..(*spent 3 hours promoting my own shop today, such patience it requires!*).

My non-crafty life is improving. Recently I’ve been trying to have a lil more pep in my step. I want to keep reaching my goals. I really want a job, but know I am restricted by my lack of experience, and personal preference. I know for a fact I don’t have what it takes to work in some of those  super competitive/fashiony retail stores—I am so NOT a fashion diva like them, plus I am constantly being mistaken for a teenager, and me in high heels–forget it. As mentioned before, food service scares me because I’m super clumsy, a little forgetful if I had to take orders and remember my tables, and I don’t think I could work in a fast food place without faceplanting a grill or mutlitasking that much. Lately I’ve been checking craft stores, little boutiques, children’s stores, hipster clothing stores, just more low key not so mainstream stores in addition to searching for writing interns or online jobs that have to do with copy editing or writing. I hope something pops up soon. My Etsy shop is doing great this month! Although, my fingers are a little sore from making 10 toys in 2 days, and I need to make 9 more before next week! I’ve been focusing on promoting my shop, even though I haven’t had time to really make new designs like I keep wanting to.

Back to Crafty Talk— I am excited for my first ever craft swap! It will be with my fellow amigurumi artist who is extremely talented, Denae of Ami Amore! She makes super cute n’ tiny critters, a popular one are her little narwhals that are the cutest sea creatures EVER! She runs an Etsy shop as well, check her out! Although, I need to message her back to continue getting things rolling >.< ugh with all these technologies why is it hard to keep up with blogs and emails?!

Another big THANK YOU to Pinaz  of the blog All Good Things for presenting me with the Inspiring Blogger Award, you’re so sweet!! She has a colorful creative blog, go see her too! 🙂 Such an honor to be nominated for blog awards, I promise to share them, along with the other one I got last time. >.< Thanks for being patient with me!

Yikes! Its already 2:40 here, I was supposed to go job searching an hour ago, eek!

Peace and Love, and Cupcakes and Sunny Days,

Millie out!


8 thoughts on “Hey Millie, What’cha Doin?

  1. Awww! Thank you for the featurette, Millie! I’m really looking forward to our swap, it’s going to be awesome! Congrsts on your shop sales! It’s always exciting to get those emails from etsy and paypal 🙂

    I like having other hobbies besides amigurumi too, crochet can be really hard on hands and wrists. So, good luck with felting! I tried and it just wasn’t for me, it def takes lots of patience and practice but it looks like you’re on the right path for adorable little animals 🙂 you’re so talented!

  2. Glad to hear from you again, I was wondering what you’d been up to! Bunny and Bonnie are adorable, I love their little bunny hats!

    Good luck finding a job soon. I hope it will be one you enjoy!

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