Hats n’ Snaps

Crochet HatsWe’ve all been there, those days where our hair is determined to be our worse enemy, and no amount of combing, flat ironing, or hair product can tame it. You have to accept it: you’re going to have a bad hair day. Well, I’m not gonna take that anymore! Those mornings when I don’t want an elaborate battle with my hair (usually when its curly) I claim victory with a hat! I’ve started liking hats so much this winter, that I decided to make not one, but two, and I LOVE THEM!



I love crocheting amigurumi, but there is always a thrill in trying to learn new crochet stitches and techniques, plus I really feel like I’m lacking so many cute crochet accessories. The first hat I mad was the red-salmon colored slouch hat. I discovered this cute hat on All About Ami’s blog, where she had made the same hat Vicki Howell’s pattern. The puffiness of the puff pattern is so cute, and puffy! Gives the hat a nice soft and fluffy feel and is super light on my head. I used Simply Soft yarn for both parts, took a few hours but well worth it! Originally this hat was to be two shades of purple, but my boyfriend forbid me from making anything else that color. I don’t know why, just because 90% of the things I buy are purple doesn’t mean I can’t indulge myself with a purple hat, right? 😛 Hahaha….he was right (I guess), the color combo is gorgeous.

Looks like tiny flowers

Looks like tiny flowers

My second hat was super fun to make–once I figured out how the heck to read the complicated pattern and master the cluster stitch (or is it just called “cluster”?) This pattern is on the Red Heart Yarn website, named the Charleston Cloche hat.  I used Red Heart’s Love yarn which is softer and thicker for this hat. The blue is very pretty, will look great with a lot of outfits! The pattern has you make one large flower to finish the hat, which I liked, but wondered: what if I want a different flower color, or style? Then
*DINGDINGDING!* an idea popped in my head– I’ll make more than one flower and make them  interchangeable!


crochet hat with snpas

Oh snap!


I came up with the idea, but my boyfriend yet again put the icing on the cake. I was going to make flowers, crochet chains from the back of them, and weave them inbetween the stitches of the hat. I told my boyfriend the idea, and he suggested I just buy buttons and snaps (that genius!) Off to the craft store we went, and later that night I found great flower patterns form this blog. This was the first time I’ve worked with snaps before, and I have a love/hate outlook. The look is great, but putting the snaps and buttons together was irritating. Especially since the brand I chose had their proportions wrong and we went through all 7 buttons when we only needed 3! If it weren’t for my boyfriend saving the day again and figuring out how to get all those pieces to work, and banging them together mercilessly with a hammer, I wouldn’t have this crocheted awesomeness. My only complaint is I put the snap a little too low on the hat than intended, but it still looks good. Overall, I love the option of wearing this hat with a flower, rose, or bright red bow on the side 🙂  What do you think, would you like a hat with changing flowers? I would be happy if someone else tried this!

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

Was this day special for you? Mine started right around midnight, when I ate a fresh baked marble cake and I got my adorable gift:

the worlds cutest cat!

the worlds cutest cat!

I don’t claim to have any real “obsessions” except one — Hello Kitty. If I could have a house and everything be Hello Kitty related I would! 🙂 So this duct (I always say “duck” haha) wallet made to perfection fits my theme. I like that I got  gift that was not only Hello Kitty but something that was handmade by my Valentine, that sweetie! ❤

Whelp, I’m going to look for a third hat pattern. I have one red, one blue, I’m thinking pink next, maybe with a big pom-pom on it like they have on little kids’ ones  (there shouldn’t be an age limit on those!). Check ya’ later!


7 thoughts on “Hats n’ Snaps

      • The mall. It was so cool, seeing my hearts everywhere. I had 50 to start with and used all of them. You can read the full adventure on my blog. Also, I believe I said something about the Bunny Drop Project before. It’s an ongoing yarnbombing project of mine. It’s got a page of its own, right next to the About page button-clicky-thingy.

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  2. The snaps and alternate decorations idea is brilliant! You could do it for a lot of different projects too–like scarves and sweaters.

    And the wallet is adorable, too.

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